A flash of light, a heroic attempt to save my friends, and everything was gone. I couldn't move. I couldn't feel anything. My eyes wouldn't open, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't even breathing, at least not of my own accord.

Suddenly, I could see everything. Aria, Emily and Hanna, huddled together in the corner of the room, looking worried. My parents and Melissa were just inside the door talking to Wren. Toby, sitting at my bedside, holding my limp hand. And me, lying on the bed, almost lifeless, hooked up to all sorts of medical machinery, fighting to stay alive.

From the looks of it, I had several broken bones, among other things. My face looked scarred, and I'm pretty sure I had heard Wren say something about a collapsed lung.

But something wasn't right. I shouldn't be seeing me in the hospital bed.