Working with Fullmetal part 1:

"Let's see now, I'm suppose to go see Colonel Roy Mustang." Said a soft and angelic voice. Her hair midnight blue that reached her waist, straight cut bangs just over her eyes and two shoulder-length strands framing her fair skin. Her eyes a light purple with no pupils, her lips a light pink color. She wears a loose fitting, long-sleeved, lavender and cream zip-up jacket with lavender cuffs and navy blue pants and black, low-heeled sandals.

As Hinata neared an alley way, she could see lots of steam errupt from there. "S-steam?" Hinata says to no one in particular. Silently and slowly she neared the alley way, when she got there she peaked in to see what happened and saw the military soldiers and two others. One of the two wore a suit of armor so she didn't get to see his face. The other wore a red-hooded long-sleeved cloak that stopped to his upper calves, under the cloak it looks like he is wearing a black jacket/shirt with white lining along the edges, but Hinata can't be sure since she's far away from him. His hair's a golden color and is in a braid, his bangs growing to the sides of his face framing his skin with a strand sticking up. His eyes looked to be the same color as his hair, which was an uncommon color for eyes. But then again so was Hinata's. He looked a bit younger than Hinata considering she's a couple of centimeters taller than him.

"Brother, he got away." The armored person said to his 'brother'.

"Dammit, now he really pissed me off!" The shorter one of the two said angryly.

"Let's go Al." The shorter one said to the armored man who's now known as 'Al'. They headed off the opposite end of the valley from where Hinata was standing. I guess something really did happen since the military is involved. Hinata thought. It's better to let them handle it, I still need to see the Colonel like I was instructed to or I'll get in trouble. And with that Hinata left the way she was previously going.

"Maybe if you ever gave us time to look!" Edward yelled to Roy.

Knock Knock

"Come in." Roy told. The door opened to reveal a girl no older than 15. The girl blushed and bowed to the Colonel and started explaining why she was there.

"H-h-hello, I-I'm u-umm... I-I w-was sent here b-by F-F-Fuhrer K-King Bradley, he s-said t-that y-y-you wanted to t-talk to me?" Hinata explained/asked.

"What's your name?" Roy questioned.

"M-My name is H-Hinata Hyuga I'm t-t-the G-Gentle F-Fist Alchemist, s-sir." Hinata responded as she stopped bowing.

"Ah, please take a seat in one of the couches and I'll explain to you why I called you here." Roy gestured towards the couches.

"A-alright." Hinata did as she was told and sat beside Ed, since there was more room on that couch and he looked less scary than Al.

"Wait, so she's an alchemist?" Ed asked.

"Yes and she's actually the same age as Al." Roy replied.

"She's a year younger than me?" Roy asked surprised.

"Yes, that's right. She joined the military about a year ago and is the second youngest State Alchemist, Fullmetal being the first." Roy answered.

"To join at such a young age... Brother did too but, she doesn't look like a person who likes fighting." Al commented. Hinata just sat there as her blush deepened with every sentence they said.

"Maybe that's where her State Alchem-" The door flung open revealing a military soldier.

"Roy, how goes? Heard you let them put you in charge of catching the Freezer, huh? One hell of a nasty assignment but hey, could be your chance to earn that promotion to central." Maes greeted cheerfully. Roy on the other hand was thinking "Oh great, it's him". The rest just stared at him.

"Oh ho, looks like my timing was perfect. You two are the Elric brothers, right?" Maes asked surprised. The two just sweatdropped and said "Uh huh...".

"It's a real honor to finally meet the youngest State Alchemist, your a real legend around here you. I'm Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes, it's a pleasure." Maes introduced himself while shaking Al's hands.

"Umm... You want Edward, I'm actually his younger brother Alphonse." Al corrected. Maes, in return, let go of his hands as he stared at Ed in disbelief saying "What?!".

"Your the Fullmetal Alchemist? Sorry I had no idea you'd be so-" Go on call me little, I dare you! Ed threatened in his mind.

"Hughes." Roy interrupted Meas.

"Yeah." Maes asked.

"What are you doing here, go home." Roy ordered.

"Actually, I'm here on official business." Maes said earning a puzzled look from Roy. "You, Elrics. I understand that you two don't have a place to stay." Maes continued as they stared at him. "Which means you two will have to come with me." Maes said as he pulled something out of his coat/jacket. The two brothers and Hinata, thinking he pulled out a gun or something, yelled "Ahh/Kyah!" Though Ed was the loudest of the three.

"My wife, Gracia, and my daughter, Elicia, would love to have you!" The three calmed down once they found that what he pulled out was only a picture.

"Hughes." Roy said annoyed.

"Yeah?" Maes asked.

"Do you mind, we still need to talk about business." Roy told Maes.

"Oh, sorry. You can go back to what you were talking about, I'll just wait here." Maes apologized/said.

"Anywho, back to business. Gentle Fist, your to-"

"Hold on a second." Maes interrupted.

"What is it now?" Roy asked feeling more annoyed.

"Your the Gentle Fist Alchemist?" He asked pointing at Hinata. She nodded as she started to blush again and he made his way to her and started shaking her hand just like he was shaking Al's. "It's an honor to meet you too, I heard that you are the second youngest State Alchemist! Oh, your eyes are a light lavender color with no pupils, does that mean your blind? You must be very good to have been able to join the military while being blind, it must have probably been very hard. But wait, how can you get around easily if your blind? Don't you bump into objects and get lost? Oh, look at me asking you so many questions. But seriously, how did you do it?" Maes sent a barrage of questions at Hinata. By the time he was done talking, Hinata's face had turned the shade of a tomato.

"I-I-It's n-n-nice to meet y-y-you t-too, y-y-you can call me H-Hinata. U-umm... I'm n-n-not b-blind, actually I-I can see p-p-perfectly f-fine. I-It w-was pretty hard t-to become a S-State Alchemist, b-but not it w-was also fun t-too." Hinata tried asking his questions while still having her blush.

"Hughes, stop asking her so many questions and please let us continue without interruptions." Roy told.

"Ah, sorry I guess I got a little carried away there. Please, continue." Maes once again apologized.

"Thank you. Now, Gentle Fist you are to join Fullmetal on his journey and help him in any way you can." Roy informed.

"What!" Ed yelled. "We don't need any help, Al and I are perfectly fine on our own so she doesn't have to help us. Besides, it'll be dangerous especially since we'll probably be doing alot of fighting and to tell you the truth, she doesn't look like much of a fighter. How is she suppose to help us anyway?" Ed protested.

"I-I can fight, I'm not w-weak! I'm... I-I'm not..." Hinata stood up from her seat with her arms by her side in a fist as she yelled that. "I-I'm s-sorry I didn't m-mean t-to shout like t-that, please f-forgive me..." Hinata, realizing what she did, apologized as she sat back down on her seat with her hands on her lap and her head down. To everyone in the room it looked like Hinata was going to cry, but she wasn't. Didn't mean she didn't feel like it. Everyone in the room, except Hinata and Ed, stared at Ed. Roy and Riza were giving Ed the that-was-a-little-harsh-don't-you-think? look while Al was giving him the you-didn't-have-to-put-it-that-way-brother-apologize! look and Maes, he was giving him the you're-making-her-cry look.

"Umm... Look I'm sorry for what I said earlier, I didn't mean it it's just that I was mad that he just assigned you to work with us without consulting us first. So please don't cry, I'm sorry for what I said earlier." Ed tried asking for forgiveness.

"Y-yeah, please forgive my brother for his rudeness earlier. You see, when my brother gets mad he tends to do or say things he doesn't mean." Al tried explaining.

"H-huh? Oh no, I-I-I'm the one t-that s-should ap-apologize. I-I'm s-s-sorry!" Hinata said blushing as she realized that they were apologizing to her and she bowed to ask for forgiveness.

"Don't be silly, it was my fault so please forgive my rudeness." Ed told her.


"Don't worry about." Ed interrupted her.

"Oh that reminds me, Hinata do you have a place to stay for the night?" Maes asked.

"W-well no, not r-really..." Hinata confessed.

"Great, then you can come over to my house too along with the Elrics!" Maes offered, though it sounded more like he ordered her.

"I-I-I c-c-can't! I-I don't want t-to bu-bother you-"

"What makes you think that your a bother to us? Don't worry about it. Oh look at the time, we should get going now." He said as he pulled on the back of Ed's and Hinata's jacket/cloak with Al walking behind them.

"Sir, do you think it's a good idea to put her with the Elrics?" Riza questioned once she was sure that they were out of earshot.

"Why do you ask Lieutenant?" Roy asked.

"Well, what's gonna happen once she finds out about the two's bodies?" Riza asked.

"You know, there's a reason why I ordered her to travel with them. You see, there are things that she knows that will probably be useful to the two boys in their search."

"How do you know that?"

"Because she has secrets that she's hiding from everyone that I'm pretty sure involve the truth."

"I see."

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