I open my eyes and I smile.

There is a camera pointing at my face, as well as very bright lights.

I'm sitting in a red chairs, beside a blonde haired woman. She has blue eyes like mine, but hers are not showing any emotion, they're cold. She smiled at the viewers, the ones who are watching my interview in their homes, and the ones that are sitting in front of us.

They all want to know the same thing, why did I choose to fall in love with her?

Why did I fall in love with someone who wasn't famous? Why did I pick someone so ordinary when I could have anyone I wanted?

I'm at the top of my career. Every girl dreams of me, every guy wants to be me. Every director wants me in their movies and every paparazzi want to know my life.

I'm here to tell them my story.

Our Story, Of how I met her, Of how I fell in love with her, Of how for what seems like nothing I was happy, on how everything suddenly ended and now I was roaming through life trying not to think of her when the whole world want to know about us.

I glance at my manager with the corner of the eye. He's looking at a TV, looking at the interview and then he looks directly at me and flashes me a smile. I look back at the crowd and offer them a half a smile sending at least 30 teen age girl screaming their hearts out.

It all seems so empty without her.

"We're live in three, two, one" Says the camera man and the intro music is cue on the set as the audience is settles down.

"Hi and good morning Japan" Says the woman beside me, her smile larger than ever, as she looks into the camera. "We are here today with the very famous, very talented, very sexy Naruto Uzumaki"

The crowd explodes with applauses and I wave at them with a smile. "Hello Yuki" I smile at the host before turning to the crowd once again.

"Well Naruto. There has been some rumors that you dated a woman whose life doesn't resemble yours. Is that true?" The woman asked, right to the point, her question makes me slightly flinch.

"That's right" I answered after a moment of silence.

"So I invited you today so you can tell us all about it" She says to me before turning to the camera. "Because everyone wants to know, how did Naruto Uzumaki fell in love?"

I chuckled slightly and pushed back the sleeve of my dark blue button up shirt.

"Let's start with the basic, what's her name?" She asked.

I smile and breathe in deep. "Her name is Hinata Hyuga"

"Hinata" She repeats her name while looking down at some cards that she has on her hand. Suddenly she looks behind her and I follow her gaze. There is a large TV behind us with the name of the show when it suddenly changes into a picture of me and her, from afar, holding hands and smiling.

"Is this her?" She asked.

"Yes that's her" I answered.

"She's pretty" She says, but I can sense in her voice that's she not being sincere, I can almost hear her thinking that she's pretty but not beautiful and just the thought of her thinking that, makes me angry, because Hinata was beautiful, she was the most amazing girl I have met in my life and people like Yuki made her think otherwise.

"So tell us Naruto, how did you meet Hinata?"

This question takes me by surprise, it shouldn't have but it did. Instead of answering quickly and smiling at the camera, I look down at my hands. I slowly blink until I am at that day when I met her.