So here's my first Journey story ever. I've written for Percy Jackson, mostly, so check those out as well. This is my option of journey in my mind; my version of Journey to the Mysterious Island because for some reason, other than the face she loves her father, I didn't really like Vanessa's character in this movie. I don't know why, so don't ask.

What you, the readers, need to know before reading this:

My O.C: Daniela (Danny) Delarosa

The whole alternate story will be told so I'm not going to be redundant and state it here, okay?

Time where we start:

Hank and Sean's mom in the kitchen (You know.)

"…A man that was never there for him." Sean's mother replied to Hank. Hank for a moment understood but another thought popped into his mind. "But when I asked Sean, he said it was bigger than his grandfather." Realization struck Sean's mom like a bullet. She knew and understood what Sean and Hank meant. She knew her son would go to dramastic measures. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish does.

"I think Sean's trying to find someone else." She started, feeling sad herself, "A-a girlfriend," Hank's only physical change was his face. His eyebrows furrowed and his lips turned into a deeper frown. "Sean has a girlfriend? And she's missing? How? Why?"

She could only nod yet feel guilty that she was telling Hank Sean's business. However he did have the right to know. "You never met her. When we got married she was missing for a couple months. Sean told me to never speak about her and he did the same but I see him always thinking about her. She went missing when she – alone – took a trip to the Philippines. Some officers say she took a plane ride around the ocean and a terrible storm began to form. The pilot made it to shore but she was missing. And when we found out – "

"Sean was devastated and has been searching endless for her." Hank concluded. Another pair of questions ran by him and again he asked, "So, how'd they meet? How long have they've been dating?"

"They grew up together, you could say. Daniela Delarosa was her name. And what a brilliant, wonderful-spirited girl, although she was stubborn to Sean at times. So well-mannered and yet she had this great sense of adventure Sean has. Her father worked with Max and went missing the same time as Max did; at the center of the earth, as well." Unknown to them, Sean was at the top of the staircase, listening to everything his mom had to say about his girlfriend.

He wanted to leave and go back to his room but he couldn't. He wanted to hear all about Danny. Although it made his heart feel empty, it also made him feel soft warmth inside his chest. He heard his mom sigh and was shaken into this world once more.

"Daniela used to live next door to us while Sean was growing up. She would some over to our house everyday and vice versa. Then they began dating at the age of 13. They've been dating for three years before she went missing but four years this past week."

"That's why he's been a bad mood all this week?" Hank asked with enthusiastic curiosity. Sean's mom nodded feeling an aching in her chest probably from the conversation about Danny. She, too, missed Danny and felt as if she were her own daughter.

Sean couldn't hear anything else. He felt his emptiness at the mention of Danny so he shut his door behind him quietly and sat on his chair. He stared at the words he wrote down at the satellite facility. This was his only clue to find his grandfather, fulfill his father's wishes and to find his girlfriend. Sean opened a personal journal he started writing after Danny went missing.

Sean took a pen and started writing.

Danny, I know I can't actually write to you but if I could I'd come and get you. I miss you. One way or another I will see you again. You know what trouble I am without you and my mom's noticed. I bet you've changed a bit. Physically I mean, because personality-wise you are as perfect as you are.

I found out the place where the mysterious island is. It's in Palau and I hope you're there and not actually…lost.

I miss you, again and I will find you. That's for sure.

A knock interrupted Sean's writing. He turned around and saw Hank at the door holding up something. "Look at what I've got." He held up a passport with plane tickets.

"I'm going to Palau?" Sean asked almost jumping for joy. "No, we're going to Palau." Hank said, showing Sean the second passport behind the other. Sean's smiled slowly dropped, "What?"

I was going to make it longer but I had no time. I can update tomorrow. I hope people read this because it seems to me that this achieve is mostly empty. Anyway, thanks if you read.