You Don't Have Any Class

III: Lawless Chess Game

"I'll meet up with you in a second, Lollipop." I said. Koki nodded and both he and Uzuki teleported away. I looked over Underground Shibuya as the support reapers set up walls and the fake me began ruling as Game Master. I looked over and saw the fake me running towards the junk yard. I ran towards him and took a deep breath, deciding to take advantage of my own flaws.

"Oi, stop for a second." I shouted. Fake Sho stopped and turned around, jumping at the sight of me.

"Calm down, I'm just your supernatural power manifesting your conscience, since I got something to tell you that you're ignoring when I'm your head." I told him, prodding his forehead. He glared at me.

"No one treats me like that, not even me!" He shouted at me. He pulled up a megaphone and pointed it right at my face but I covered his mouth.

"Shhh, it's something important." I told him. He calmed down and nodded. I took my hand away and took the megaphone.

"This piece of shit doesn't deserve to be used by us." I told him. He crossed his arms and shrugged.

"I bet you remember 777 and his band. They have that fancy winged microphone; don't we deserve something like that?" I asked him, tossing the megaphone on the ground. Fake me smirked and picked it up.

"We'll leave them this piece of shit." He said grinning evilly. I grinned back.

"And why stop there? We don't deserve to simply be and officer. We got to Game Master, we're better than taking orders from Konishi and Kitanji!" I shouted at him. He got into it, getting all hyped up. I smirked, but also felt ashamed of the mental state I was in when Konishi took my DNA, this is how I acted?

"But why go after those small fry? You can take care of them later." I told him. He gave me a confused look.

"When you're the composer." I told him. He smiled.

"That's a good idea, me. I'm glad I thought of it." He said. I smirked.

"And don't worry about the Producer; he's too busy looking after his precious players to get in your way. And the composer's a bit distracted, so now would be a good time to go after him." I told him. "Don't you remember any of this? When you first overheard it from Konishi and Kitanji?"

"A little bit." He said rubbing the back of his head.

"Good, now get on it. Forget about the rules of the reaper's game, you're the game master! Do whatever the fuck you want!" I shouted at him, before teleporting away to make it look like I returned to his body.

"That will probably distract the producer and get Konishi's attention, probably get the clone erased too." I mumbled as I landed next to Koki and Uzuki as they got to the security checkpoint.

"There was a hell of a line; you got here just in time." Kariya said. I nodded at him and Uzuki gave me a salute.

"You don't have to treat me as a higher-ranking reaper, even when we're at a workplace. We are friends, right Uzuki?" I asked her. She paused for a second and nodded.

"I'm still going to Mr. Minamimoto! It's my work aesthetic." She announced just before she began being scanned by the security officers. I smirked at her, becoming more accustomed to her eccentricities.

"So, how you feel when you got friends?" Koki asked. I smiled but looked down to hide it.

"It's a good feeling, I guess subconsciously I've been lonely this whole time I've been obsessed with proving myself and become composer. I met with my clone, it acted the way I did before I had this change, thanks to you." I told him. Koki blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

"It wasn't all me…" He mumbled. I gave him a peck on the cheek.

"You're so cute when you blush." I told him. In front of us I heard a security guard talking to Uzuki.

"Miss, I have to ask you to look straight ahead and too stop bleeding on the machines."

"It won't help, just give her a second." I told the reaper. These reapers don't have to erase players to stay alive. They have a life span just like humans, unlike officer reapers like Koki, Uzuki and I. Once I'm composer, I'm going to give them both life spans, so Koki can relax all he wants without having to worry, and so Uzuki doesn't stress herself out even more than she already does.

Koki and I moved through the line easily, not anything like Uzuki and her accident. Koki and Uzuki looked around curiously, never having actually been to this section of the Reaper Corporation.

"I fell old with you guys ogling this place when I've been here dozens of times!" I shouted at them, breaking the silence that happened during their ogling. I looked at Koki.

"And you're older than me!" I said pointing at him. He put his arms up.

"Ah, you caught me for being 19!" He said with fake terror. I growled at him.

"Oh, you really are a Leo." He said giving me a suggestive look while he replaced his finished lollipop.

I smirked. "Not in front of Uzuki, we can't afford another delay when Mitsuki's the opponent."

"I miss the days when all 5 of us were the best of friends." Koki said. I looked at him.

"I don't really remember…" I mumbled, scratching my chin. I looked forward and saw Uzuki patiently waiting in the line to get past another security check. We stopped behind her.

"Remember Minamimoto? Back when we were little?" She asked. I focused and scratched by head vigorously, setting my cap eschew.

"I don't remember…" I groaned. "I don't remember anything like that. I always thought I met you guys after I became a Harrier Reaper."

"Naw, it was back when I was 11, you were 10 and Uzuki was 9." Koki said. "We were all in a group of 5 inseparable friends. Me, Uzuki, Mitsuki, Yodai, and You. 8 years ago is about when it started falling apart. Yodai was 12, I don't even know how old Mitsuki was, but I'd say she was 15 or 16."

I rumbled my temples as we slowly moved through the line, trying to remember this event that I've apparently forgotten.

"We would always hang out with each other after working as Support Reapers. We would get assigned at different times, but always hang out with however was free in the Support Reaper Lounge. We all were determined to never be erased and be friends forever; so far we've succeeded in the later." Koki said. Uzuki nodded.

"Then we all were told that we were being promoted to Harrier Reaper. We were all really excited, but Minamimoto and Konishi were the most ecstatic." She explained. "But you and Mitsuki would always come to the Harrier Reaper lounge to hang out with whoever wasn't on duty then."

"We were all happy, even as Harriers as we grew up. But then Mitsuki stopped coming. At first we just thought she was really busy, but she didn't even reply to our texts." Koki said, a gloomy expression on his face.

"We assumed the worst and decided that we were going to have a funeral for her." Uzuki said. "We were all really sad, Yodai was crying even."

"But she showed up to her own funeral as asked us why we weren't working. At first we were all so happy to see her that we didn't even notice that something was off. First thing we noticed though, when we finally started to notice things, was that her wings didn't show anymore, and that she started calling everyone by their last names." Koki told me.

"I remember a little bit of that, the funeral, now that I think about it." I mumbled.

"We were happy she was alive, but sad that she wasn't our friend anymore. She had been promoted to Officer, and got a high rank in the Reaper Corporation. She wasn't the person we all grew up with anymore, but we all got used to seeing her as our boss, not our friend." Uzuki said. "Ms. Konishi is a good boss." Uzuki turned around and rubbed her face, I assume wiping tears away.

"Then we learned that Uzuki had problems with her supernatural energy, and that she would probably never be strong enough to rise through the ranks any higher than she already has." Koki said. "And we all promised that we would stay Harrier reapers so we would stay friends, unlike with Mitsuki."

"But you were offered a promotion." Uzuki said. "And you took it, but always tried your best to come meet us. You would sometimes come into the Harrier Lounge completely exhausted and fall asleep on the couch around us."

"Yodai was all emotional about it and said that it wasn't good for your health. So when he was offered his own promotion, he told us that he was going to take it to help take some of the work on you, but that he would stay in touch." Koki said, followed by telling Uzuki that the line had started moving again.

"When he did, you and Yodai started being able to come by more often, not exhausted. You too became closer friends too, you would make fun of each other, but take it in stride." Koki said. "But then there was this time that the Reaper Games lasted a longer time than usual. Uzuki wasn't called in for those games; they didn't think she was strong enough."

"That's why Uzuki Yashiro is going to work hard and show them that she's just as strong as all the other reapers!" Uzuki said, stomping with determination in her eyes.

"The game ran into its second week, and you experienced a near erasure as a Harrier that traumatized you. You still came by, but rarely. Yodai told us that you were focused on becoming stronger and proving yourself, and never letting that happen again." Koki said. "You drifted apart because of your obsession, that's also around the time that you became a math geek."

"Geek? I see it as more of an exponential mathematics talent." I said cockily. He shrugged.

"It was an obsession, and it caused you to fall out of the group. Then Yodai was buried in work from the new Conductor, Kitanji. He could come by anymore, but he tried to stay in contact through texts and such. But it just stopped after awhile. Both you and Yodai just dropped out of our lives, we were lucky to run past you guys in the halls, but you were so oblivious and Yodai was always so busy." Koki said. "And Mitsuki came and personally offered me a promotion to officer. I told her that I was not going to accept the promotion until Uzuki is offered one."

"I still think that you should take the promotion. You're so lazy, I'm sure I'll see you all the time hiding on the Realground." Uzuki said.

"I don't know." Koki said. "But she did tell me to enjoy being a Harrier forever. She just left the room after that, but I would constantly get messages after that reminding me that the promotion is still on the table, I still get them today."

"Miss, please pass through the security check." I heard a sweet security girl's voice interrupt our remembrance as Uzuki passed through the check, followed by Kariya and then me.

"I can't believe I didn't remember any of it…. I still don't remember much of that." I said. "I'm Zetta sorry."

"You're getting better though, back to normal you. We'll have to have a funeral for Yodai though…" Koki said. I nodded just before Uzuki made a loud squealing sound and ran ahead of us.

"Alice! It's been so long! How is my cousin doing?" She shouted happily hugging the girl in front of her.

"Oh, it's been good; I'm so busy now that I'm second-in-command of the D Squad." Alice said. Uzuki turned around.

"This is my cousin, the friend I talked about, Alice Diresa." Uzuki said. "These, are my gay friends." I glared at her and Koki and Alice laughed.

"Yeah, sure sure, to the Gay Mobile and stuff." I said crossing my arms. "But we've got some business to attend to."

Alice nodded. "You are an officer rank reaper yes?" she asked. I nodded and she bowed.

"Ok then Mr. Minamimoto, Uzuki, Mr. Kariya, follow me." Alice said.

"Call me Koki." Koki said. "Your cousin here's so stuck up to call people by their first names."

Alice laughed. "Yeah, she's always been a little like that, since they discovered the problem her body has with regulating her energy usage, so focused on proving them wrong that she'll never be strong." She comments, she looked over a Kariya. "Ok Koki, you and Mr. Minamimoto make a cute couple."

I blushed and rubbed the back of my head and Koki grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him.

"Learn to take a compliment." He said.

"I guess, and you can call me Sho, Alice. You look just like Uzuki, but with red hair, but you're so much mellower than she is." I remarked. She giggled.

"See, your friends' think you could loosen up a little too." Alice said. She turned into an empty room.

"So Uzuki tells me that you want to take out the Conductor? What type of crazy plan is that? That's suicide." She tells us, before sitting down at a round table with papers placed along it in an organized fashion. We all sat as well.

"It's not the real conductor; he's an imposter that wants to ruin the corporation, so we believe it's absolutely necessary that he's erased." I told her. She sighed.

"That's a very steep of an accusation; you can't even prove it because of a reaper's body vanishing after being erased." Alice said, sighing. "But I will take your word for it. Since the target is the conductor, it's obvious that we won't need the conductor's permission for this mission. We do however, need a majority of the council to approve of it, and I already proposed what Uzuki told me to the council. I got 49% in favor, 51% apposed because of a new councilmember."

"Well, we can go to them now and try to convince them. They're all still in session right?" I asked.

"They should be if they're following they're oh so precious rules." Koki said. "Can you bring us there?"

"Wait, I must get the paperwork I filled out for my previous visit, that way they'll pay you attention. They're all so insistent on being official." Alice said. She grabbed a binder full of papers and walked out of the room, leading us to an elaborate door. She opened it.

"Reaper Council, I want to propose the accusation once more, I have witnesses this time." Alice announced. She stopped in the doorway suddenly, and I looked over her.

"Why is the Disciplinary Squad in the council room?" I asked.

"Why I called them here, you see, Ms. Alice Diresa, the reapers you claim to be your witnesses are a fraud. Mr. Koki Kariya, Ms. Uzuki Yashiro, and Mr. Sho Minamimoto are all working in the current Reapers Game, as proven by this footage. Mr. Minamimoto is even the Game Master, although he has a peculiar way of going about things." A voice said as heels clinked. I looked up, seeing the seats filling with powerful and influential Reaper Councilmen and Councilwomen, with heavily armed Harrier and Officer rank Reapers filling any open spaces.

"I, as head Councilwoman, frown upon such an attempt to attack the innocent conductor. The council agrees, that the illegal copies are erased and the mastermind, Alice Diresa, is sentenced to erasure!"

"Konishi?!" Uzuki shouted and Mitsuki walked out of the shadows of the seats with a high-tech baton in her hands. She smirked as she looked down at us.

"Attack, the council orders it." She ordered the reapers around her. "You thought you're plan was all so brilliant, didn't you Sho?"