Charmed: Hanging with Mr. Turner

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Summary: AU After Season six- After Gideon's death, Leo has taken over his position as guardian of the school but has hired a headmistress to handle all school matters. When the headmistress hires a familiar new teacher, the Halliwells must investigate to see what this new teacher's plans are. Are they good? Or is there an ulterior motive here?

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Chapter 5: Back to School

Promptly at noontime the next day, the doorbell rang throughout the manor, signifying the arrival of someone. Paige answered the door distractedly, not thinking anything of it, and upon noticing that it was Cole, rolled her eyes and allowed him in. "Phoebe!" She called out, turning and walking away from Cole, not even saying a word to the man.

Silently, Cole waited by the door for Phoebe, awkwardly keeping his gaze on the stairs, not wanting anyone to think he was purposely encroaching into their home. "Ready?" Cole questioned once Phoebe appeared, feeling unwelcome and uncomfortable. Phoebe nodded and grabbed his hand, waving to Paige as she and Cole disappeared in a sparkling silhouette of white lights.

They arrived just as people were starting to shuffle into the club, apparently the start of the time loop. They took the same booth that they occupied the previous day and again ordered a round of drinks as they waited for the night to begin in full, wanting to appear as normal as they could. After the waiter returned with the drinks, Phoebe looked at Cole, inwardly thinking of something to say, remembering how Cole had suggested they make idle conversation the day before. "So Bethlar, your mother, she was full demon?" She settled as a thought popped into her mind, one that she wanted answered.

"Yes," Cole nodded with furrowed brows, wondering why she would ask such a question. "Her true form appeared similar to how Belthazor looked. She only appeared human because she performed a ritual that made her so, with the only traces of her demon heritage being her burning red eyes whenever she was overcome with powerful feelings like anger or impatience. A lot of her demon clan did that—that Inspector Rodriguez that killed your friend Andy being one of them."

"You're related to Rodriguez?" Phoebe exclaimed in a surprised tone, a sullenness to her voice as memories of Andy dying came to the forefront of her mind. As a childhood friend, Andy had a fond place in Phoebe's heart, though certainly not up to the level of Prue, who had taken his death the hardest.

"What?" Cole questioned, and then shook his head in the negative. "No, of course not, that's not what I meant. He and my mother were of the same demon race, that's all. I was not blood related to him in any way."

"What race is that?" Phoebe asked with a raised eyebrow, pushing the memories of Andy into the back of her mind as she recalled why she had asked the question in the first place.

"You don't want to know," Cole whispered, shaking his head, not daring to speak about his demonic heritage. "Just imagine the worst of the kind and you'll start scratching the surface of that race." Then, he turned his gaze over to her and cocked an eyebrow, a curious expression on his face. "You knew all this though."

"I knew she was full demon, but I've always wondered, which is what my question was leading to: Why did she marry your father?" Phoebe asked, wondering why a demon would do such a human thing when simply breeding with the man would have sufficed for her purposes.

"She knew the resources that he had, knew that he was a pretty intelligent man, and knew that a half-demon would perhaps be even more devastating to the side of good than a full demon could be," Cole answered honestly, fully aware that his father was a great man in numerous ways. "And as for marrying him, she wanted me to have full rights to his estate after his death. I don't think she planned on killing him like that, however, but that's the way it went down in the end."

Eventually, the show started and Cole and Phoebe spent nearly an hour watching the crowd, before a tall man took a seat in a balcony across from them. He continued to watch the man for a few moments, noticing that he sent away most of his surrounding gang, presumably wanting to be alone for the show. "That man wasn't here yesterday," Cole whispered, furrowing his brow in thought, trying to figure out if that was a clue or he was simply overreacting.

Phoebe moved her gaze up to the man that Cole was staring at, getting a good view of him—he was a human, with light brown hair, tan skin and a bushy mustache. "What does that mean exactly?"

"Potentially?" Cole whispered slowly, giving Phoebe a sideways look. "That he's aware that this is a time loop and goes about his day differently. Everyone else does the same thing over and over again—they don't know to do anything differently. When they arrive, they order the same drinks, dance the same dances, tell the same stories and laugh at the same jokes, and this continues until the loop ends, only to revive itself immediately after. This guy, however, isn't doing that, but instead acting as if he remembers that this is a loop and what he does has no effect."

"How is that possible?" Phoebe gasped, surprised at the revelation.

"Let's go and find out," Cole answered, getting out from the booth and walking with Phoebe over to the bar.

The bartender looked at them expectantly, assuming they were there to order a drink. "Can I help you?" He questioned, wiping down the bar with a white rag, before tossing it over his shoulder and preparing to make the drinks.

"Who is that man up there in that balcony?" Cole inquired, pointing up the balcony that held the man, who was seemingly watching the show, unaware of Cole's suspicion.

"That's Mr., I mean Count, Roget." The bartender answered quickly, a slight look of disdain on his face, though he hid it well. "He's the owner of this fabulous Cabaret Fantome. I take it this is your first time here."

"How'd you guess?" Cole smiled, not surprised by the statement, since Roget probably held himself out with great pristine to the public, but was very different behind closed doors. "And who were the guys with the guns surrounding him before?" Cole asked once more, trying to gauge whether his assessment of Roget was correct.

"What do you think," The bartender answered simply, before turning his attention to another couple that had come to order.

"What are you thinking?" Phoebe whispered, wanting to see if Cole was on to something.

"That someone signed a contract with that demon we vanquished last time." Cole answered her quietly, biting his lip slightly in thought. "And that bad soul is holding all of these good ones from moving on. Presumably, that someone is Count Roget."

"So what do we do? We can't just kill him, he's a human." Phoebe hissed, hoping Cole wasn't implying that they would have to vanquish a human being.

"He's already dead," Cole whispered back, walking over to the stairway that led to the balconies, hoping that he could confront Roget without drawing attention from the other club patrons. "All we have to do is get his soul out of here."

Silently, they walked up the stairs and over to the balcony that held their prey, before opening the door and creeping into the room. Roget sat in the large chair in front of them, his eyes firmly planted on the show below, where dancers where dancing and the piano in the corner was being played. "I saw you here a cycle or two ago," Roget said with his back to Cole and Phoebe, continuing to watch the show as if he was unperturbed by their entry. "I've never seen you before that."

"So you do remember," Cole claimed, his suspicions answered in the affirmative. If Roget remembered everything, that meant he was part of the time loop, and not an innocent in this entire thing.

"I've signed a contract in order to do just that," Roget said politely, rising to his feet and buttoning his jacket up. He turned and faced Cole and Phoebe, giving them a small, evil smile.

"A contract?" Phoebe questioned, confusedly, wanting to know how a contract could possibly allow him to remember the happenings of a time loop.

"With the demon Sargon," Roget answered, filling Cole and Phoebe in on the name of the demon that the pair had vanquished the day before. "The contract that I signed over a century ago in an effort to save myself from the certain demise that I knew would come."

"And you're the reason these poor souls can't move on," Cole whispered, understandingly, trying to figure out a plan of action in order to get Roget out from the time loop.

Roget smiled, looked over the show one last time, before quietly returning his gaze back to Phoebe, who was staring back at him warily. "Yes, I am, but you two just may be my way out," Roget yelled, running towards Phoebe and jumping into her body, possessing her completely. Immediately, Phoebe's eyes went dim and did not show the spark of life they normally did, instead they seemed different, changed by the evil of Roget. "Ah, ah, I wouldn't do that if I were you." Roget said in Phoebe's body, taking over her body entirely as he backed away from Cole, moving closer to the balcony wall that overhung the club. "If you take any further steps, I'll throw myself off of this balcony and kill her."

Cole stayed where he was, a look of hesitation on his face. "Unless what?" He questioned, wanting to know what he would have to do to protect Phoebe—he would do anything, even if he had to do something that he normally wouldn't.

"You take me out of here with that teleportation thing you did," Roget answered through Phoebe's lips. "Yes, I saw," Roget smirked, noticing Cole's surprised expression. "I watched you leave yesterday and enter today."

"Deal, I get you out while you let Phoebe go," Cole nodded, agreeing to it, knowing that everything was going as he wanted it to—he would get Roget out, the souls would move on, and Phoebe would be safe; how Roget would be leaving would be different than the count anticipated, however. "I'll need your hand for it to work, though." Cole said, reaching out, hoping Roget would fall for the trap that he had laid.

Tentatively, Roget reached out to Cole through Phoebe, grabbing the ex-demon's hand and placing it in his own. "No tricks," Roget warned, believing he was still in control of the situation.

"No tricks," Cole smiled easily, before quickly putting his other hand on Phoebe's forehead, surprising Roget with his swiftness. Immediately, Roget's soul was thrown out of Phoebe's body, freeing the witch from the possession that she had experienced.

Roget's eyes went wide when he realized what had happened, that he was back on his own, without any leverage for his escape. "How did you do that?" Roget gasped, returning to his feet, his gaze locked firmly on Cole.

"Good question," Phoebe whispered shakily, looking over to Cole, curious as to how he was able to do what he did. She had never seen someone eject a soul from a body before, and she doubted it was a very common power.

"I'm giving you one chance," Cole started, looking directly at Roget, anger clearly in his eyes. "Give up your evil ways and allow these people to move on, and I promise that I will help you. If not, I will forcibly remove you from this time loop myself and send you wherever fate has in store for you."

"I'm going nowhere except out of this place," Roget barked, intending on possessing Cole this time, realizing that he should have done that originally. He knew that Cole cared for Phoebe, having seen him protect her the day before, which was why he decided to possess Phoebe, instead of Cole, but now, realizing that Cole was a lot more powerful than he originally thought, he saw the folly of his decision.

"So be it," Cole nodded, before jumping towards Roget and throwing his right fist into Roget's stomach. Roget's eyes went wide, as he began to convulse; his soul screamed out in pain as it got smaller and smaller, contract in size until, with one final scream, Roget was gone and there was simply a ball of white energy that was being held by Cole.

Silently, Phoebe took two steps towards Cole, reaching out at the crystal ball-like sphere in the man's hands and tenderly running a finger over it. "What did you just do?"

"Soul projection," Cole said, allowing Phoebe to hold the ball. "You compact a soul and trap it so it can't escape. I don't like using this power; it makes me feel awful afterwards."

Phoebe nodded, before handing the ball back to Cole, who held it tightly in his left hand. "Thank you for saving me," Phoebe said, hoping to make Cole smile, seeing that he was still shaken up by using the power.

"You're welcome," Cole nodded, reaching his free hand out towards her to hold. "This should do it, let's go finish this off." Phoebe took his hand, before they both sparkled out, arriving back in Cole's home in Seattle. "I have to go for a second, but where I'm going, you can't come."

"I understand," Phoebe nodded knowingly, assuming he was going to a plane that mortals were not allowed, similar to the heavens. She didn't know if it was against the rules or if she was physically unable to go, but regardless, she didn't mind, as Cole saving was her still fresh in her mind. "I'll wait here for you."

"Thanks," Cole nodded, before disappearing in a flurry of wispy grey orbs. Looking around, she took a seat on the futon in the corner, not knowing when Cole would return. Fortunately, he reappeared a minute or two later, free of Roget's soul. "I usually bring them to Limbo, and allow them to be reincarnated, since the reincarnation wheel dictates where they'll go, there is some equity in that. This time, however, I brought him to the Ghostly Plane, and allowed fate itself to decide whether he is reincarnated or sent to a much hotter place, if you know what I mean."

"I do," Phoebe replied with a slight nod, understanding the reference. "So are they all safe now? I mean the other souls…" She questioned, wondering if they were done, whether they were successful.

"Let's go see," Cole said, touching her arm and sparkling them out once more.

They arrived back in the cabaret almost instantly, and immediately noticed that nothing had changed. There were still plenty of souls that had yet to move on, all still watching the show and having what appeared to be a good time. "So it wasn't the demon, nor the bad soul or ghoul keeping them here." Cole sighed disappointedly, his brows furrowed as he tried to think of what else to do. "If they can be saved at all, we better hope we can talk them into accepting their death before they experience the fire, because this very well may be the last time loop they experience since Roget is gone."

"Can I try?" Phoebe asked, looking up at him, hoping that he would allow her the opportunity to come up with a solution.

"Sure," Cole nodded, knowing that Phoebe was much better at giving advice and talking to people than he was. After all, she had made a career out of doing it via her "Ask Phoebe" column, while he made most people dislike him due to his gruff and matter of fact nature.

"Hello, everyone," Phoebe said, jumping up onto the stage and interrupting the show. The piano player quickly stopped, looking at Phoebe confusedly as she stared out at the crowd. "I have something to tell you, and it's not something that you will like, but trust me, I am here to help you." When she got everyone's attention, she continued, finding her voice grow more and more confident with each passing word. "Something terrible is going to happen, something awful that will harm you all. There will be a fire, one that cannot be changed or halted or stopped. It will happen, and unfortunately, you will all perish in the blaze, but you will all move on. Please, take this time to prepare yourself for it, so when the flames do take you to the next world, you can go there content and fulfilled, and most of all, happy. If you accept it, you will not feel any pain or agony or anything else, I promise you."

Cole listened to what Phoebe said, and when she was finished, he walked up onto the stage with her to see if it would be successful. "If that doesn't work, I'm not sure these souls can be saved," Cole admitted, watching as the patrons of the cabaret continued to go about their business, as if Phoebe hadn't mentioned their impending death. "Thank you for helping me."

They watched as many of the patrons continued their merriment, until, one by one, some of them started to wisp away, disappearing from the cabaret. "What is happening to them?" Phoebe inquired curiously, her eyes flicking over to Cole, wondering if he would have an answer for her.

"They're accepting their fate, admitted to themselves that they will die, and they've moved on." Cole answered, happy that the souls were moving on and he was successful in his mission, even if not all of them were saved. He saw the bigger picture, unlike many other people—any soul saved is a successful day. "Since they're already dead, it's not the act of physically dying that pushes them to the next world, but just their acceptance of death."

"Why are they so quick to accept it, though?" Phoebe asked, somewhat confusedly, realizing how she probably sounded like a lunatic to many of them with her mindless ramblings about a fire.

"They have a sense of deja vu, I would imagine, and many of them probably inwardly thought something weird has been going on, but couldn't remember it enough to speak out about it," Cole shrugged, not complaining if it was easier than many would envision it to be.

Eventually, the fire began to erupt, and only a few souls were still in the cabaret, many of them having accepted their fate the moment the flames appeared. "Why us?" One soul cried out, not understanding why they were the ones to die, why they had to experience death.

"I will protect you, I promise, I just need you to accept what is happening to you!" Cole called back as he watched the man nodded, closed his eyes, and after a moment of thought, wisped away. Hearing and seeing the conversation between Cole and the other patron take place over the roar of the fire, the remaining souls also did as Cole said, and within five minutes, Cole and Phoebe were alone in the burning club. "Let's go," Cole ordered, grabbing Phoebe and sparkling them both out of there before they too were injured by the fire.

"Did we do it?" Phoebe questioned, arriving outside of the manor, hoping there wasn't anything else they had to do to save the souls.

"Yes," Cole nodded in the affirmative, giving her a small smile. "All of the souls have been found and helped. That was much quicker than it would have been with just me alone, if I even would have been able to save them by myself. You were tremendous, thank you."

"We always did make a good team," Phoebe agreed with a smile as well, knowing that the pair complemented each other nicely, no matter the situation. "Thank you for showing me what you do."

"Thank you for helping," Cole nodded again, feeling the awkwardness mounting. He had no idea how to say goodbye, what to say, not wanting to cross a line that would make her feel uncomfortable.

"Don't be a stranger, Cole," Phoebe said, wanting him to know that if he needed help with a charge, he could come to her, that she would be willing to listen to his problems.

"I'll try not to," Cole nodded with a grin, happy that she would allow him to be him and not spy on him in an effort to ascertain whether or not he was evil. "Maybe I'll stop by in a few weeks, you know, to say hi."

"I'll be sure to answer and say hello back," Phoebe replied with a nod, not wanting to make the situation anymore awkward than it already was.

"I guess I'll be seeing you then." He smiled and gave her a small wave, before disappearing in a sparkling of grey orbs, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

"Good bye, Cole," Phoebe whispered, staring at the spot that Cole had stood just moments before. She pulled her sweater closer to her body and bit her lip, as her gaze moved up to the stars, wondering just where Cole had gone, where his life would lead him next. Sighing, she weighed what she knew about him, before turning and entering the manor, closing the door behind her with a soft click. "You were right, Piper," Phoebe said, walking further into the manor, admitting something to herself that she never thought she would ever do again. Piper looked at her sister expectantly, wondering what she was right about. "He is not evil."

The next week found Cole standing in front of his classroom once more, starting his lecture about warlocks and low-level demons. Unlike the previous two lectures, no Halliwell ever came, which made him both happy and sad at the same time, having grown accustomed to seeing one of them in the back. Shaking his head, he looked at his class of teenagers and gave them a smile, knowing that the day's lecture would probably hit home a bit to them and not wanting them to feel bad about it. "I trust you all had a good weekend," Cole grinned, taking off his coat and placing it around the chair behind his desk. "Should we go ahead with our planned lecture or do you want to change things up?"

"Go ahead with it," A female witch said, knowing why Cole was hesitant. She knew that learning about evil witches would probably be hard for her, having had a cousin that gave himself over to evil, but it was something that she wanted to know in order to better protect herself.

Cole ran his gaze over the class, and nodded, seeing they were all in agreement. "Warlocks," He started earnestly, deciding to dive right into the heart of the matter. "Are evil witches that break their wiccan rede and become demonic through their actions. They become entirely devoted to evil."

"So they have evil impulses from that point forward?" A boy questioned in the center of the class, his blond hair long and curly. "They're changed?"

"Yes," Cole nodded in the affirmative, knowing that warlocks were more prone to evil than their human counterparts. "When a witch kills another witch or gives themselves over to evil, their powers change and warp. They suddenly are able to blink when they become powerful enough, I mean when their inner pool of magical energy grows strong enough to blink, and perhaps their most notable quality, they are able to absorb the magical abilities of another when they kill the other being with an athame. It is not the athame itself that allows this, though there are charmed athames that allow such a thing, but it is instead the warlock him or herself that is able to do it. As such, the warlock needs to be in close proximity of the dead being at the precise moment his or her magic flits out and the soul moves on."

"Further, the most drastic change perhaps, is the fact that the witch sheds their mortality, and becomes immortal like demons: eternal, untarnished by age, unblemished by disease, unable to die by any natural cause." Cole continued, wanting to move through the content as quickly and thoroughly as possible. "That evil then twists them, and whatever children they do have, will be marked by it, therefore more likely to be evil, and show it in the ability to transform into a more monstrous appearance that enhances their powers. The older the warlock line, the more evil they become and the more monstrous their appearances are, until, eventually, the line is very hard to distinguish from demons themselves. They literally become demons in all but name."

"So they're not human any more?" A female shivered, a big disgusted at the idea of a warlock transforming into a demon-like being and leaving behind their humanity. It was something that she did not understand, could not understand, why anyone would willingly let that happen to them—it was unnatural in her opinion.

"That is sort of correct," Cole nodded, biting his lip, thinking about how he would better explain it. "They do not bleed as normal humans would, but they're not entirely demonic yet. It takes generations for that process to happen—they're far from normal human, though, don't misconstrue that."

A hand suddenly went up in the back of the room, and Cole pointed to the student, allowing him to speak. "What is blinking?" He questioned with a cocked eyebrow, going back to something Cole had previous said.

"It's the ability to teleport in the blink of an eye that is customary for warlocks," Cole answered quickly, the information on the tip of his tongue as he had planned to lecture on the power long before the question came up. "Originally a witch power that has since become almost exclusive to warlocks, blinking is the ability to appear or disappear in the blink of an eye. It is with little sound and without any other visible effect, allowing the warlock to sneak up at anytime without a person being the wiser of it. Instead, the being just appears, as if he or she had always been there, had always been present. Being one the fastest teleportation methods, if not the fastest, it is quite useful when used in battle, allowing the being to quickly evade attacks and promptly return counterattacks without forewarning. We'll go into a bit more detail later on in the year, when I inform you on some of the more common powers that demons possess."

The students all nodded as they took notes, a brief quiet overcoming the classroom as if the students' curiousity had been quenched. Then, as swiftly as the silence came, it ended with a question from a girl in the corner. "You say that warlocks shed their mortality, but the implication there is that dark or evil witches are still very much mortal, am I right?"

"Correct," Cole agreed, impressed with the teenager's astuteness. "Dark witches, while they can live a tad longer than good witches, still age like a normal human would. Dark witches are few and far between however, as many witches decide to be good after the mythical window of opportunity passes."

There was a shiver throughout the classroom, as if memories of the mythical window all flooded their minds at the same time. "The window, when will it specifically happen for us?"

"For some it maybe already has," Cole whispered, as the students all looked at one another confusedly. "It depends entirely on the person."

"But generally?" The boy that asked the original question prodded.

"It depends on when your powers came to you, how old you are, how powerful you are, what your destiny has in store, a lot of different factors," Cole lectured softly, seeing the stir the topic was causing. "I would suggest a few weeks after you graduate, though, if I was speaking in generalities. When you're 18 or 19, and starting your life out as a young adult, is when it usually happens, if you have had your powers since you were a child. That's what happens for ninety percent of witches."

"And if a witch chooses evil, they then become a dark witch?" A student reiterated, wanting to make sure he understood the difference.

"That is correct." Cole nodded in agreement. "They are evil, but not as evil as warlocks—or rather, not as irredeemable as warlocks to be more precise. They can still feel love and compassion, and they're still very much mortal and age as such, they just use their powers selfishly. Since they did not take the rede into their heart and come under the dominion of the Elders, they are exempt from the personal gain rule, which prevents good witches from using their powers in a personal manner. Dark witches are not out for other witches powers, but simply just out for themselves, unlike warlocks, who cross that line and kill witches for their magic."

"You mentioned witch practitioners last week, can you explain them more?" Tag, a boy that had asked Cole a question at the end of the previous class questioned, wanting to go into more depth about the difference between witches and witch practitioners.

"They are wiccans that have no natural active or passive powers," Cole started with a shrug, knowing that it wasn't a very detailed topic. "They are simply attuned to the magical world and have the witch gene inside of them which allows them to tap into the magic of the Earth itself to perform some spells. They, however, have no active powers or pool of magic inside of themselves, unlike magical witches like all of you."

"Can they brew spells?" Tag asked once more.

"The more knowledgeable ones, yes," Cole agreed, knowing that witch practitioners brewing potions was not unheard of in the magical community. "They can even scry under the right circumstances."

"Magic of the Earth itself?" A girl laughed, believing it to be preposterous. Then, seeing Cole's serious expression, she paused and furrowed her brows. "The Earth is magical?"

"Very much so, there are pockets of magical energy all around the Earth." Cole answered as a rueful smile took shape on his face, instinctively remembering his evil days when he attempted to win back Phoebe through the shadow inside the nexus under the Halliwell manor. It wasn't one of his proudest moments, but regardless, it was part of his past and something he would not forget. "Like a nexus, a direct mystical hotspot of elemental energy that is found within a pentagram of all of the five elements—earth, wood, fire, water, and metal—which is capable of being tapped into in order to enhance magical powers, whether good or evil."

Cole allowed the students to talk amongst themselves for a few minutes as he took a drink from his water bottle, quenching his thirst. Eventually, they all settled down, and one student raised his hand, seemingly having a question that many of the other students wanted to be answered. "Why do warlocks want witch powers? Why don't they kill demons for their powers?"

"Because that's illegal in the Underworld, punishable by death," Cole chided, having witnessed numerous warlocks perish for vanquishing a demon for their powers. It was why the great warlock Devlin's plan to take over the Underworld was so risky a few years prior, as Devlin and his faction risked death simply by accumulating the necessary demonic powers that were needed in order to ascend to the throne. "But additionally, they're more used to witch powers than they are demon powers, making those powers much easier for them to use and quicker to master."

"Aren't they the same?" A voice questioned curiously, confused by what Cole meant by that.

"No," Cole shook his head in the negative, unsurprised that they were confused by the topic. Not many people in the magical world understood that powers and abilities were different, making some more special and important than others. "Powers are different, even if they're the same kind of power."

"Huh?" Many of the students said, entirely confused by the statmenet.

Cole bit his lip, looking down at the floor, trying to think of a way to better explain it. "Does anyone here have the power of telekinesis?" Cole asked, looking around at the class, searching for someone that was gifted with the power. "When I was looking at the class roster, I didn't check any of your powers because I feel you all deserve to learn as much as you can, regardless of your level of power or the abilities that you possess."

"I do, Mr. Turner," A girl named Sara said, shooting her hand into the air.

"Good," Cole smiled, picking up his bag and placing it on top of his desk. "You see this bag? I want you to move it with your mind. Lift it up a few feet and then put it back down."

"Okay…" Sara nodded tentatively, not really knowing where this was going. She lifted her hands up as the bag rose into the air and hovered a few feet above the desk, hovering in midair for a few moments.

"Ah, ah, right there, do you see it? Do you see what she's doing? She's channeling her power through her hands." Cole lectured, watching as the bag was gently placed back down on the desk. "Did you always channel your powers through your hands?"

"No," Sara shook her head in the negative, recalling how she used to only be able to use her powers by using her eyes. "When I was little, I could only perform my powers by looking at the object I wanted to move. I'm still only learning to channel it through my hands."

"But you feel your powers growing, right?" Cole prodded, hoping she would say that she did feel her powers growing. He was using her as an example to show the difference between demonic magic and the magic possessed by human witches, how incongruent one was with the other.

"Yes," She whispered, inwardly wondering how he knew that.

"Exactly," Cole grinned with an air of triumph around him. "The witch, or good magic rather, power of telekinesis is first channeled through the eyes and then as it grows in strength, the user can channel it through his or her hands. The demonic power of telekinesis meanwhile is first channeled through the hands and then as it grows in strength, the user can channel it through the eyes. So even though the powers are the same in nature, in practice they're actually quite different."

Just then, the bell rang, signaling the end of the class for the day. "Well, that's all, next week we'll be learning about low-level demons and then move on to darklighters. Have a great weekend!" Cole called out over the bustling of the students, before turning and gathering his things up to leave. Once his bag was packed, he tossed it over his shoulder and began walking to the door, where he turned off the lights of the class and exited into the hall, a happy smile on his face, knowing that he was living his life without any baggage for the first time since he was born. As he made his way down the hall, he gave a great sigh of relief as he realized that his future was his own to decide, to do whatever he wanted with it. He was finally free.

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