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"Deep… in the… meadow. Under… the willow," I could feel the tears cutting streaks down my face. "A bed of… grass... a soft green… pillow," I continued to sing through choking sobs. Right now I'm hiding in one of my favorite spots to be alone. I'm not sure exactly how I got here. When I ran from that liar of a mother I just let my feet carry me without paying much attention to where I was going. It's a hollowed out tree trunk, from here I can see everything but I'm virtually invisible.
It's in this spot that I decide that I can't put up with the lies anymore. That I decide it's time for me to learn the truth about my parents, but not from them. I look out into the woods and started to formulate a plan. Ill leave. Hop on a train and go through the districts asking about Katniss Everdeen/Mellark, and Peeta Mellark. This is also the perfect chance for me to see the rest of the country.

An hour later I'm sneaking around my house packing a bag with just enough to get me by. I make it look like I could still be coming home at dusk like I usually do. The only drastic difference is that my hidden stash of money has been emptied. I'm about to sneak back out my window when I hear my mother talking.
"She saw me! Peeta, Rue saw me in the woods with Gale-"
"Gales in town?" interrupted my father sounding a little defensive.
"Yes he's down stairs but that's not the point! She saw me in the woods hunting I didn't know it was her and I… I aimed at her. I dropped my weapons as soon as a saw it was her but she ran off before I could explain. Peeta I don't know what to do! I don't know where she is!" she's… crying… does she really feel that bad?
"Sweetheart, you know she's probably just hurt to find out the truth that way. Just as you would have been finding out someone you trust has been lying to you. Trust me that hurts. And Katniss you do know where she is. She's just like you. If you had just been hurt that way where would you go?"
"I'd probably hide in a tree somewhere until I had worked through the pain and confusion. Then worked out a plan and followed it through no matter what." That's exactly what I did! And what I am doing… but I'm nothing like my mother!
"Go" Dad whispered I know he's comforting her, protecting her as he always does no matter what the danger.
At this point I leave out my window, crying again I'm nothing like my mother! Why does everyone keep saying that? I was headed to the train station if anyone asks I'll say I'm going to visit my grandmother. If my mother hears that she would instantly call her mother but seeing as how grandma travels a lot being a doctor mom wont be able to track me properly and it will be awhile before she even finds grandma.
I get to the train station, buy my ticket, and quickly board the train. I find a seat by myself facing away from The Hob so whoever is looking for me won't see me. When someone sits down next to me I get scared for a moment that I had been found out.
I turned to look at this person with caution.
What I saw was a boy about my age who I've never seen before in town. He has dark brown hair that had a little length to it. His skin is the same tone as mine and his eyes are an emerald green.
We just looked at each other for a moment not entirely sure what to make of each other. I just decided to stare out my window and listen to music when he smirked at me.
"Hey I'm Mitch."