Summary: Sometimes people forget about Chrome. Drabble.

A/N: I hate it when people forget about Chrome…what should have happened during episode 155.

Men Doing Manly Things

The two girls had just been told that they had to leave first, while Tsuna and the others took care of some things. This always happened, and Haru and Kyoko were getting tired of it.

"How could you say that? Haru is very unhappy about this!" Haru cried.

"We want to help out too!" Kyoko protested.

"That's right! We can't go without you guys!" Haru clenched her fist tight and closed her eyes, shaking her head for emphasis.

"Um, thanks.Y –you know, I appreciate the thought, but…but you shouldn't be here," Tsuna said nervously, guilt weighing down on him.

"And why is that?" Haru asked, eyes hopeful.

"Well, uh…because..umm…," Tsuna started to panic. We can't tell the girls yet…

Just then, Ryohei stepped up. "Because the men have manly business to take care of. So-"

He was interrupted by slight coughing. All eyes turned to a certain pineapple haired illusionist, a slight blush forming on her face. Haru 'ahemed', crossing her arms.

"And just what part of Chrome-chan is 'manly'?!" she asked, giving the boxer a death glare.

Tsuna sighed in defeat as he watched his onii-san flush and begin yelling things. How are we gonna get out of this one?