By: MysticFantasy



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"Look at what I found." Tony Stark announced as he walked into the large living room and pushing a cart that contained an old projector and several canisters of film.

"Where'd you get those?" Clint asked with a curious look.

"Believe it or not, I actually cleaned out the attic and found these in one of my old man's chests." Tony answered.

"That's amazing." Natasha said.

"I know. This projector is still in good working condition." Tony said.

"No. I meant that you actually cleaned." Natasha said.

Clint laughed out loud and Bruce did his best to hide a smile behind his hand.

"You're a riot." Tony said with a small glare before returning his attention to the films. "Dare you guys to guess what these are about."

"You're birth?" Clint remarked.

"You wish you could see the beautiful moment where I came into existence." Tony said and tossed the canister to the archer.

Upon reading the faded title, Clint began laughing again.

"Seriously?" he asked.

"Seriously." Tony answered.

"What is it?" Bruce asked.

"The Star Spangled Man." Clint answered through laughter.

"It's a film about Steve's acting days?" Bruce asked a bit surprised.

"I'm not surprised." Tony said moving the projector onto the coffee table in the middle of the room. "My old man was obssessed with Spangles. I don't find it surprising that he has all of these films. There's even a few of Steve once he was on the battlefield."

"Does Steve know you have these?" Natasha asked picking up a canister and reading the title. Medal ceremonies, parties, meeting celebrities and nation leaders.

"He's aware of it." Tony answered taking the film Clint had and began to load it.

"Where is he anyway?" Clint asked.

"Meeting with Fury." Bruce answered. "Something about giving Steve his backpay from the years he'd been missing."

"That's going to be a nice paycheck." Clint mused.

"Sure will." Tony agreed and smiled when the film was set. "Jarvis, lights please."

"Yes sir." the AI spoke and the room went dark and the window blinds being lowered.

Tony switched on the projector and it cast its light onto the blank wall. The classic opening count reel appeared before the screen went black. White words appeared.

The Star Spangled Man with a Plan.

Music filled the room as a stage appeared. Women started to walk out in what was then considered very showy clothes and began to sing.

"Who's strong and brave here to save the American Way?
Who vows to fight like a man for what's right, night and day?
Who will campaign door to door for America?
Carry the flag shore to shore for America?
From Hoboken to Spokane?"

Clint wasn't bothering to try to hold his laughter back once Steve made his appearance in what appeared to be a more revealing uniform than the one he now wore.

Tony was having the same reaction as Clint even though he'd seen pictures of Steve in this uniform before with fans and officials.

Natasha and Bruce were doing their best not to be like the two men. They knew that Steve hadn't planned on ever being a stage performer and actor but to see how their leader was before he'd officially become Captain America was quite a sight.

They all noticed that he was reading words that were more than likely tapped to the back of his triangular shield. Speaking to the crowds. Telling them to buy war bonds so they could help the army win the war.

"Not all of us can storm a beach or drive a tank. But there's still a way all of us can fight. Series E Defence Bonds. Each one you buy is a bullet in the barrel of your best guy's gun."

The group continued to watch the movie. They watched as Steve continued to speak to the crowd while young children were trying to warn him about the Nazi leader sneaking up behind him.

"We all know this is about trying to win the war. We can't do that without bullets and bandages, tanks and tents. That's where you come in. Every bond you buy will protect someone you love. Keep our boys arms and ready, and the Germans will think twice about trying to get the drop on us."

Steve then whirled around just in time to 'knock out' Hitler which made the crowd go wild.

The song finally ended with Steve holding a motorcycle with three women on it as the singers and dancers finished the number.

"Oh man. What I would have done to see that in person." Clint exclaimed holding his aching side.

"It's no wonder Steve is so against those movie offers he got." Bruce said wiping his eyes.

"Can't blame him for not wanting to go through that again." Natasha said as Tony changed the film.