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Tears threatened the corner of Ritsu's eyes, but he blink a few times to draw them back. This was another one of those situations where Ritsu wanted to just wanted to run away and crawl into a hole and move on but of course that would be impossible especially since Takano had just witnessed the whole event. "Huh" Ritsu said to break whatever suffocating ice this was "Uh... I guess this means meeting your family is out of the question" He said with an awkward chuckle.

"Onodera" Takano said in a low voice. Ritsu however was doing his best to ignore him at the moment. He closed the door then headed to the kitchen "I'll just get a cup of water then go back to be-"

"Onodera" Takano repeated

"You should probably head back to your place Takano-san you must be tired-" Ritsu then took a large gulp of water "We got a day off tomorrow so maybe we could try to go out somewhere and-" before another word could come out of Ritsu's mouth a large shadow covered over him. A low voice leaned to his ear and spoke "Ritsu, I know what you're thinking, but we don't have to care what she or anyone thinks. I could go the rest of my life without talking to my mother or anyone who thinks otherwise. The only one I need to show me love right now is you." Takano then wrapped his arm around Ritsu's waist and softly kissed his cheek that his so called "mother" slapped.

Ritsu placed down the to cup, turned around and tightly gripped the other man. Tears fell down his face as he cried into Takanos shirt. Takano's grasp tightened around the other man like a squeezing cradle. The comfort just seemed to make Ritsu's sobs more vigorous. Takano had to fight back some tears himself. He sat them on the couch continuing to cradle and comfort the best he could, but it seemed like it was effort wasted as Ritsu continued to sob.

Takano sighed

"You know…" He began, Ritsu tried his best to calm down and pay attention but had a few hiccups here and there. "I sometimes couldn't take it anymore when you left me years ago and I cried, just like this, hell I probably bawled even worse… At least thats what the neighbors said. Then i remembered that everyday you came to me you would smile with the stupidest grin that i hated at first. Though… That was a time when i denied love from anyone. Then after some thought i realized that you would come back one day and I would see that smile. Right now i can tell you that i would be damned it anyone takes that smile away and gets away with it easily." He finished

Ritsu took a final sniffle and looked up at Takano. "Takano-san…" He said in a soft voice, he was then pulled in for a semi-hard-soft kiss. Their lips intertwined with one another with greed, neither one of them stopping for a gasp of air for a full minute of a hot, steaming blissful kiss. Then Takano parted his from Ritsu who let out a small moan in disagreement. "Come on dummy" Takano said lifting up the other man bridal style "Lets go to the bed… For sleep of course." He said with a smirk.


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