You Don't Have Any Class

I: The Back And Forth

"Yodai's this week's Game Master? Better him then me." Kariya remarked, sitting back in his chair, sucking on his lollipop.

"You need to take being a reaper more seriously, Kariya!" Uzuki shouted at him. He shrugged.

"Gotta take it easy." He said. She sighed at crossed her arms and legs in her chair.

"I can't afford to buy us Ramen right now, even though you won the game." She told him. He shrugged.

"Whatever, once you can, we'll have ramen." He said. She sighed.

"I hate not having work!" She shouted as if she was dying.

"Don't act like that; we are sitting at a table in the middle of Shibuya you know, thousands of people to stare at you." Kariya said.

"I hate that fucking bastard!" I shouted as I walked past them, returning to the main headquarters.

"There goes Minamimoto…" Koki remarked. I ignored it. I teleported back to the headquarters and sat down on my bed in my room and pouted angrily.

"He gets to be game master; I'm like so Zetta better…" I mumbled.

"You and your math." I looked up at saw Kariya at my door with Uzuki. "Pouting isn't going to change not being chosen you know."

"It'll make me calm down at least!" I shouted at him. He laughed.

"You never calm down, what are you talking about?" I gave him a look and he just put his arms up defensively. I sighed and looked away.

"I'm sure I'll be Game Master next time." I grumbled.

"Just work work work!" Uzuki shouted from behind Koki.

"What's all this noise? Unless you're training your noise, quiet down." Konishi said, adjusting her glasses behinds us. Uzuki immediately quieted down while Koki and I just stared at her.

"And Kariya, Yashiro; Higashizawa needs you in the game, they're seems to be some troublesome players and he wants to stay traditional and stay hidden until the end of the 7 days." She said. Uzuki excitedly saluted her and ran off, not waiting for Koki at all. Konishi gave him a look and turned and walked away.

"That promotion is still up on the table for you Kariya, whenever you decide to be intelligent and accept it." She said. "We'd be glad to have you among the officers, I'm sure your relationship with Minamimoto would benefit from it." She smirked and walked away.

"W-What does she mean by that?!" I shouted, flustered.

Koki chuckled. "That's rare, you're all flustered. Never seen that before." With that he left. I groaned and plopped onto my bed.

"What the fuck?"

"Those Players where smarter than you'd think they would be." Kariya grumbled. "I'm gunna be sore from all that work for a while."

"What are you talking about? I feel stupid because they outwitted us so often! If only we could have just attacked them…" Uzuki groaned as they both fell over onto the couches into the Harrier Reaper lounge. I walked in and saw them both exhausted and chuckled.

"More than you could handle?" I remarked. Kariya just scoffed at me and Uzuki's head raised form the couch for a couple seconds before letting it fall back onto the couch.

"I guess so." I said.

"Why are you even here? This is the Harrier Lounge." Koki asked. I shrugged.

"I can't go and see how an acquaintance's assignment went? How rude." I said giving him a look. He sighed and sat up.

"That's uncharacteristically kind of you." Koki remarked. I gave him a look.

"Excuse me for showing some emotion." I said, sticking my tongue out at him. "Since you guys did impede the players, your promotion is still on the table Koki."

"You guys are on good enough terms to call each other by first names?" Uzuki asks, surprised.

"Yeah, this surprises you? I call you by your first name, Uzuki." Koki said to Uzuki. She sighed and adjusted her position on the couch to sit up properly.

"And I'm not taking the promotion." Kariya said, looking right at me with a serious look he rarely ever uses. I sighed.

"Your laziness is going to keep you from rising up the corporate ladder? Don't you want to be able to pass over to the other plane, become an all powerful Angel?" I asked him. He shrugged.

"It's the lifestyle I want." He responded simply. I sat on the couch next to him and hung my head over the couch's back.

"You're just impossible." I grumbled. "You don't take any of the factors seriously."

"I do pay attention to those 'factors', believe it or not." Koki said.

"I make sure he does!" Uzuki shouts, joining the conversation. Suddenly her phone started ringing. She looked at it and smiled big.

"I'm needed for work! I gotta go!" She shouted, jumping up and using her wings to speed up her running.

"She's always so enthusiastic over work, she needs to relax." Koki said. I sat back up.

"I don't believe to pay attention to any of the factors in the game, you paying attention is like factoring hectopascals, impossible." I said, waving my finger in the air.

"You and math." Koki said, tossing away his finished lollipop and pulling out another from nowhere.

"You and candy." I remarked back at him.

I sighed and spun around, lying my head down on his lap and kicking my feet up over the arm rest.

"You're surprising comfortable as a pillow for how boney you are." I said smirking. He just gave me a look and chuckled.

"You were taking about the game and its players before we got sidetracked being smartasses with each other, what were you going to say, if it's important." Koki said, popping the lollipop in his mouth.

"It's nothing really; Mitsuki has talked about making Noise copies of reapers to raise the number of powerful reapers in the reaper corporation, not that we need to multiply our exponential number, and I'm not letting them copy me." I said. Koki shrugged.

"A copy of me could do all my work." Koki said.

"You only care about being lazy." I remarked, causing him to shrug again.

"I like the laidback lifestyle, while you're so focused on proving yourself and become Composer. What do you even plan on doing once you reach that goal?" Koki asks. I stopped for a second.

"I actually never really thought that far ahead…" I mumbled.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you." Kariya said, smirking.

"I said that I never actually thought that far ahead!" I shouted at him, sitting up and putting my face real close to Kariya's. His eyes widened a little, but calmed down. I smirked.

"I'll figure out what to do once I get there, got that Radian?" I said to his face. He just looked at me and laughed.

"I guess you never were the type to think ahead very far, despite being a genius." Kariya said. I smiled.

"Don't worry; I'll let you be lazy when I'm the Game Master." I said. He laughed and I lied back down on his lap.

"I'll look forward to it if I haven't been replaced by a copy by then." Koki said. I felt his hand pull my hat off and I snatched it back.

"Don't touch my hat." I glared at him and he just shrugged.

I woke up and realized I had fallen asleep on Koki's lap. I immediately sat up, completely flustered. I looked over and saw him completely out cold with a lollipop hanging out of his mouth. I laughed at the scene, but immediately composed myself.

"I don't have time to deal with emotions…" I grumbled. "I'm going to be the next composer, I'll be better than gravity… Everyone will FOIL… follow my directions perfectly."

I stood up and adjusted my cap and started to walk away. I sighed and turned around.

"He'll get in trouble if Konishi or Kitanji catches him like this… I'm sure that Uzuki would wake him up, but to avoid and awkward moment…" I walked over to him during my musings and picked him up. Out of nowhere, he clung to me, wrapped his arms around me and tightly clinging to the back of my coat. I looked at him and sighed, turning around and walking to his room in the headquarters.

"Just no class… none at all." I mumbled as a pushed open his door and attempted to lie him down onto his bed. His arms still clung to the back of my coat.

"This is my favorite coat!" I shouted, somehow not waking him. I tried to pull away, but I stopped, fearing the coat might rip. I sighed and unbuttoned it and slid out of it, wearing the black tank-top underneath. He pulled the coat away and snuggled up against it.

"Smells like Sho…." He mumbled in his sleep. My face felt hot, I must be so red right now!

I smirked and pulled out my phone and snapped a picture of him.

"This will teach him for making me blush, I bet everyone will love to hear that he's a cuddler… then again it is my coat so I'll have to think it through…." I said as I took the picture. I shrugged.

"I'm sure just showing Uzuki couldn't hurt."