Chapter 4

The room dimmed, although asleep Chase had a nightmare that made him shook back and forth.

A storm raged creating huge waves that clashed against the boat. Chase soaked shifted through the terrified passengers, where can she be? Not again! His shoulder bumped through the endless crowd of passengers. Until a horrifying screamed shattered his ears, he pushed harder through the crowd to see Bella being lifted by a large water tentacle. He ran towards her the tentacle gripping her tightly, she reached for him… terror filled her whole face. Slipping on a block of ice, he crawled towards her "Chase!" her screamed echoed in his mind. "Bella!" the tentacle wiped her straight down into the water.

Hours later…

Grabbing the mug of coffee, Chase sat down at the couch and turned on the stereo. The radio broadcast said that the waves today are great for surfing. Looking for himself he agreed, but he didn't feel like surfing without Bella. He chuckled he rarely got to surf with Bella either way it just wasn't the same, after finishing his coffee he ran out of the apartment. Maybe some jogging might help me out, he did need the exercise.

Stopping to catch his breath, he overheard something. "Lewis come on!" a blonde guy stormed out of the café followed by another guy. "I won't Zane!" the blonde guy was already long gone… the other guy spun and slammed his fist onto the table. "Who am I going to hire now?" he said angrily, Chase had a smile on his face hmm…

Where can Chase be? Bella wondered looking around the apartment. It's been days since she had initially tried out for the band, since then she has been their singer. And she has fun doing it but secretly she pretends she's singing to Chase. She doesn't know why but it helps her… a lot. Speaking of the band, she just got a message from them asking her to come to the café for rehearsal.

When she enters and meet up with the band she heard a familiar voice, "Hello miss." She looked up and saw Chase smiling "Chase!" he lifts a finger to his lips "Shh! I'm working." He said playfully and then continued to wipe the counter. Zane passed by him and said "No time to chat with customers Chase." He nodded "Yes Boss." Lifted the rag up to his shoulder and then laughed. "When were you going to tell me you big goofball!" she punched him playfully "I was going to surprise you and I guess I was successful" fist pumping to show he was victorious. "Bella! We're ready!" Nate called from the stage, she sighed "Time to shine pop star." She faked a laugh and then walked towards the stage.

Chase listened to Bella and was trapped in the same trance again. Her voice was like a siren drawing him in, into a new world a more magical world. It was indescribable, it had its own beauty, its own flavor, style, it was unique. Nothing could change how he "Hey! You're supposed to be working!" shaken from his thoughts he started to wipe tables. He sprayed and then wiped, this wasn't worth being yelled at by the devil for an hour but being here with Bella was worth it. But Zane was always up in his face inspecting everything like a drill sergeant. "Hey! Is this what I pay you for?" he looked at the table it was fine, "What?" he gave him that look and then wiped his finger onto the table "Does this look clean?" if he would say what he was thinking he would be fired and he can't have that "I'm sorry sir." "Yeah you better be, do a better job for your sake." After that he bumped his shoulder, this made Chase so angry but he just moved on.

The band finished and the audience clapped. In a few hours, Chase finishes his shift and so he took Bella home to the apartment. "And the guy went Boom! Boom!" Chase imitated the action star of the movie jumping into the couch. Bella walks over and throws a pillow at him "My Hero…" he chuckles and decided to pounce on her, tickling her. "Take it back!" she was very ticklish so she squirmed around the couch. "Nope!" she managed to roll away from him and started about the room with Chase behind her. He ran after Bella but accidentally slipped and crashed against the wall. Dropping with a thud Chase laid there feeling the pain hitting him; Bella gasped and instantly ran towards him. She gently lifted his head "Chase are you okay?" he winced "Yeah just a bruise." She could tell that he was lying because he looked to be in a lot of pain. "Chase you hit a wall!" tears began to fill her eyes; he was feeling not as good as he wanted to be at that moment. But he didn't want Bella to worry, he didn't like to see her sad the way she's looking at him right now. He smiles and lifts his hand to brush it against her cheek, "I'm okay Bella I promise." She nodded and helped him stand up.

Bella had him rest to make sure because his crash did look nasty. She sighed and hugged her knees worrying about him. The next few days they did their routine, drive to work, work and then go home but Chase couldn't work efficiently. So Bella kept her eyes on him, worried that he would hurt himself again. Wiping the table for a whole five minutes with his free hand, Chase inspects his work. He sees a perfectly clean table that had a shine to it "Finally you're done! But I needed that table an hour ago! Work better or you're fired!" he sighed and then Zane bumped his shoulder, he winced at the instant pain and Bella stopped singing to check on him. "You okay?" she had a great worry in her voice, "Yeah I'm fine." She bit her lip "Chase please you can't keep this up." She was right he couldn't stand Zane. He had to stand up for himself because he hated how he was treated. "Your right…" he slams the towel on the table and then walked towards Zane's office.