Jack walked into the infirmary, with a loopy grin and one hand hidden behind his back.

Sam examined her husband through narrowed eyes, a faint smile on her face. "Is that blue jello?"

He presented the confection to her with a flourish. "I think after sixteen hours of labor, you've earned it."

He set it on the tray next to her bed and reached for the small bundle she held tightly to her chest. She handed him his newborn daughter, and he took her carefully into his arms. He smiled down at her, entranced.

Sam picked up the jello and took a bite. "Has my father decided to forgive you, yet?" she asked between spoonfuls.

"No," Jack sighed. "But at least he's agreed to stop hitting me. I think I may have this little one to thank for that." The baby stirred and reached out with a tiny fist to grab Jack's pinky finger.

Sam smiled at the awe she saw in her husband's face. "Yeah, he's pretty taken with her."

"He's not the only one." Jack finally tore his gaze away from his daughter and looked up at Sam. "So, any decisions on a name?"

Sam let the spoon rest on her bottom lip for a moment. "I've been thinking….How about Eva?"

"Eva? As in…"

"Yes, as in the English derivation of Aoife." At Jack's puzzled look, she sat up a bit straighter preparing to make her argument. "If you think about it, she pretty much sacrificed herself for us, Jack, and for her." Sam indicated their daughter. "Plus, Daniel tells me that the name means 'beautiful, radiant, and strong.' And according to Irish folklore, the original Aoife was apparently one hell of a warrior."

"Sounds just like her mother," he responded immediately. He leaned over and kissed his wife tenderly.

Jack looked down at his daughter, his heart brimming with joy. "It's perfect," he said. "Eva it is, then." And with that he placed a kiss on top of her downy head.

The End

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The Morrigan really does make an appearance in the Season 5 episodes Summit and Last Stand, so check it out if you get the chance. What I didn't know until about half way through this story is that there is a whole background on her in the Stargate Wiki, including a reference to Dagda! It tracks fairly closely with what is here, and since this is AU I'm just going to chalk any discrepancies up to that.

I made up the name of the planet Cian, but if you want to give it an Irish pronunciation, it would be "KEE-ann." Aoife is actually a popular Irish name and is pronounced "EE-fa," hence the similarity to Eva. (Or at least so I'm told be the ever reliable internet.)

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