Chapter 1: I have to what?

Reminder: I do not own sekirei or its characters. I will change it up sort up it is a Fan Fiction. I will have OC characters as side.

Kaa-san?" Said Minato. Minato was an ordinary boy. He was wearing a blue jacket, Plain T-shirt, and blue jeans with white sneakers. "Are you there?" He spoke.

"Yes I'm here." His mom Takami said through the cell phone. "Did you past the Exams?"

"No, I didn't" He replied coolly. "Gomen."

"Aish! Why didn't you pass it? This is the second time!" He mom yelled. "You were doing a very fine job in High school but what happened?" she sighed. "I thought you were smart…"

"Kaa-san…Gomen…I'll try harder next time."

"Next time…Really next time?"

"I already said sorry."

"I'm cutting half of your allowance." She announced.

"But!" he interrupted her.

"If you want more money go get a job!" She yelled and hung up on him.

"I already said I'm sorry, damn she has anger issues." He mumbled.

"What happened?" asked Minaka. Minato's so called dad.

"He failed." Takami paused for a second. "Again."

"Ah! I thought he was supposed to be very smart like his mother and father!" Minaka bragged.

"You do know that you get on my nerves really easily." She pointed out. "It's like a talent."

"Takami-kunn! You're so mean!" Minaka whined.

"And that bothers me why?"

"I thought we were family!"


Takami wacked Minaka in the head. "What family?" she spoke. "I recall being a single mom."

"That hurts Takami-kun." Minaka said. "I think I know what to do with Minato-kun now."

"If it relates to the sekirei plan do not bring him in it!" Takami yelled.

"But what if he does? What if a sekirei reacts to him? You never know the future!" Minaka pointed out.

"You piss me off at times…"

"So mean…"

Sahashi Minato was walking down the streets until he met a bandage up girl with silver hair at the game store. "That's a girl right?" He mumbled. He was walking towards the game shop to buy Naruto clash of ninjas 2. "Naruto! Here I come!" Minato rant o the shop and saw the last copy. "The last one!" He grabbed it but as he grabbed it a stranger grabbed it too.

"Get your own!" They growled. "It's mine!" The Minato knew they was a girl because she was wearing a black Kimono and Bandages around the body covering her lady parts.

"Excuse me?" Minato said. "I had my hands on it first!"

"Yeah right!" She shouted back.

"Oh yeah? Prove it!" He shouted back.

"Let's fight then!"

"I don't hit girls it's not right." He spoke softly. "It's not right…Real men don't do that"

"Thump…Thump…Thump…What's happening to me? Why do I feel like this? Thump. Thump. Thump. Am I reacting to him?" the girl thought. "You're my ashikabi."

"Ashikabi?" as soon as he said that he felt a pair of lips brushed against his. "MM!" Minato was surprised that he was kissed? Number 1 because he never thought a girl would ever kiss him and number 2 he thought that he would never get his first kiss. As they parted they stared at each other for a few minutes.

"Number 104, Hahihane, is now your sekirei. Let me be with you now and forever!" Hahihane said. "My ashikabi-kun!" she winked.

"Everyone's staring…At us…" Minato said.

"Don't worry, I bet their jealous. Ku, ku, ku." She laughed.

"But I have a few questions…" he paused. "About this sekirei…" he paused again. "And about you…"

"I'll answer it later…We have to go meet your future sekireis!" She said. "Let's go!" she pulled him.

"Wait!" He said. "I have two things to say!"

"What is it?"

"You have soft hands…" he commented.


"And second! We need to buy the Naruto game!"


Time skip

The two arrived at the MBI room. As Minato stepped he saw a silver haired girl messing with a Katana and he saw a pink haired girl messing with her breasts. "I'm winged!" Hahihane shouted.

"What?" shouted Benitsubasa, the pink haired girl. She wears a kimono-like shirt with one sleeve missing, and pink hair in a side ponytail with two daisy clips. She has small breasts that haven't grown by a single millimeter and is an A cup. "You got winged by that kid?"

"Yup! You jealous!" she shouted.


"You finally got winged huh? Guess it's my turn to speak to him." Said the Black sekirei. Karasuba wears a uniform all female members of the first generation Disciplinary Squad were equipped with. A tight black leather top, a miniskirt and stockings, over the shoulders wearing a grey haori with the Sekirei Crest printed on it. She has long light gray hair tied in a ponytail and gray narrow eyes. She is usually seen with bags under her eyes, giving her an exhausted look. "Hey boy…" she said. She got up and walked towards him. "I'm letting you decide. You want to be alive or to be dead?"

"Wait a minute he's my ashikabi already!" yelled Hahihane.

"No matter." Replied Karasuba. "Tell me which one do you prefer? The right? The die decision. Do you die for your love ones? Or the left? To run away and cling to stupid human life?"

"I…I…I choose the right!" Minato said. "I choose to die for my loved ones. Men who run away aren't real men!" he yelled. "I never back down! Not even death! I will never back down from anything!"

"Heh, you sure have big talk for a human." He said with a big grin. "I'll allow you to be my ashikabi, since no human has ever said that to me. You're a brave human."

"But I got 1 question!"

"Later…" she said. She brushed her lips against his and a pair of wings lite up.

"Number 04, Karasuba. Is now your sekirei. We will be together starting now and forever."

"Now and forever…" said Minato.

"Wait a minute! I'm supposed to be winged by him?" yelled Benitsubasa.

"Yeah…He is the Disciplinary Squad ashikabi." Said Hahihane.

"You know, you can if you want to. I don't like to force people that much…It's really up to you…" Minato spoke.

"Thump. Thump. Thump. Am I reacting to him? I feel so warm…Yes he is my ashikabi." Benitsubasa thought. She got up and went toward Minato. "I like you. I know pronounce you as my ashikabi." She brushed her lips into his and slid a tongue into his mouth.

"MM!" he moaned.

"Are they French kissing?" asked Hahihane.

"Guess so…" Karasuba said. "This Benitsubasa…"

"Number 105 Benitsubasa, is now your sekirei. We will be together forever and ever."

"Wait a minute before we do anything else what is an ashikabi and a Sekirei?" shouted Minato. "And why am I at the MBI tower!"

"Ah that here let me explain since I'm good at explaining…" said Karasuba. "A Sekirei are extraterrestrial super-powered beings with genetic code similar to humans. An ashikabi are human that are destined to be with them for a lifetime." She explained. "Sekirei Plan previously called S-Plan, was to protect the "sleeping birds" safe from the attacking international army attacking Kamikura Island. But now it turned into a dangerous and sometimes deadly competition developed by Minaka Hiroto the CEO of MBI."

"Damn…She good…" said Hahihane.

"Agreed." Agreed Minato and Benitsubasa.

"Anyways. You are responsible of the Sekirei plan."


"You are the ashikabi of the Disciplinary Squad. You are the Clerk in MBI's pharmaceutical department. The one responsible for us…You now participate in the Sekirei plan."

"That means I have to what?"

"You have to make sure sekireis have to participate in the plan…If they don't you kill them simple."

"I have to kill people?!" Minato shouted. "Kill…"