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Chapter 7: A New Family

Noel looked at the world around him through his blurred vision. He heard the villagers say comforting things to him, even the ones that had attacked him once, but he did not hear them; didn't even understand them.

The people then would walk away, leaving him in his sorrow.

All Noel could stare at was the cold slab of stone in front of him, bearing one name: "Rosanne".

Noel touched the stone bearing his mother's name, knowing that the once warm spirit now lay in the hard ground.

"And now you have buried her too," Noel whispered, tears finally streaming down his face, as he thought of his two friends also being inhabitants of the ground.

He felt an ache in his heart, making him feel somewhat sick. The stone in front of him blurred to a gray that engulfed his vision. He sat down on the ground, not wanting to return to the house that would bear so many familiar memories.

Noel sat there, tears streaming from his eyes and landing on the ground below.

"Never give up hope," his mother's voice entered his head, reminding him of his promise.

By now, a thick fog engulfed the area around him, making a little ring around him and the stone.

"How can I not give up?" Noel whispered, talking to the body that now lay in the ground, "I promised, but how can I not?"

Noel didn't expect an answer, but was surprised when he heard one.

"Because things will get better," a voice said softly from behind him, bringing a familiar warmth with it.

Noel turned from where he sat on the ground, seeing a girl that he hadn't seen in five years.

"Yeul," he whispered, feeling somewhat better now that his friend was here, "What do you mean?"

"Things will get better," Yeul repeated, coming to sit beside him and staring at the stone. She then pulled something out from behind her and placed it in front of the stone; Noel saw that it was a white flower.

"What do you want me to do?" Noel whispered the question to her, and when she did not reply, he continued, "Silven said you chose me. What do you want me to do?"

Yeul looked at him, a somewhat sad expression on her face, matching the pang of sadness that entered him when he mentioned his friend.

The girl did not answer him; instead she started to arrange the flower in front of the stone.

"Things will get better," Yeul repeated softly, then turning her gaze to his, "I promise."

Noel wanted to yell, asking how it was fair, how things would get better. But he didn't. Instead, he just accepted the comfort her presence brought.

Noel knew the villagers would wait a few days to continue their tirade against him. He knew he would probably die, since no one could protect him anymore, not even the doctor.

He eventually returned to the house, not taking anything, but instead just sleeping and eating in the dwelling. An empty feeling had come on him since Yeul had left, making him wonder how he could continue, but his promise to his mother and Yeul's to him gave him some hope.

Fear entered through Noel every time he went through the streets of the town. He was now on high alert, expecting something to come attack him at any moment. The only semi-safe place he had was the house, but he knew that the villagers would invade there too.

So he bided his time, trying to make up a plan of what to do.

"I need to find Yeul," Noel whispered while he was once again walking through the town. He thought it was simple, but his ten year old mind couldn't comprehend on how to find her. She seemed to be constantly moving around, never staying in the same place.

"Wait! This is madness!" he heard a voice, the village doctor's, in the distance behind him.

He turned around, seeing the doctor trying to make his way to the front of an angry crowd.

Noel stared at the scene that was coming ever closer to him, knowing that it was now time to leave. Hoping to get a head start, Noel started to run once again.

It wasn't long before the villagers caught up to him; he could only run so far and his legs weren't as long as theirs. He could hear their victory shouts behind him, coming ever closer.

I'm sorry, he thought with sadness as the footsteps grew closer, knowing that he wasn't going to be able to outrun them.

The familiar feeling of fear pulsed through his veins, giving him some strength to run farther.

His breath was now coming in short gasps, making it somewhat hard to breath. His chest was now hurting, making him want to stop running.

Noel glanced ahead of him and saw that he was nearing Dead Man's Peak. He continued to run, knowing that he couldn't go much farther.

He felt something hit his foot and his world went spinning, along with a series of sharp pains as little rocks dug into his skin.

Noel felt sick. He suddenly wanted to cry, wanted it to end right there; now remembering all the pain of his friends' and mother's deaths.

Please, he silently begged as he noticed the angry crowd coming down the hill.

Noel stayed where he was, knowing he didn't have enough strength to continue. All he did was stare as the crowd continued to get closer.

Noel closed his eyes, feeling the shadows coming from the crowd falling on him; turning his line of vision black.

He expected to feel pain, but not in the way he did next. His eyes suddenly jolted open when he felt heat coming from in front on him, coming from a giant wall of fire that was blocking the crowd's path.

Noel stared at the fire for a moment, feeling surprised as he inched away from the intense heat, before having a thought.

Yeul, he remembered that she controlled the flames, is she here?

His question was answered when he turned around and saw Yeul standing a few feet away from him, her light green eyes holding some anger in them.

She skipped over to him and pulled him up by his hand, pulling him over to the overhang area Noel had heard of in the story of Dead Man's Peak.

"What- ?" Noel started to ask but Yeul put her finger to her lips, signaling for him to be silent.

The wall of flames died down, letting Noel see that the crowd was searching for him; spreading out to search the area.

"Come," Yeul whispered as she gently tugged him away from the scene. He followed, wondering where they were going.

"Yeul, where are we going?" he asked, voicing his thoughts.

She continued to walk ahead of him, skipping a bit. They were now walking at a calmer pace; the crowd was no longer chasing them. Noel looked back at the scene to see little shapes of where the crowd was searching for him.

He shuddered, more out of relief than cold. Yeul glanced back at him before finally answering.

"Home," she said softly before continuing to walk, making Noel wonder if they were heading back to his house.

No, he thought as he looked at the bare ground, my home is behind us. We are going to Yeul's home.

"We are here," Yeul announced suddenly, making Noel look around intently. What he saw was a small campground; a fire pit was at its center, surrounded by three animal skins that he guessed were used for beds.

"Why are there three?" Noel asked, pointing to the beds. He wondered if there were other people with Yeul. He tried to think back to the legend, but didn't remember Silven saying anything about that.

"One for me, one for Caius, and one for you," Yeul said as she pointed out the beds and then to Noel.

Noel's thoughts swam, wondering who and where this 'Caius' was.

Noel continued to look around the campsite. Yeul sat down and Noel followed, watching as his friend stared at the slowly dimming fire.

His thoughts wandered, but he soon found himself staring at Yeul's eyes.

She's really pretty; he thought but then blushed, wondering if Yeul was uncomfortable with his staring.

He was about to ask her something when her eyes seemed to change. He stared closer, wondering what was going on.

There's some sort of symbol in her eyes, Noel thought as he memorized the symbol into his memory.

Yeul suddenly gasped, startling him as he backed away. She fell onto her side, breathing heavily and staring ahead of her.

Noel started to panic. He crawled over to her side and touched her arm.

"Yeul?" he asked in a whisper, feeling fear course through him when she didn't answer.

He heard footsteps behind him, accompanied by an angry voice.

"How did you find this place?" the voice asked, filled with anger.

Noel turned around and saw a tall man with a big sword through his blurred vision. Tears fell from Noel's eyes.

"Please help her," Noel begged the man, "I can't lose anyone else. I think she's sickā€¦"

The man looked behind Noel to wear Yeul was lying, a guarded fear entering the man's eyes.

"What have you- ?" the man started to walk forward but stopped, taking note of the symbol in Yeul's eyes.

Noel looked back and forth between Yeul and the man, feeling his heart hammering in his chest when the man just stood there.

"Are you going to just let her die?!" Noel screamed at the man, anger and sadness filling him. He didn't want to lose anyone else.

"Wait and be quiet," the man ordered him with a cold look. Noel felt anger burning inside of him, but he stayed quiet and watched. He felt relieved when he noticed Yeul's breathing start to even out; the symbol slowly fading from her eyes.

"Another long one," the man spoke suddenly as he stared at Yeul. The girl nodded, out of breath and weakened.

"Are you ok, Yeul?" Noel asked Yeul as the man helped her up. He wanted to hear her answer him, but his vision suddenly swam accompanied by a stinging pain on the right side of his face.

His hand went to grip the burning flesh; he looked up to see the man staring angrily at him.

"Look what you have done!" the man yelled at him, making tears border on Noel's vision again, "You have changed everything!"

Noel started to back away when the man started to walk towards him, but the man stopped.

"Caius," Yeul said from behind the man, "he is the one."

The man, Caius, seemed to look at him in surprise for a moment before walking back to Yeul's side.

"What is your name?" Caius asked him, no longer seeming threatening to Noel.

"Noel," he answered as he stared at the man's purple eyes. The man nodded, and then looked at Yeul.

"So it has already happened?" Caius asked Yeul, who nodded in sadness.

Caius then looked at him, before motioning with his hand.

"Come," Caius said as he started to walk off, but Yeul stopped him again.

"Caius, he is tired," Yeul said softly, making both of them glance at her, "it can wait until tomorrow."

Caius seemed like he was going to object, but he then walked over to the fire and started to drop wood into it; making it reheat into a bright flame. It was then that Noel realized how late it was; the sun was already setting behind the landscape.

Noel looked over and saw that Caius and Yeul were getting into the animal skin beds. He followed, feeling somewhat awkward with his new 'family'.

He glanced over at Yeul, wondering what had happened, when he remembered what Silven had told him: that Yeul could see the future.

He saw that the vale that normally was across her face was gone, letting down her long hair.

He then glanced at the fire, letting the flames lull him to a peaceful sleep.

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