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Chapter Two: To Hell&Back


It was lunch time by now, but I badly wanted to get out of this hell hole. Now. This was worse than the actual hell itself, but these people keep giving me looks as if I was from another damn planet. Have they ever even gotten a new kid here?

Stopping by a random locker, I pretty much slammed my head to it. Which will just give these idiots some more to talk about. But I didn't care now. I wanted to get out of here, and away from these mortals.

Turning my head to the right, I saw Serena walking closer and closer to where I was. Except, she hadn't looked at me, or had seen me just yet. I bet she was looking for her locker or a class. Something.

She seemed so familiar to me though, but how could I not remember someone like her? Well it's not like I payed attention to people and their names, but I felt as if she and I were somehow connected. Her holding my hand was a very weird move too. But it was really warm and soft. Her eyes were such a peculiar, but alluring shade of gray. She seemed different too. More different than any other girl here, even though it was barely my first day in this damn town.

''Um…Cam?'' I snapped back to reality, when I heard her voice. I turned to meet her eyes, and she gave me a warm smile. ''You're right in front of my locker, i-if…you don't mind.''

I looked up at her locker number. ''So this was the locker I was slamming my head into.'' I mumbled to myself.


I turned to her. ''Nothing, nothing.'' I shook my head, and she gave me a weird look. I decided to give her a small smirk and raise my eyebrows quickly, which made some pink color rise in her cheeks, as she decided to just turn and open up her locker.

While she was doing that, a blond girl with light blue eyes popped up beside Serena. I looked around, never noticing how the hell she just appeared there. Or if she was already standing there, and I just didn't care enough to notice.

''So, Serena?'' Her friend asked her all smiley about it. I was still standing there, and I didn't know why. So to not feel awkward, I pretended to open up a locker.

''What?'' Serena asked, taking a big text book out of her bag, and shoving it in her locker, as she slammed it shut and securely locked it.

''Um, the party is tonight. At Paris's? Hint hint, she's the principal's daughter?'' She slapped a locker. ''The huge party she has for a new school year. And since were all seniors, were gonna get to party hard this year, woo!'' She danced around a little, making me turn to hide my sudden laugh.

''Oh, right. Um, well...I don't really think I should go, Lili.'' Serena sounded sad to say this.

''Whyyyy?'' Lili whined, pouting at Serena like a little girl. But she definitely did act like a little girl.

''Well 'cause...remember what happened two years ago?''

''I swear I didn't know my history teacher would actually show up and ruin the party for all of us, and have the police crash in.'' Lili quickly said, holding her hands up as if to surrender. ''But were not party ruiner's! Were party goer's! And you're going with me. Whether you like it or not, I will drag you there.'' Lili threatened, putting her hands to hit her sides. ''Just like I dragged you to my own house and put you into that skirt you didn't want to try on, myself.''

Serena inspected her closely. ''That was some dark stuff.''

''Uh-huh! Now-oh, hey dude, are you having trouble opening your locker?'' I looked up to realize Lili was talking to me, and I noticed I was still pretending to open up the lock I held in my palm. ''Oh...it's the new kid.'' She turned to Serena and eyed her suspiciously.

''Lili, don't.'' Serena turned to me. ''I didn't know you had your locker right next to mine.''

''Yeah, well...'' I leaned against the lockers. ''There's a lot of things you don't know about me.'' I said, winking at them. There was a small pause, till I talked again. ''So... this party?''

''Oh I'm sure you over heard us you- Serena nudged Lili to stop her from saying whatever she was about to say, as Lili rolled her eyes. She probably didn't like people like me. But I wondered what Serena thought of me.

''Oh, it's just a party Dr. Ty's, aka the principal's daughter, throws for the people at school, in their beach house.'' Serena smiled at me. ''You should come.''

''I think I can make it.'' I smirked at her.

''Oh, why don't you have lunch with us too?'' She asked, as Lili didn't seem too fond of the idea. ''New kid. It's hard.''

''Um...'' I took too long to answer, so Serena just giggled and grabbed my arm, pulling me and Lili into the lunch room where we sat down together to awkwardly eat lunch. I found out a few things about these two girl's but I was careful to say things about myself.

Getting out of school, people started ignoring me, while other's still talked about me. They weren't guys though, they were most likely girl's whispering things about me and giggling. Making it too obvious, since they were pointing at me.

''Hi.'' I was suddenly stopped by a girl with too much make up, and clothes that seemed too small for her. She had long, long, blond hair, and creepy eyes. ''You're the new kid, aren't you?'' She grabbed me by the arm. ''Mmm, do you work out? I'm Hazel.'' She winked at me.

''And I-'' Out of my luck, my phone started to vibrate, so I took it out and took my arm away from her. ''Gotta take this.'' I walked away from her, and pressed the call button, immediately hearing Ian's voice on the other line;

''How's it going? Have you found the chain yet?''

''Its barely been the first fucking day, I'm not going to find it right away.'' I snapped. ''So-''

''Watch the fucking language.'' I rolled my eyes. ''Don't roll your eyes at me either.'' Cam looked around now, surprised by how Ian knew that. But Ian just laughed. ''Anyways, I got some huge news for you. It'll be a bit easier to find the person with the chain.'' He paused, waiting for me to respond to that. But I just stayed silent. ''I found out from some dark angel's watching for us, that it's most likely on a girl's possession.''

''And who's the girl?''

''That's what you need to figure out for us my boy.''

''Why can't those 'dark angel's' just go look for her then, if they precisely know it's a girl?'' My voice was still harsh. But I wanted to know why he had people work for him, and instead have me go look for his damn chain.

''Oh, they won't do that for me. But I just said they said the owner of that chain might most likely be a girl. So go on and work hard for me. You know what I could do if you don't obey my commands.'' I can feel him smug, as an image of a gold wing being thrown into fire, and exploding into ashes appeared in my mind.

''Fine.'' I hung up before he told me anything else.

[No POV]

There was nothing but the sound of loud music blasting through the large speakers, and teens laughing and talking amongst one another, at Paris Ty's beach house by some woods, late at night.

Serena and Lili were obviously together, since they were best friends. But Cam walked in there later than anybody else, and just tried looking out for people. Mostly girl's. He knew he needed to find that damn chain as soon as possible. He didn't want to do this, but he kind of had to.

''Oh, hi!'' Cam jumped a bit, and turned to the right, only to have a drunk girl thrown at him.

''H-Hazel?'' Cam asked, removing some hair away from her face. Sure enough, there she was. Loopy and tired-looking.

She giggled, then hiccuped. And all of a sudden, sadness filled her whole face expression. ''They left me...my, friends...Why doesn't anyone like me?'' She asked. ''I'm awesome...'' She pointed at herself, but it wasn't long till she started to fall down. Before she could crash to the ground though, Cam caught her, while still looking out for something-or someone-suspicious.

He didn't expect to, but he soon did. There were shadows walking toward the woods right by the beach house. ''I-I gotta go Hazel.'' He said, still looking out for the shadows.

''No! Don't leave me! You're hot.'' She whined, then just giggled. But he just sat her down safely at a chair, and started walking towards the woods.

He heard rustling, and he knew it wasn't him. There were shoes kicking the leaves, when he was all quiet about it.

That's when he saw the men, and a girl's dead body right on the damp floor.

''What the hell are you guys doing here!?'' Cam yelled. But not too loud, so people from only feet away wouldn't be able to over-hear him.

''There might not be another way.'' Ian said. ''So it's better to start right now.'' And he spread out his wings, along with his men, as they ran and flew off toward the night, blue sky.

Cam swallowed hard, and crouched down next to the dead body, suddenly grossed out. He's killed people, yes, but it was never this bad.

Cam shook his head, and turned to slowly walk back into the crowds, checking if people didn't see him walk out of the woods suspiciously.

''Allie, c-calm down!'' He heard a guy yell, as a huge group of people were starting to surround someone.

''I will not calm down!'' There was crying and screaming coming from the girl. There were loud whisper's going on as well, but no one could make up what other's were saying.

''Allie please, just tell me. I care about you. What did you see?''

''I-I didn't see anyone else in the woods...e-except...'' She was still shaking so badly. As if it was negative degrees outside, when it was over ninety degrees on reality.

She seemed to be looking straight at someone now though, but didn't exactly point them out. Mostly because she was too frightened to.

The guy that had told her to calm down started following Allie's eyes, and people started moving out of the way to see if she wasn't looking at any one of them.

The crowds eyes were now following the boy, as he stopped walking, and pointed at one specific person that Allie was looking directly at, still trembling terribly. He spoke out, and when he did, his voice was full of rage. ''It was this fucking guy wasn't it.''

That's when all eyes were suddenly on the black haired, emerald green eyed boy, Cam Briel.

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