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The boy was hit to the ground back first. "I thought I would pay you a visit" the older man said finding his way on top of him. "No please don't" he pled but it was ignored. He was groped against the wall and taken with n mercy-

"Oi! Onodera get your ass up!"


Ritsu was hit on the head with a stack of manuscripts he needed to work on. He was too tired to scowl, holler, or complain on his bosses' actions.

His head was lying on his desk, the cold hard structure seemed like the most comfortable thing at the time.

"Did you hear me?!"

But sadly he had to emerge from the desk and get back to work before Takano had a heart attack. He groaned raised his head from the desk, pick the papers off his back and go to work. What was I dreaming anyways Ritsu wondered Hmm, must have been nothing. Arising from his chair was a bad idea because as soon as he stood up he plopped down again. That's what I get for sleeping he scolded himself.

Ritsu waited two minutes then stood up and walked over to get a cup of coffee. While waiting he looked at some of the papers he was given. Papers that were under him while sleeping had some drool on them but were just personal papers. Flipping through them he saw fifteen pages that needed to get to an author by twelve. Glancing over at his watch it read eleven forty.

"Great" Ritsu mumbled to himself. He got his coffee walked-ran to his desk and set it there and ran toward elevators. Luckily for once no one came in with him so it gave him time to flip through and make sure he had all the papers needed witch he did.


The doors to the elevator open and he was on his way out. He saw someone at the front desk who probably was requesting to see someone in the building. But right now that wasn't Ritsu's main concern so he ran out of the building.

"I'm sorry sir but he literally just ran out may I leave your name to inform him when he returns?" the front clerked asked and the man nodded.

Ritsu was half way to were the author was he decided to take a breather for a second. He sneaked a glance at his watch eleven fifty-two no good he had to keep going. He was just about ready to sprint again when he looked to his right to see the author right at the restaurant near to him, so he ran there.

"Excuse me Mrs. Angelino!" Ritsu called to get her attention. She turned when she heard her name and waved noticing him from a publishing meeting. "Hello! It's um Onodera right?" she asked

"Yes I was here because I have fifteen pages that need to be edited and brought back tomorrow if you can" Ritsu trying to put a friendly smile to cover his crappy day so far. He hands her the papers nods and runs his way back to his job.

Ritsu nearly collapsed onto the floor when arriving to elevator. He just knelt down and took deep breaths. Little did he notice someone come in, and of all people it had be Yokozawa. He immediately shot a rude remark at him. "What cat got your tongue so you can't greet your superior?" He said which caused Ritsu to jump at the sound of his voice.

"U-um G-good morning Mr. Yokozawa" Ritsu said respectfully.

Inside voice Ritsu, in a sing-song voice said awkward Then retained the laughter of his immaturity. When the doors open he stepped out, turned around, bowed then ran off.

"Do you have to be slow at everything" Takano question Ritsu when he walked in as usual. He simply ignored him and sat down to see his now very cold coffee. Too late now for coffee I'm up enough Ritsu though. He was just about to call to ask about pages eight and eleven when he saw he had a message.


"You have one unheard message" The machine said


"Hello, this is the front desk calling to tell you a man came to see you today when you stepped out. He when by the name of… Takano and his number is 5365-42354 if you wanted to call him. That's all have a great day."


Of all the stupid things that Takano has done to him this had to be the stupidest. He turned over and looked at the man who was arguing with and author over the phone about a dead line, as usual. He thought it would be better to wait for him to hang up before questioning him. Ritsu took out his phone and searched for Takano's number. He never really looked at it properly, hell he didn't even put the number in there. When seeing the number it was 5365-42358 the last number was different than what the man from the front desk said. Maybe it was and error he had made.


When Takano hung up he immediately reacted from the bang the phone that was slammed down made. "Takano-san, did you call need me for something earlier?" Ritsu asked. "Do you think I have anytime to babysit you right now, IM FREAKIN BUSY!" Takano shouted back at him. Ok, so it wasn't him Ritsu concluded to himself, so who was it? He then decided its best not to waste time thinking about it and call the number so he reached for the phone.


The phone dialed.

Ritsu stepped out of the room in case someone answered, thus catching Takano's attention. When stepping out the phone was still dialing, but no one must have been home because it went to voicemail.

"Hello, you have reached the number of Tatsumi Ornodera please call me back at a different time because I am not available. Thank you and goodbye."


Who was that was that, I don't know anyone in the family who goes by Takasumi.

"Who are you taking to" Takano asked

Ritsu jump when he heard the man's voice. "Oh, um I was just trying to reach someone back, um could you move out of my way please?" Takano nodded and moved aside but just at the moment Ritsu's phone rang. "Answer it" Takano said, Ritsu had hesitated for a moment but did as told.


"Richie? Richie is that you?"

"Um who is this?"

"I can't talk now Richie I'll see you at your place bye!"

"Wh- Wait!"

It was too late the man on the other line hung up already. Who was he, how did he know where he lived, was he a stalker? He turned to the clock for the first time in a while seven fifty-two that meant he could leave. "I've got to go, my mother needs me for something" Ritsu lied walking on his way toward his jacket and bag. "You really suck at lying you know that?" Takano told him as he always did but he ignored him because he was flooding his mind with questions.

Is it safe? Who is it? An old relative? Maybe someone I saw as a child? Or maybe they are lying and pulling a prank. No the answering machine says otherwise-

Question's, Question's, Question's all the way to his apartment building.

He stopped at the front and looked up to where he lived. He still wasn't sure if he should go or not. Maybe I should just go to a hotel he said to himself no, if I do that it will look like I bitched out plus what will Takano say when he sees a man at my door at work tomorrow? Now Ritsu had to go, he took a deep breath and basically ran into the building. He pushed the button for his floor in the elevator, the suspense grew bigger in the wait for the elevator to stop at his floor.

When it did the ding nearly gave him a heart attack. He stepped out of the elevator shaking quite a bit there was a man right near his door turned around. He was tall about 6'2 with grey streaks and black hair with a green suit on and brown shoes. Maybe a business man he thought which caused him to calm down a bit. He walked at a regular rate now and was nearly next to the other man when the man turned around. Ritsu died a little more he should have inside.

"Ritchie!" Tatsumi said. He had navy blue eyes that Ritsu had automatically remembered.

"Uncle Tatsumi! Um how are you?" Ritsu asked give a very small smile. Tatsumi then walked over the rest of the way to Ritsu and gave him and gave him a bear hug. It's him Ritsu told himself when he was released he got his keys out of his bag as quick as he could and opened his door.

"Actually, I have a ton of work so I can't hang out with you today" Ritsu said quickly then went to close the door "Have a nice night though!"


The door was still open so Ritsu tried again.


A foot was keeping the door open, it was Tatsumi's foot. Ritsu looked up at the man. He was smiling but no less than a second it turned into and evil and wicked one. A force pushed Ritsu to the ground bags and all. "So I guess you remember, good" the man said finding his way on top of him.

"I thought I would pay you a visit" Said Tatsumi

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