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*One Month Later*

"Yo, bitch!" Shanna yells, hitting me with pillows. "Get your lazy ass up!"

"I don't wanna…" I mumble, hiding under the blankets, somehow hoping it will stop the pillows.

"It is time for you to get up!" She says, continuing to hit me with the pillow.

I sigh and sit up, still being hit with the pillow. I grab my pillow and start hitting her with it.

"Stop it!" I say. She keeps hitting me, so I keep hitting her.


We stop and look at Shane.

"Yes?" I ask, tilting my head.

"Stop hitting each other with pillows." He says. "Abby, you need to get dressed."

I frown and cross my arms. "Why?"

"You just need to, okay?" He says. He looks at Shanna. "Hey, Shanna, I, uh, need you…for something."

"That was just sad." She says, and I laugh. "But, fine, something is obviously important, so I'll leave." She looks at me. "Abby, if I scream, he's killing me."

"I'll keep that in mind." I say, nodding.

Shanna gets up and follows Shane out of the room. I get up and decide I should take a shower. When I'm done, I put my clothes on and pull my hair into a ponytail.

Since I live here now, I decided to get a job, and now I have all the clothes I could want. I open the door and head to the living room, where I hear Shanna freaking out about something.

I roll my eyes. "What are you excited about-"

I stop talking when I get to the living room.

"Hey, Abs."

"PHILLY!" I scream, and run over to him, tackling him in a hug. "I'VE MISSED YOU!"

He laughs. "I've missed you, too. How've you been?"

"I've been great!" I say, smiling, and he finally lets me go. "How did you know I was here?"

"Well, when Dad told me you left Chicago, I wasn't sure where you went. Then, one of his video blog things was popular on YouTube, so I watched it, and you were in it." He explains. "I pulled a few strings, and we're in Los Angeles tonight for SummerSlam, so I figured out you were staying here."

I smirk. "So, you've been stalking me. How thoughtful, Phil. You really care."

"I do care." He says. He puts his hand in his pocket and pulls something out of it. "If I didn't, would I have gotten you front row seats to SummerSlam tonight?"


"Abby! You need to stop screaming!" Shane says. "I don't need the cops over here thinking I'm killing you or something."

I laugh. "Sorry, Shane." I look at my brother. "Give me the tickets!"

He looks at me, smirking. "What do you say?"

I roll my eyes. "Please give me the tickets!"

"Here you go." He says. He looks at Shane and Shanna. "I'm hoping you guys watch wrestling. If you don't, I can-"

"Don't worry, we do." Shanna says, yanking a ticket out of my hand. "And lately, we've been forcing Shane to watch. So, he'll want one, too."

"If you yank this one out of my hand, I'm going to make my brother hit you." I threaten. She backs off, so I hand the other ticket to Shane. "Here; don't let Shanna yank it out of your hand."

"Hey, I won't yank them out of his hand." She says. She walks over to him and wraps her arm around his shoulders. "Shane is my best friend."

"Am I not your friend?" I ask, giving her puppy-dog eyes.

"Oh, you are." She says. "I just don't like you as much."

"Hey, don't be mean to my sister." Phil says, laughing. "I will hit you."

"Don't make him hit you!" I say.

"Well, I have to go." Phil says. "I'll see you guys later, hopefully."

"Bye, Philly!" I say, smiling.

He rolls his eyes. "Bye, Abby!"

Once he's left and the front door is closed, I turn to Shane and Shanna. "There are perks to being CM Punk's baby sister."

"I'll say." Shanna says.

"And, if you want, I can convince my brother to let us backstage." I say, smiling.

"Really? Can he do that?" Shane asks.

I shrug. "Not usually, but Vince really likes me, so-"


"Well, first, there's no need for yelling." I say. "Second, yeah, Vince does like me. At least, more than my brother. Not a lot of McMahons like Phil."

"Oh. Well, man, you're lucky." She says. "Why aren't you a Diva?"

I shrug. "I don't know. I mean, Phil's always offered to train me, but I've always thought that Vince would want me trained more than that."

"Well, you'd be a cool Diva." Shane says. "Most of the Divas look like sluts, they could use a Diva like you."

"There used to be Divas like me." I say. "You remember the chick who came back for the thousandth episode and beat up the Wendy's chick?"


"That was Lita. She was one of the best Divas in the WWE, and my favorite of all time." I say. "Right now, there are only a few Divas who can actually wrestle. I don't want to be in the WWE and not be able to wrestle. That would make me like most of the Divas on the roster, and I don't want to be like that."

"Wow…" Shanna says.

I sigh. "I'm hungry."

"Anyone want to go to IHOP?" Shane asks.

"I do!" I say, smiling.

"Might as well." Shanna says, shrugging.

"I'm pretty sure everyone here thinks we're crazy." I say, laughing.

"They already think that, anyway." Shane says. "Plus, there's not a lot of people here, anyway."

When we got to IHOP, it started out normal, but then Shane decided to film some stuff for his iPhone channel, so now we're filming everything. Once a camera comes out, people go crazy.

I lift up my plate of food and show it to the camera. "Look at my food! Isn't it yummy?"

"What the hell is that, anyway?" Shanna asks.

"It's a Nutella crepe." I say. "It's yummy."

"It doesn't look yummy." She says.

"Ooh!" I say, looking at Shane. "Let's talk about the special visitor we had today! And no, it wasn't a hooker!"

"Alright." He says. "Who watches WWE?"

"My brother is CM Punk!" I say, excited.

"I was getting there." He says.

"Sorry…" I say.

"But, yeah, Abby's brother is CM Punk. He's the WWE Champion. He also gave us tickets to SummerSlam and Abby is going to get us backstage." He says.

"We should get your reactions to meeting everyone!" I say, smiling.

"What about your reactions?" He asks.

"I've already met everyone, anyway." I say. "It won't be as exciting for me as it will for you."

"But…" Shane says. "I like filming you."

I roll my eyes. "Fine, you can film me. Just let me film you. Deal?"

"Deal." He says.

"Get ready to see Shane do embarrassing stuff." I say.

"Have you not seen my videos?" He asks. "I do embarrassing stuff on a daily basis."

"Yeah, but this time you're going to do embarrassing stuff in front of wrestlers." I say, smirking. "I win this argument. It's over."


"I SAID IT'S OVER!" I yell, and random workers look at us. I look away.

"Good job, Abby. Get us kicked out." Shane says, sarcastically.

"Maybe we should just go…" I mutter.

Shane puts his camera away and we pay for our food and leave.

Once we get outside, he takes his camera back out.

"Before you say anything, we were not kicked out." I say.

"Yeah. After Abby screamed, we left before we did get kicked out." Shane says.

"You're saying that like it's my fault." I say.

"It is your fault!" Both Shane and Shanna say at the same time.

"I am very offended that you guys think that." I say.

"You should be offended." Shanna says. "If we hadn't of left, we would have been kicked out, and I would've stabbed you in-"

"SHANNA!" Shane interrupts. "Quit being violent. Yeah, it's Abby's fault we're not at IHOP anymore, but there's no need to be so rude."

"I was just joking." She says. "I don't have anything to stab her with anyway."

I raise an eyebrow. "You're not stabbing me because you don't have anything to do it with?"

"I just said that, didn't I?"

"Didn't Shane tell you to stop being violent?" I ask.

"You're saying that like I'd listen to Shane." She says.

I laugh. "Earlier, you told me Shane was your best friend! Do you not listen to your best friend?"

"I don't listen to Shane." She says. "End of story."

"Well, I listen to Shane." I say, slinging my arm over his shoulders. "Shane likes me."

Shanna snickers and I glare at her. "Yeah, mhm." She says, nodding.

I frown. "Hey! I'll have you know I'm a very likeable person!"

"Psh. Who told you that? Your mommy?"

I frown. "No."

"That's it? 'No'? You don't have a comeback?" She asks. Shane frowns and gives her a look, and she stops talking and looks guilty. "Oh…Is it…personal?"

I look down at my feet. "Yeah…"

She walks over to me and gives me a hug. And by 'hug', I mean she picked me up.

"What the fuck?" I ask. "Put me down!"

"I am giving you a hug." She says.

"Since when does giving me a hug mean my feet don't touch the ground?" I ask.

"That's just how I hug!" She says, finally putting me down.

"I don't like hugs…" I say, crossing my arms.

"Yeah, you didn't like being in front of a camera either, but we convinced you to do that." She says.

"I still don't like being in front of a camera…" I say. "People can look at me…and stuff."

"You never told us this before." She says.

"That's because I forget we're filming things." I say, shrugging. "I've gotten used to being around you guys. And, knowing Shane, I never know when he's filming things, so I just got over it."

"Can I hug you again?"

"NO!" I yell, backing away. "NO MORE HUGS!"

Before Shane or Shanna can say anything, we see a man appear behind the door of IHOP. We all glance at each, then silently walk back to the car.

"Abby, you've got to stop yelling stuff." Shanna says, shaking her head.

I glare at her. "It's not my fault some people like hugging me!"

"Guys, can y'all just stop arguing for a minute?" Shane asks.

"Fine…" We both mutter.

"Oh!" I say. "I just remembered. I got you guys presents!"

"You did?" Shane asks, surprised.

"Yep." I say, smiling. "You guys are gonna love 'em."

We talk the rest of the way home (with Shanna asking me every 10 seconds what I got her), but we finally make it. We get out of the car, and walk in.

"I'll be right back!" I say.

I run to my room, grab the presents, and come back. Shane and Shanna are both sitting on the couch. Shane looks like he's thinking, while Shanna just looks annoyed.

"Give me my present!" She says.

"Shanna!" Shane and I say.

She sighs. "Sorry…But can I still have my present?"

I roll my eyes and hand it to her.

The only thing Shanna and I both watch is WWE. Since she screams at the TV a lot, I've managed to figure out who it is she likes. I was kinda surprised when I figured it out, but Shanna loves Dolph Ziggler. I got her a pink Show-Off shirt.

I stuck the shirt in a bag, along with some tissue paper. She throws all of paper out of the bag, and finds the shirt.

"Aw, girl, you shouldn't have." She says, holding it up and looking at it.

I smile. "I figured you could use a wrestling shirt, and, now that we've got tickets to SummerSlam, you can wear it there."

"Thanks." She says. It looks like she's about to hug me, but, instead, she wants to fist bump.

I roll my eyes. "You can hug me. But just this once!"

She jumps up and hugs me, once again lifting my feet off the ground. She finally puts me down, smiling.

I turn to Shane and give him his present.

Just like Shanna, the only thing I watch with Shane is WWE. Shane doesn't yell at the TV, though, so I've had to figure out who it is he likes. I know he likes the hoeski, but he doesn't really react when anyone else comes out. About 2 weeks ago, he and Shanna found out about WWE on YouTube, so now they both have that one show they watch: for Shanna, it's WWE Download (of course) and for Shane, it's Z! True Long Island Story.

I decided he may like Zack Ryder. Based on that, plus every week he's always asking where he is. So I got him a Zack Ryder shirt.

He turns the bag upside down and everything lands on his lap. He moves the tissue paper, and finds the shirt.

He smirks, and I already know what he's going to say.

"Oh no…" Shanna mutters, rolling her eyes.

"Woo woo woo, you know it." Shane says. I laugh. "What?"

"Nothing, nothing. It's just cute." I say. "Now, hurry up and hug me so you can get it out of your system and never hug me again."

He laughs and stands up. He hugs me, and Shanna goes, "Aww!" I glare at her.

When Shane lets go, I grab some tissue paper and ball it up, throwing it at her.

She falls down. "Man down, man down!"

I roll my eyes. "Really?"

She sits up. "What?"

"Never mind…" I say.

We have a few hours to kill before we have to get ready, so we watch a movie on Netflix.