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"Congratulations, it's a girl!"

Those words made Mal & Natara smile so wide, their mouths were starting to hurt.

"Can we hold her?" Mal asked, trying to hold in his excitement.


The doctor carefully handed Natara the baby and quietly walked out of the hospital room, so Mal and Natara could have a few moments alone.

"She's beautiful."Natara said, amazed by their daughter.

"Yeah. She really is."Mal said trying to hold in his excitement, but he failed.

Natara looked up at Mal.

"You're really excited, aren't you?"Natara asked.

"Well…Yeah! I'm a dad!"

Natara smiled and said "And I'm a mother."

"She has your hair color, Nat."

"And your eyes."Natara said.

"Nat, what should we name her?"

"I love the name Tori."

"Alright. Tori Angela Fallon. I love it." Mal said, excited not only about the birth of their daughter, but the for the years to come.

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