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Second, this is a fanfic of the book ''Fallen'' by Lauren Kate. If you don't know what book that is then idk where the fuck you've been. And yeah I instantly fell in love with a fictional character oops *cough* Cam *cough* I sometimes fall for the evil one's ok.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, except the rest of the characters (since Cam will mostly be the only one here from that book. I mean, i wanted to make his own little story yep) and any things/ideas that you might've read/seen before. (for ex. there's probably some Hush, Hush mixed up in here) so don't say I stole them, I hate taking credit im not mean guys.


It was after sunset, and people were starting to leave the ocean's icy, blue waves. There was yelling, and laughing. Some panically, as if they were actually being murdered. Then, there were some joyfully screams, as if they were playing a friendly game of tag. It was just a normal day at the beach, where people had a motel room to stay in until at least the very next day. But there were a lot of people who still stayed at night to watch the stars with their families or lovers.

The sky held a light blue color, while the rest of had a mix of some pink color, like the roses, and some orange, nothing like the actual fruit. There were only a few clouds floating right by the sun's set, but on the rest, there was nothing but clear, blue skies, and some dancing constellations starting to form.

The dark haired boy looked up to see a pair of white wings, flying across the sky. He shook his head, and looked down at the ground. He was walking across the shore, dressed in all black, which made him look exactly like a normal teenager. But also like some kind of scene, rockstar boy. Except, he wasn't.

Digging his hands deep in his pockets from the small, chilly air , he made his way out of the beach, and into some dark alleys. There had to be a cemetery around here. At least, that's what he was told. He doesn't even know this city, or anybody in it.

After walking some 4 blocks, he saw a long, black gate. He also started hearing some tree rustling, and laughing. ''No, no, no. But the boy is such a disaster. If he's willing to be on our side, then he should've learned better to keep his orders.'' He stopped, when he sensed something familiar. Smiling, he looked around. ''You still haven't learned not to eavesdrop, huh boy? Come out, come out.''

The boy stayed put, hiding behind a big tree, holding on to it's large, hard trunk. ''Why have you sent me here, Ian?'' But it didn't sound like a question at all. It sounded more like a command.

''Well don't just hide, Cam. I thought you weren't afraid of showing people your face.'' Ian chuckled. ''And trust me boy, that face a your's has it's charms. If you weren't hiding so much, girl's would see you and instantly fall in love.'' He crossed his arms over his chest.

''I…I told you, I don't want to fall in love. It's risky.'' After that terrible thing that had happened with Lilith a few lives back, he'd rather not experience that all over again. It was just vicious and deplorable to go through.

''We may be hard on ya, but we truly do think you're a great company.'' Ian put one hand in his pocket. ''And I sent you here, because I need you to do something for me. And I am guessing you already know what that is.'' That's when Cam got out of his hiding, his shadow right in the men's bodies.

''I've done everything you've asked me to already.'' He barely shouted. ''I don't know where your damn chain is at.'' He was the kind of boy to tease, or annoy someone. He was really someone evil, but he did have a soft side. Not so much on these men.

''It is not a chain.'' The man actually blew out a shout. ''It is a very valuable, and gold bracelet from the archangel that gives us a whole new power.''

''Yeah,'' The boy let out a careless laugh. ''Power for you.''

''You chose this side didn't you?'' The man challenged. ''Go on. You can go and be with them instead.'' He couldn't even say those words that were describing the good angel's. ''It's not like they treated you any better than us.'' Cam gave the man a hard look, clenching his fists. Something soft feathering in his black shirt ready to burst out. ''You don't need to do a lot to get your hands on it. Just stay here in this city, which is why I sent you here. I know it's here. In the hands of a man's daughter. He is just like us.'' Except, he was actually not evil.

''What do I need to do then.'' The boy knew he didn't want to do this. But he also knew something terrible would happen if he didn't do so. After all, he did choose this side. For better or for worst.

''Look for that girl. Go to a public high school after high school, or job after job, I don't care. But keep your eye out. If you see it on any of her little wrists, just twist her wrist, and take it. Simple as that. Oh, and uh…just stay low. Okay?'' There was suddenly more and more leaves rustling through the beautiful, dark night. But there wasn't any powerful wind. ''Oh godman they've found us.'' That's when the man and and his men started running off, leaving the boy alone.

Cam started backing away, looking around. He didn't know what these people were here for. That's when the man yelled at him from far, far away. He and his men were running straight toward the people that disturbed them. ''Run! Just, run! You need to find that bracelet!'' He yelled, facing where he had left the boy, then turned to the people right behind him. ''We'll handle these people.''

The boy looked frightened, when he always said he wasn't afraid of anything. But obeyed his orders. He doesn't know what would happen if he disobeyed, but he's guessing it definitely wouldn't be pretty.

He was running, as if he didn't even have any wings. He was almost falling on some tree branches, or holes deep in the ground. Panting, daring himself to look back and see nothing but shadows crashing on the ground with what looked to be ink coming out of their own flesh.

Cam turned back around, finally coming out of the cemetery. Though, he still ran, not knowing where he would go, but knowing he had to stay. No matter how much I dislike that man, I have to obey for my own good. I chose this side, and I won't regret it. ''I won't fail you now…'' He whispered to himself.

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