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He ran a hand over the polished wood. He hated coming in here, but he had to every once in a while. Mom wasn't allowed to come in here- Dad thought it was bad for her. And of course Dad never came in here. He didn't even know if Natalie knew what was back here. The hallway close to this room was covered in dust, and the room across from it, meant originally to be an office, hadn't been entered by anyone in over sixteen years. This room, however… this room had history. It would be wrong to let the old crib and toys go to ruin, abandoned by those who had bought it and by he who they were meant for.

After all, this was his old room. His responsibility.

He heard footsteps down the hall. Natalie, probably, with a ridiculous amount of homework. Or maybe Dad, getting in a little cleaning before she came home. Or Mom. But no, Mom was downstairs. She was… what was it? Oh, right. She had passed out. The stupid medications the doctor had given her were messing with her mind again. He needed to get her to stop taking those. They were screwing with her. He liked her better when she was "unstable," anyway. She was more real. It was also a plus that she could see him when she was clean.

He picked up a blue teddy bear. Sad, really, that he had never really been able to enjoy all this. Dying had made him mature a teeny bit too fast. Chuckling sarcastically to himself, he replaced the toy and leaned against a wall. Voices could be heard echoing down the hall- Dad and Natalie were at it again. Probably arguing about Mom. Or maybe something else, but their arguments were usually about Mom. He tuned them out, glancing around his room again. Anything he forgot to tidy up?

Then one word echoed in his ears. His name. Someone in the house had said his name. And it wasn't Mom.

He hurried down the hall to Natalie's room. Dan was leaning against the doorframe, white faced. Natalie was glaring at him, books clenched to her chest, her hair in its usual bushy ponytail. "You can't pretend he never existed, Dad!" she was saying. "Mom and you are certainly a pair, aren't you- one of you thinking he's still alive, one of you acting like he was never even born. Well, you know what? Why don't you just get a grip, realize you had a son, he died, it happens, and it happened a fucking lifetime ago! Get over it!"

No. Gabe slammed a hand against the wall. "No!" he shouted, this time aloud. He glared at his sister, who was oblivious to his presence.

"Natalie, stop it." Dad looked suddenly tired, like he was holding the weight of the world on his shoulders. "You don't understand."

"Fine! Whatever."

Gabe shook his head. "Look at me," he said, stepping closer to his father. Dad had to hear him. He couldn't ignore him forever. "Look at me!"

Dad shook his head and leaned his head against the wall, flinching as the door slammed shut. Gabe took a deep breath, struggling to control himself.

It was okay. He had all the time in the world.

Dad couldn't deny him forever.

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