Well, not so much of a prologue, more of an explanation. So, hello my readers~ (If there are any of you reading this XD) its Wing speaking (Well dur) and, in my bored state I decided to write a Baten Kaitos fanfiction because I really like this game (Though I'm only a little bit into it XD) and thought it would be fun; which it hopefully will be. I have only played Baten Kaitos, nothing else in the series. And I don't know the full name or if the name really is just Baten Kaitos, so boohoo.

So anyways; this will have two fancharacters in it. We have Leer, who is the guardian spirit; but because they don't specify what the spirit actually looks like so she has a human form in it. She is mostly only visible to Kalas and of course the reader. To give you a basic description; Leer has green hair, a pair of awesome looking pilot goggles, and a black and white color scheme, other than her hair and goggles. She wears a frilly white button up shirt and a skin tight skirt that tightens mostly around the waist and has two straps going over her shoulders to hold it in place should it ever come undone. (Though she'll probably try and as Xhela for help first before going to Kalas.) Leer is a little crazy, but she makes stuff fun!

Then, my second character won't appear until later in the game and the title actually comes from her; but I won't add in a description to keep it a surprise! So, I hope you enjoy! I don't take credit for the Baten Kaitos series or the plot line (Which I will be using because I'm not creative enough to make up one of my own) nor any of the real characters; Leer and the unnamed thief are mine though!

I hope you enjoy the story! Thats all I gotta say~ Peace out suckers!

~From Wing