Briefly I activated my Byakugan to check for Al and the others who kidnapped him. My footsteps echoed in the large tunnel I ran through, uncaring of the noise I made in my rush. It took me much longer than I wished for it, but I was finally able to see Al through the dim lighting in the tunnel. My face brightened and a relieved smile came to my lips as I moved to his side.

"Al! You're-" A sudden jolt of pain hit me like a ton of bricks and I doubled-over, clutching my aching head. I grunted and groaned against the pain, falling to my knees as the throbbing only increased. It felt like many bees were angrily buzzing in my head, stinging my delicate brain and trying to force their way out of my head.

"Hinata? Hinata, what's wrong? You're forehead's glowing green!" I heard Al yell in concern.

I forced myself to look up at Al and put on a smile of reassurance, though it turned into a grimace as another wave of hot burning pain hit me in the head. My knees weakened and my head hit the pavement as I grit my teeth to stop myself from screaming. Oh god it hurt! What's happening to me?

"Hinata!" Al gave another yell in worry.

I faintly heard footsteps coming our way and someone I didn't know talking before a scream ripped through the air, though it wasn't my own. A second later I felt the headache lessen and I looked up to see Al... struggling with himself? No wait, I remembered seeing a woman inside of Al's body with my Byakugan on my way down here. Maybe that was who he was struggling against?"

"A-Al? Are you okay? What's going on?" I questioned.

"Hinata!" I could hear the relief in his voice and I grimaced at both his loud voice and the guilt that hit me with his worry. His struggling did not lessen but his attention was on me, as I knew because his head had turned towards me and his glowing red eyes met my own. "A-are you alright?" He questioned.

I slowly nodded, trying not to agitate my head too much with the action, and mustered up a small smile. "I-I'm fine, sorry to worry you. But what's going on? Who's inside your armor?"

"Her name's Martel. I'm trying to get her to stay inside my armor because she wants to go after King Bradley. I can't let that happen 'cause she'll get killed!" He struggled to get out as he held his helmet down.


The banging inside his armor got louder and I winced as my head once more pounded with the noise. "Please, let me out of here! I have to help them! I can't just sit here and watch my friends die. Please!"

I would have gasped at the sound of the woman begging to Al to be free, but my body froze at the sound of the Fuhrer's voice. My head snapped to my left and my eyes widened upon finally noticing the Fuhrer standing over top a cut-up man with long gray hair, in his hands two swords that were heavily bloodied. He turned to our direction and I couldn't help the shiver that ran down my spine. How had I not noticed him until now? I mean, I knew that he was down here thanks to my Byakugan, but I didn't realize he was so close until now.

No, the sight of Al okay must've taken all of my attention and then there was the sudden pain in my head. I was too distracted to notice. I thought.

A new voice rang through the tunnel we were in and I was relieved when the Fuhrer's gaze was averted to the stranger. I realized that the voice belonged to that guy that I saw Ed and Izumi battling. Turning back to Al, I moved to him and placed my hands on his metal shoulder. "Come on, Al. We have to get out of here."

"I would but... Ngh! Martel won't..."

"Let me out of here, damn it! I gotta help him! Greed! Dolcetto! Roa!"

"No, I can't let you out! I promised I'd protect you! Stop struggling...!"

I heard another cry come from the female and I winced at the anguish in her voice. Her friends were getting killing in front of her and she couldn't do anything. I almost told Al to let her out and help them, but I knew that that wasn't a good idea. Right now we needed to get her to safety. Al had promised to protect her and I would help him. I wouldn't let her get killed.

"Al, can you move?" I asked him.

His metal body clanked loudly as he fought to keep the girl inside. "N... no. It's taking everything in me to hold her in. I'm sorry."

"It's alright, I-"


"Maybe I can disable her for a bit. Even with that body of yours, I should be able to get her. Once she can't move we can run away from here." I suggested.

The sound of a body harshly hitting water reached our ears and we in unison turned to the source. Red light sparked around the dead body of the man who had challenged the Fuhrer, and I clutched at my head as it once more throbbed painfully. I heard Al's body jerk and he moved back desperately to get away from the Fuhrer when his gaze turned to us.

"We gotta run!" Al muttered, using his hands to push his body back

"Not so fast. Aren't you the young brother of Edward Elric. And you, you're Hinata Hyuga if I remember correctly, yeah?" He stepped out of the water and moved towards us, his eyes impassive as if he had not just killed someone. "They didn't hurt you did they? Can I help you at all?"

"Uh... Sure! I-I mean... No no, I'm fine." Al told him.

I took a step back closer to Al, sweat dripping down my face as I wondered what I could do to help. If the Fuhrer found out about the girl then there was no doubt that he'd kill her. She was the enemy, or at least I thought she was. I've never seen her before and I'm pretty sure she's with the people that kidnapped Al since she was so desperate to get out of Al's body and help them.

I bit my bottom lip, this wasn't good.

The Fuhrer was now in front of us and I moved to do something, anything to get Al away from him. Al's right arm shot in the air and his fingers curled around the Fuhrer's throat, who didn't look fazed in the least by the sudden action. I froze, my eyes widening in shock.

"Al...? What are...?" Then I realized. That wasn't Al who was choking King Bradley, it was the girl.

"Martel!" Al yelled in alarm. "Don't do this! Stop it Martel!"

"What are you doing, idiot. Stop!" I shouted at her. I didn't usual call people idiots but what she was doing was really stupid. Couldn't she see we were trying to help her? She was going to get herself killed!

"F-Fuhrer Bradley. I'm so sorry, he's just-"

"Die King Bradley!" The girl yelled, cutting me off.

I grit my teeth together, the fingers of my hands twitched in an urge to disable her. Now I really was sure that the Fuhrer knew about her. I had to do something, and now! I had to get her out of here and if to do that meant knocking her out, then I had no problem doing it. Al promised to protect her and I wasn't going to let him break it. I may not know the girl but Al seemed to care about her. So I wouldn't let her die. I wouldn't-

Blood gushed out of the gaps within my armor, the Fuhrer's blade was in Al's armor in an instant. My eyes widened and my body froze. Time seemed to still as I stared at the blood the flew from the armor in slow motion. No... no, this couldn't be happening. She was... No, she couldn't be! I-I...

Al gave a blood-curling scream and a second later I watched as his eyes stopped glowing and his body fell to the ground. My body moved on instinct and my arms wrapped around his body as my legs stiffened to catch him. Of course I couldn't hold him up, but I was able to slow his fall.

"Al! Al, come on! Al!" I yelled in a panic.

"It would be best to get you two out of here and looked at. I'll go call someone down here to help you carry him." The Fuhrer said calmly.

My teeth clenched and I glared daggers into Al's suit of armor. I heard the Fuhrer walking away but I did not look. I was mad. No, I was furious. Furious and guilty. I had told myself I would help her. I said that I wouldn't let her die. And now what? She was dead. Dead because I was powerless. Why? Why couldn't I help anyone? I'm so weak! I can't do anything for anyone! Why?!

My hand rubbing at my cheek and I was startled to realize that I was crying. I slumped to the ground and buried my face in my hands as I sobbed once more. This was just like with mom. I had vowed to help her, yet in the end it was me who killed her. I didn't kill Martel, but it did feel like it as I had failed her.

And Al. Al was... I didn't even know. But he wasn't responding to me. His eyes weren't glowing their usual red anymore. The presence I usually sensed in that armor of his wasn't there anymore. Or I couldn't feel it, at least.

"Al, wake up." I muttered softly, desperately. The palms of my hands pressed against his metal torso and I shook it as best I could. "Come on, Al. Please, respond. Al!"

The tears were back once more and I struggled to contain my hiccups. I sniffled, rubbing at my itching eyes to wipe off the tears. Why? Why was this happening? Why wouldn't Al respond? I was honestly scared. I didn't know what was happening anymore. I didn't know what to do. What was I supposed to do?

"Hinata! Al!"

I started, the familiar sound of Ed's voice reaching my ears and jolting me out of my thoughts. My head slowly turned and I blinked to clear the fuzzy vision caused by the tears. "E... Ed?"

Soon his body came into my vision and I stayed silent as he approached us. His face was scrunched in worry and I had to resist the urge to look away as I wondered what I would say to him. How could I tell him that Al wasn't responding? I was sure that that was a bad sign.

"Hinata, what's wrong? Why are you crying." He came to a stop in front of me and his eyes trailed to the lifeless form beside me. "Al...? Al, why aren't you saying anything? What's going on? And is that blood?"

His gaze moved back to me and his face scrunched up in panic. "H-Hinata?"

"Ed...?" My voice was gruff as I spoke his name. I pushed myself to my feet and my arms wrapped around his shoulders as new tears slid down my red cheeks. "Ed! Ed I... I don't understand. Al won't respond to me. I keep calling out to him but he won't say anything."

"What... are you saying?" Ed muttered. I felt his hands squeeze my shoulders and a second later he pushed me to the side gently. I looked up and briefly met his eyes, but he turned away and walked over to Al's still form, laying atop a pool of Martel's blood. I sniffed, rubbing at my eyes and I watched through blurry vision as Edward fell to his knees besides Al.

"Al? Al come on. Al, answer me. Hey, come on. This isn't the time for jokes, damn it! Al!"

The sound of many footsteps reached my ears and I turned in the direction Ed had come from. Through my puffy eyes I could see Major Armstrong along with many other men running towards us. I quickly wiped the rest of my tears and walked over to Ed, placing a hand on his shaking shoulder.

"Ed, there's people coming." I softly told him.

Soon the military men were here and they helped us carry Al's body back up to where Izumi and some others were. I followed them silently as I stared at Al and all the blood that leaked from inside the armor. Martel was dead, and now Al was gone, too. This day couldn't get any worse.

I walked up to Izumi's unconscious form and knelt in front of her. Sig was beside her with a handkerchief which he used to wipe her bloody mouth and chin. Ed had suggested that I look at his teacher instead and let him and the other men deal with Martel. While I didn't like the fact that he thought I couldn't handle seeing a dead body, I knew that he was just worried about me. Though if I were honest, I don't think I would be able to handle touching Martel's corpse after what had happened. So it was a relief.

"How is she Sig?" I asked.

He smiled my way, one that was slightly stressed and showed of the worry he had been feeling, but it also told me that she wasn't in serious danger. "She'll be fine. Just needs lots of rest. Don't worry about it, it happens whenever she pushes herself too much."

Sig put the handkerchief away and pulled the woman up into his arms. "I'm gonna take her home now. I'll see you later." He told me with a nod.

I returned the nod and watched as he walked away, telling Ed goodbye as he passed him. I stared at the door for a few minutes longer before my eyes moved to the corpse Armstrong, Ed and another man were pulling to the side. I cringed at the sight of her and quickly turned away. My hand moved to my still slightly aching head and I clutched it. I was still confused as to what had happened earlier.

My eyes moved to Ed who was now by Al's body and I moved to him. "Ed." I called softly once I was by him. I kneeled at his side and put a hand on him shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze. "Don't worry, Ed. He'll be fine. I'm sure that it's nothing."

He placed his human hand on top of my own and gave a low hum. "Yeah."

I winced at the lack of emotions I could sensed in his voice. It was dull, impassive; almost even defeated. I turned back to Al. "He'll come back. We just got to... call." I sounded so sure, but I definitely didn't feel even half of it. But I wouldn't give up. Al couldn't be gone, he just couldn't. Not now. Not until he got his body back, and not even then. When he was old, very old, and it was his time, then he could go. But he was still small, still a child, he couldn't be gone.

"Al. Al wake up." I know I might look stupid, but I didn't care. If it got Al back, then I would do about anything. "Al come on. Al!"

I felt Ed's hand give mine a squeeze before I heard his voice. "Al, wake up! Al! Al!"

I briefly smiled at him before looking back. Ed and I called for him. The soldiers behind us were quiet as we did, and we didn't stop at their staring. We called and called, and we didn't give up. Finally, his eyes lit up red like they usually did and he jolted awake.

"Al!" Ed and I yelled in unison, both filled beyond relief.

"Brother? Hinata?" Al questioned, sounding confused.

Ed gave a sigh. "You okay?"

"Are you okay? You're covered in blood!" He shot back worriedly.

And that was when he noticed the front of his armor missing and the blood trail leading to Martel's now covered body.

I looked away at his gasp, grimacing when my eyes instead went to Martel. The guilt was growing by the second but I quickly smashed it down. If I let the guilt take me I would cry. And if I cried I'd worry Ed and Al, as well as maybe a few others. I wouldn't let that happen. The two already had enough on their plates, I wouldn't give them something else to be concerned about.

Armstrong walked over to Al and crouched beside him. "We thought it best to open you and remove her before you awoke." He informed him.

"I couldn't save her." Al muttered in grief, covering his helmet head with his huge arms.

I closed my eyes, unable to stare at Martel's corpse much longer. I had failed her. Her and Al. He had promised to protect her, and I had promised myself I would do so too. But I failed and now she was dead. It wasn't only Al's fault. I was to blame too. I couldn't stop the Fuhrer, so that made me just as responsible. Probably even more so than Al (as I thought).

"You can't blame yourself, Al." Ed told him. He looked up at Al and smiled. Looking at it, I knew that it was fake. He was forcing himself to smile so he wouldn't show his pain. "Come on Al, let's go home, 'kay?"

"It's been a long day. We all need some rest." I added.

He didn't answer, which worried me.

"Al?" Ed called.

"Hold it you three."

I snapped my head to the noise and tensed when I saw the Fuhrer, King Bradley. Memories of what happened earlier came to mind and I had to bite down the anger that rose inside me. The Fuhrer wasn't bad, but he had killed Martel. I couldn't bring myself to forgive him just yet.

"There's a few questions I need to ask the three of you before you can leave." King Bradley said and stopped just a few feet in front of us. By that time Major Armstrong had moved and so we were able to get a clear view of him. "Have any of you three had any previous dealings with the man who referred to himself as Greed."

Ed immediately shook his head. "Of course not."

"I didn't even know that's his name." I answered truthfully. "He's the leader of the people who kidnapped Al, right?" I asked, the image of the man with the changing skin briefly flashing through my mind.

"Did you happen to trade any matter of information with him?" King Bradley questioned.

"None at all. And the military wasn't even mentioned, not once." Ed replied.

"That isn't my concern. Let me be more specific, if you arranged a deal or shared any knowledge with him, then I'll execute all three of you right now." His one good eye opened and I suddenly felt the air thicken around him. "I'll ask again if you shared any knowledge that might affect the military."

"No. Can we go now?" Ed said.

"I am curious about your steel arm and leg and your brother's armored body. Is there any connection between the two?"

I heard the two brothers gasp and my fingers twitched in preparation to strike should he try and attack us. I couldn't do anything earlier, but I would protect the boys this time. I swore it on my Hyuga blood.

Suddenly the Fuhrer chuckled and I almost stumbled as I was caught off guard. "You really are an honest kid." He turned and walked off. "Alright men, pull out." He didn't stop or looked at us as he said the next words. "You make sure to take of your younger brother, Edward. You as well, Hinata. Take care of yourself."

I was left shocked and confused as he slowly disappeared. What had just happened? I thought that the Fuhrer was going to attack us, but instead he told us to take care of ourselves. This was definitely a weird day. I couldn't make sense of it. I looked over at Ed and Al at the same time they looked at me and I exchanged a look of confusion with them. Ed shrugged after a moment and I decided to brush it off as well. We had bigger things to worry about anyway.

Though that still didn't mean I'd forget what happened today.

Later that night the three of us were outside by the side door with Ed and I cleaning off the leftover blood and dirt from Al's body. Armstrong was behind us and we were talking about secret matters which, because Ed and Al hadn't filled me in much about it last time, I was a little lost.

"There's something I forgot to mention. Greed had an Ouroboros tattoo." Ed informed us.

"I'm not sure I follow." Major Armstrong said.

"I'm sorry, but I don't either. What's this about an Ouroboros tattoo?" I asked, looking between the three males. Thinking back, I remembered Greed having a tattoo on his hand, the same one I remembered that green-haired boy that helped Ed back at the Fifth Laboratory had on his leg. "Does he have some kind of connection to that green-haired guy that helped get you out of Laboratory Five? He also had a tattoo like Greed's on his leg."

I saw them tense and I realized that this was information that they had wanted to hide from me. The same information that they were discussing in Ed's hospital room which, by the way, I wasn't invited to. (They had said that it was just a guy thing and that I wouldn't care for it)

"Oh, uh, you see..." Ed fumbled with his words, a sheepish looking coming on his features.

I heard Al sigh to my right and I blinked at him. "See brother, I told you she would find out about it eventually. We shouldn't have kept it from her, she has a right to know."

I saw Major Armstrong nod his head in what I knew to be agreement. "Your brother is right, Edward. It is unwise to keep something like this from Hinata. I didn't say anything back then, but you should tell her now."

Ed gave a sheepish chuckle and I looked back at him, my eyes narrowing slightly as my lips tugged down into a small frown. "Uh, right... Sorry about that Hinata." He apologized, rubbing the back of his neck with his metal hand.

"It's alright, though I would like to know more about this. We're a team and we shouldn't be keeping anything from each other. I need to know." I told him. Okay, so maybe I wasn't telling them anything, but this is something that I needed to know. After they tell me about it, I'll tell them what I told Izumi earlier. After all, we were a team...

"Right. Well, where to begin? Well, you know that guy with the hair that looks like a pine tree?" At my nod he continued. "Well, they're a part of this group that have Ouroboros tattoos somewhere on them. We've already met three. Greed, the pine tree guy, and then another woman. Apparently, they're homunculus."

I gasped. "H-homunculus? But I thought that they weren't real!"

"No, they're real." Ed said.

"Yeah, I watched the Greed guy get his head blown off and then regenerated back. He's definitely a homunculus. They can't die. Or at least, it's hard to kill them." Al told me.

I nodded at that piece of information. "Alright, I understand. So these guys with the Ouroboros tattoos are homunculus. You've met three already. Umm, who else knows about this?"

"Well, Major Armstrong here." Ed said, pointing behind him at the muscular man who nodded my way. "Then there's also Colonel Hughes and now you." I noticed Major Armstrong tense at hearing Colonel Hughes name, but I did not comment on it.

Major Armstrong moved from his spot by the wall and placed his hands on Ed's shoulders. The sudden action startled me and my eyes widened in confusion as I watched the two.

"Listen Edward Elric. Do not do anything rash." Major Armstrong told him. He turned to me, his eyes hard in seriousness. "You as well, Hinata Hyuga."

The man stood and walked away after that. "Well then, goodnight." We stared after his disappearing form and I wondered what that was all about.

"Brother." Al called. The two of us looked at him. "They're back. All the memories of when my body was taken away. I remember."

"What'd you see?" Ed questioned.

"Hmm... Well it was definitely weird." Al replied, wiggling his arms in the same fashion Ed and Izumi had last night. I cracked a smile in amusement. "But unfortunately, I didn't find out anything about how to get our bodies back."

"That's okay." Ed reassured him, giving him a smile. The blonde picked up Al's now-clean chest plate and handed it to the boy, who took it from him and put it back on.

"So I guess we haven't made any progress." Al muttered dejectedly.

"No, that's not entirely true." Ed told the boy. "Remember what the Fuhrer told back in Central? About the unrest among the upper rest in the military."

Al nodded and I was confused again. The Fuhrer had talked to the two boys?

"And it all had something to do with the Philosopher's Stone and the Ouroboros guys. He said he's gonna gather info on them." Al said.

"Greed was obviously connected to them somehow. If so, why'd the Fuhrer slaughter them all? If he was trying to figure out what they were up to, why didn't he capture them and make them talk?" Ed said.

"Yeah, good point. It also seems weird that the Fuhrer himself would lead an attack on such a small group." Al added.

"Sure does. No matter how you look at it, nothing adds up. We've been warned. We need to get closer." Ed said.

The two were ready to head inside but I quickly stopped them. I had been thinking about the right time to tell them this, as I already told Izumi and I'm sure she wanted me to tell them as well, and I thought that this would be the perfect time for it. I bit my lower lip, willing the grief to go away as I inhaled a breath of air. This time I wouldn't cry.

"What is it Hinata?" Al asked.

I looked between the two before finally saying it. "Izumi and I talked earlier today, before we had gone after you two. I told her something that I realize I should've told you guys a long time ago. You told me your secret, and now it's my turn to tell you mine."

"Hinata...?" Ed began, but I held up a hand to stop him.

"When Al told me of how you two did Human Transmutation, I should have confessed." I said lowly, bowing my head so my bangs shadowed my face. "I... I also performed Human Transmutation." I heard the two gasp, but I didn't stop. "My mother died when I was seven years old. It was hard on me and so I searched for a way to bring her back. I stumbled upon Human Transmutation and quickly began to learn it.

"At the age of eleven I performed Human Transmutation to bring my mother back to life. I knew it was wrong but back then, I didn't care. I just wanted to see her again. I thought I had everything done correctly, so I was shocked when the experiment failed. I arrived at the gate, and Truth forced me inside it with those... things. I saw lots of things, most that I didn't understand, and it felt like my head would explode from all the information. When I was finally back, the thing I risked my life to bring back... it... it died soon after.

"My father found me soon after that and I was taken to the hospital. I was bleeding and in pain but the funny thing is, is that I didn't realize it. I was so shocked from seeing the Truth that I couldn't seem to register anything else. Then the results came in, and I found that part of my innards were taken along with my eyes." I paused for a second to catch my breath and my hand went to rest on my stomach. "The doctors told me and my family that I won't ever be able to have children. That was the price that I paid for trying to revive the dead."

I didn't look up at them, too scared to see their expressions. Deep inside me I knew that they wouldn't judge, that they understood just how I felt, but I still couldn't help but feel that they were disgusted with me. I had performed Human Transmutation, the greatest taboo for all Alchemists. Nothing could take away my sins.

Two pairs of arms wrapped around me and I was pulled into a big hug. "It's alright to cry." I heard Ed whisper and I didn't even realize that I had begun crying. Dang it, I told myself I wouldn't cry! What was wrong with me?

"I'm sorry, I told myself that I'd be strong, but I guess I failed. I'm so stupid." I muttered with a bitter laugh.

The two pulled away and I felt myself missing the embrace, even if my one side was a little cold from Al's suit of armor while my other side was a little too hot for my liking from the heat from Ed's body.

"Nonsense!" Al yelled lightly. "Hinata you are strong. Right brother?"

"That's right! We all make mistakes. I mean, look at us, we're not much different from you. I lost my arm and leg, and Al doesn't have a body. All three of us did Human Transmutation, and even Teacher, you shouldn't feel like you're the only one who did wrong. No ones perfect." Ed told me.

"Yeah. We understand how you feel. You lost your mom and you just wanted to see her again. It's not wrong to want to bring back the person you love." Al continued.

I blinked and rubbed at my tear-filled eyes. Looking at the two, my mouth twitched into a smile and my eyes decided at that moment that I hadn't cried enough that day. "Th-thank you guys so much. You have no idea how much that means to me."

Ed smiled back at me and I saw a nod come from Al.

"By the way, Hinata." Al began, and I looked to him. "What happened earlier in the sewer?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

"Well remember when we met up and you were suddenly in pain? Your forehead was glowing green too. I think I saw some kind of tattoo or something on it where the light was coming from." Al said, recalling the memories from back then.

I blinked at the words and pressed a hand to my forehead gently, where I could still remember the pain coming from. I frowned, confused as well. "I'm not sure, actually." I replied. "Though come to think of it, I remember my father saying something about having put a seal on my forehead for something or other a long time ago. That could be it, though I'm not sure why it activated so suddenly."

"Your father put a seal on your head?" Ed questioned.

"I guess, though I'm not exactly sure why." I replied with a nod. "Only the Branch members of the clan are given seals. Actually, I don't think that the seal I have on my forehead is the same one that they have. I-I mean, it activated on its own when it only should've done that when activated by a handsign."

"So you mean that the Branch members of your clan get seals like yours and they can cause real pain when activated?" Ed questioned.

I nodded grimly. "They're mostly used to keep the Byakugan from getting into the wrong hands. Once a member dies, the Byakugan can't be stolen. Though it can also act as punishment when activated should a clan member disobey. Of course, only the head of the family and the previous heads know how to activate it."

He frowned. "Seriously?"

"Y-yeah. Though that's rare." I told them.

"That's still horrible." Ed remarked.

"Yeah, to have a seal on your forehead which can cause lots of pain and have to obey the leader of the clan or get punishment doesn't sound pleasant." Al added.

I sighed in displeasure. "Yeah, I know. I don't like it either and I'm hoping that the tradition gets removed soon. I don't think it's fair for the Branch House. No one should have to bare that."

We spent some more time outside chatting after that before heading inside. After bidding them goodnight, I headed off to my room to sleep.

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