Bonus chapter 2-Bucky

By: MysticFantasy



AU promt. Annonymous requested a chapter about Bucky talking about Steve had he not fallen from the train.



"Wow. Bucky's interview." Tony said as he switched the films.

"This one is going to be good." Clint mused.

"Better believe it." Tony agreed and started the machine. Right away, they were faced with the image of a handsome dark haired man.

He looked sad but trying to remain strong.

"Sergeant James Barnes, it's a pleasure and an honor to meet you."


"You and Captain Rogers were long time friends, correct?"

"Yeah." Bucky answered. "We've known each other since we were about fourteen years old. We both ended up in the same orphanage and kinda stuck together since then. We were always up to something. The nuns at the orphanage were always waving that yard stick as a warning. Got a lot of whacks from it."

"What was one thing you particularly remember?"

"Probably when we convinced the younger kids that nuns really could fly. They believed us after about an hour and had started asking all of the nuns if they could fly and if they could show them. Went on for about two days before the sisters realized who put the idea in their heads. Steve and I had kitchen clean up duty for two weeks. It was my idea to do it but Steve said that he wouldn't let me do something crazy by myself. He was that kind of friend."

"What came across your mind when you saw him for the first time after he became Captain America?"

"I right way noticed his new muscle and height and I thought it might be someone else who looked like him." Bucky answered with a small smile. "He found me in one of the lab rooms of the Hydra factory. He told me who he was and, while I knew it was him, I couldn't believe it was the same skinny guy that I grew up with. I don't think I ever did get fully use to seeing his new look."

"Since you knew him so well, did he change in any way when he became not just an army captain but Captain America?"

"No, he didn't change." Bucky answered. "If anything, he became even more of a good person. All his life he had wanted to be able to help people and do good things. He'd never been able to because of how sick he was. This change has let him accomplish all of that and more. He finally got the chance he wanted and it ended up doing a lot more good than anyone could have imagined."

"What was he like as a commanding officer once you and the rest of your team were in the field?"

"He was confident, brave, always had at least three back up plans, always looking out for us...That right there I had to yell at him a few times because he would sometimes forget to watch his own back. He got shot in the stomach once and didn't even realize it until the fight was over. I admit to hitting him there on 'accident' to try to teach him a lesson but I don't think it got through."

"Well, nice to know he's always been that way." Tony lightly stated.

"Did he get injured often?"

"Not really but on the times he did he was able to heal quickly and be back with the rest of us in no time. The one time that he did get seriously injured was after we stopped a tank attack on a town. We managed to destroy all of the tanks but the last one we destroyed had extra explosives on it. Steve was the closest to it and his leg ended up getting crushed by one of the tank pieces. We got him to a medic tent and, since medicine couldn't work on him, they had to reset his leg while he was still awake."

Clint and Bruce lightly winced at the thought of having a broken bone reset while still conscious.

"Colonel Phillips ordered him and the rest of us on leave until further notice. Said that we'd been in the field too long anyway and needed time to relax. Steve was against it from the start, saying that his leg would be fine but the rest of us sided with the colonel on him needing to rest even after his leg healed. He was fighting twice as much as the rest of us and needed time to unwind. We were all shipped back to the states and put in a house the government provided for us in New York."

"How did Captain Rogers adjust to waiting for his leg to heal while back from the war?"

"He didn't like it at first but soon saw that he did need to rest. It took about three weeks for his leg to completely heal and after that he and I started to show the others around the city."

"Were you noticed by the civilians?"

"Almost as soon as we walked out the door. Most people right away noticed Steve but once I explained why we were back in the states they started to let us have our time and not ask us so many questions. Still, there were times when we were asked for autographs and pictures and to tell war stories."

"Now, from what I understand, when it was just the two of you walking around the ladies would try to gain Captain Rogers' attention and you'd be left on the sideline. Is it true that it was the exact opposite before his transformation?"

"Very true." Bucky answered with a smirk. "I was the one who had no problem getting a date but no woman would even glance in his direction, which I felt was their loss since Steve was a great guy despite how skinny he was. I tried to help set him up on a few dates but all of those women turned him down. When he became a super soldier, all of the women started to go to him but he didn't give into their attention. Some of the women were actually some of the ones that I tried to help him have a date with. When they realized it was him, they were blown away. Steve let them down kindly and they were pretty upset about it. I was proud of him though."

"Was it a big change for you to suddenly be out of the women's eyes?"

"A little but I was happy for Steve to finally be getting some of that attention. The first time that it ever happened, I told Steve that I felt like I was invisible and that I had turned into him before the change. He thought it was funny."

"Did Captain Rogers ever date?"

"No. Never went on a single date."

The four Avengers frowned at the answer.

"Do you know of anyone that Captain Rogers may have been interested in?"

"Peggy Carter was the only woman I've ever seen him be interested in but they never went on a date or anything. I think she was really trying to see if he was the right guy but she may have waited too long."

"Onto a lighter topic, when you and the team were in the field, did you ever play any kind of jokes on Captain Rogers?"

"Oh yeah." Bucky answered with a small smile. "It didn't take long for the rest of us to start that. The first night that we were out and made camp, we tried to scare him with a rubber snake. He knew it wasn't real when he found it in his tent so we decided to try to get smarter about our pranks. Nothing worked for almost two months until we finally got him during another night we had to set camp. We were in an area where there was plenty of snow. It was his turn to get water from the river so we decided to fill his sleeping bag and tent with as much snow as possible. When he got back and opened up his tent, all this snow fell out. He was more mad that we were laughing at him so bad instead of helping him clear the snow out."

"Talk about irony." Clint said.

"We helped him clear out all the snow and he made us do some extra cardio as revenge. It was worth it though."

"Did Captain Rogers ever prank you and the team?"

"Oh yes. He did. It was a night that he had to cook dinner and the rest of us had just finished washing up. We came back and started to eat. It wasn't until we all took drinks from our canteens that we noticed he'd put hot sauce in them. We ended up having to run all the way to the river to get water. We never pulled another prank on him again."

"Cap is a genius." Tony mused.

"What was it like going into battle with him for the first time?"

"It was certainly a change." Bucky answered. "I wasn't use to seeing Steve taking charge like that. The way that he lead the troops and came up with plans was amazing. Every plan that he came up with seemed to come out of nowhere and worked like a charm. A lot of the men had started to believe that Steve was getting the plans from a higher power. Like the Lord himself was telling him what the best course of action was. The rumors of Steve's amazing plans and fighting skills spread like wildfire. Half of the time, when we got to the next place we needed to be, the enemy took one look at Steve and laid their weapons down and surrendered without a second thought."

"About how many times do you think that happened?"

"About...fifteen times."

"Did you ever go undercover to try to infiltrate a Hydra lair to gain information or quietly take it down from the inside?"

"Tried a few times. Naturally, Steve couldn't do it because he was too well known. Which was kinda bad for the rest of us who did go undercover because Steve was the only one with any real acting under his belt. The rest of the Commando's and myself went undercover at least two times and managed to do some damage before we were found out."

"Must have been exciting."

"It was until we had about fifty Hydra soldiers pointing those death lasers at us."

"Now, onto the last topic. When you realized that Captain Rogers was going to crash land the Hydra war plane, what crossed your mind?"

"I tried to think of a way to get him to change his mind or try something else that might work." Bucky answered as a sad tone crept into his voice. "He was talking over the radio, letting us know that he was most likely not going to survive. I tried to think of something that might stop the possible chance that I was about to lose my best friend."

"What about when the plane crashed?"

"When the communication ended, I knew that it was too late. The signal was lost from the radar so there was no way of tracking the ship. I was out there right away with the first rescue party trying to find him but...we couldn't even find a piece of scrap metal."

The four Avengers noticed that Bucky looked to be trying to hold his tears back. The didn't like that during Steve's time men weren't allowed to show emotions like they can now or else it would be considered weak and unmanly.

"And when the search was called off?"

"I didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to come back, I didn't want to stop looking. But I was forced to come back. Forced to give up the search. I didn't like it one bit. I finished the remaining time I had with the army and when I was asked to re-enlist I refused. They were pretty upset about it but it was nothing compared to what I've suffered."

"So you wouldn't consider going back even after all this time?"

"No. I wouldn't. Unless Steve is found, I won't have anything to do with the Army again."

The reel ended and the lights came back on.

"It's sad that he was forced to stop looking for Steve." Clint said.

"Still, they weren't close to the location where he really was. It was probably for his own good that they made him stop." Natasha said. "Or else there would have been two soldiers found out there but only one of them would be alive."

"I'm still amazed at the friendship that Sergeant Barnes and Steve had." Bruce stated. "Even after everything they went through, together and apart, they still remained best friends."

"A friendship as true as theirs is almost as hard to find as someone who has the same morals and manners as Steve in this time." Tony stated.

"I wish there was a way that we could let Barnes know that Steve turned out ok." Natasha said.

"I think he believed that Steve would be in a better place." Bruce said. "They both shared the same religon so it's possible that Barnes believed that Steve would be ok. In life or death."

Unknown to the four Avengers, Steve stood behind a cracked door. He'd seen the entire film and heard everything that was said.

He wasn't sure if he should tell his friends that he already found his still alive friend and let him know that he was alright and would continue to be from now on.