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You must habit yourself to the dazzle of the light and of every moment of your life. – Walt Whitman

I don't remember much of my life early on past my birth. Only that I was usually warm, always hungry, and forever sleeping. Sometimes the earthy smell would leave me, and I would get cold. So I snuggled closer to the other warm bodies. One still smelled like leaves, and the other was sweet. Not long after I was born I smelled a new smell from another small body. This one was much like the sweet smell, but fainter, almost airy.

The earthy smell would come back, and I would cry. This always got me what I wanted. That sweet, warm, delicious liquid. It was so good. It was all I cared about. That, and snuggling into the warmth. So that was how my earliest days went. Sleeping, crying, sleeping, sniffing, sleeping, drinking, and sleeping. As I said, I do not remember much. Only what I've told you.

But what I do remember is the first time I opened my eyes. Little white slits were forming in front of me. I was confused. My world until then had been dark. I had only known the world through what my nose told me. The slits widened, and soon I saw.

I can't explain to you how I felt then. It was even more magnificent than smells. I saw a large white hole that I later came to recognize as the mouth of my den. It was too bright. I couldn't see past it.

Vexed, I turned my head and looked around me. It was dark and the earthy smell was there. It came from an enormous….. thing. A brown thing, the same colour as the ground. I didn't know what it was. I was slightly afraid. The safe earthy smell was scary to me now that I saw what it looked like. It turned its head and looked at me. Then my fleeting fear left me forever. I looked into its eyes and something clicked in me again. Mother. This thing was my mother. Somehow I knew this thing was safe. I knew this thing would protect me.

I cried out to it and received another pleasant surprise. I heard myself. I sounded sharp and needy. I paused, and then cried again. I heard myself a second time. These new senses, sight and sound, were too much for me. I cried even louder this time. My mother suddenly became much taller as she stood up. I heard a slight crunching sound on the ground as she walked over to me, lay down again, and licked my body over. I calmed down immediately, snuggled into her earthy smell and, not surprisingly, fell asleep.

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