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Story Time!

Tori Fallon walked through the doors to San Francisco High & there were teachers at the front door giving schedules to students.

Tori walked up to a teacher was bald,and looked like he was in his mid-50's.

"Welcome!What's your name?"The teacher asked in a deep voice.

"Tori Fallon."

"Let's see...Here you go!"

The teacher handed Tori a paper with all her claases on it & her locker number & where it was.

Tori looked over her schedule:

9th Grade Language Arts-Room 498

9th Grade Science-Room 500

Choir-Room 301

9th Grade Math-Room 495


Health-Room 302

9th Grade History-Room 499

Library-Room 400

"Not bad,"Tori thought.

As Tori was walking was walking through school,she heard an unwanted voice from behind her.

"Well,well,well...If it isn't Tori Fallon."

Tori turned around to see her worst enemy,Daniella Santos.

"What do you want,Daniella?"

"Nothing!Why would you think that?I'm just making small talk."Daniella said,all innocent like.

"Oh really?Last time I checked,you hated my guts."

"I do,Tori!That's what I came her to talk about..."

Daniella lowers her voice to a harsh whisper.

"You may think you own this school,but you're might've won all of middle school over last year,with your rosy cheeks & ponytails,but this time,it's about looks & honey,you lack of them."

"It's not like I'm gonna ruin your reputation anymore than you have by yourself,Daniella."

"Har har,So funny."Daniella said sarcastically.

"I try."

"Look,Tori,I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible:Stay away,or you'll regret it."

"That's the nicest way possible?I'd hate to see the mean way then!"

"Ugh!"Daniella said,as she sashayed away.

"You okay?"Someone said behind her.

Tori turned around to see a boy with dark brown hair & hazel eyes.

"I'll be alright."Tori said.

"I'm James Stone."The boy said.

"Maybe I'll see you around?"

"Yeah,and plus,it looked like you were winning."

And then the boy left,and took down the decided she better get to class.

4 Hours Later...

Tori walks with her lunch tray,wondering where to sit until a familiar voice called her out.

"TORI!OVER HERE!"Sarah said.

Tori walked over & sat down between Henry & Lizzie.

"Hey,Bestie!"Lizzie said.

"Hey."Tori said.

"What's wrong?"Lizzie asked.

"I kinda ran into Daniella earlier."Tori said.

"What did she say?"Molly asked.

"She said that I'd better stay away or I'd regret it."Tori said in a dull voice.

"She's just jealous,don't worry about her."Shelby said.

"So,did anybody meet any cute boys today?"Lizzie asked.

"I meet this guy named Mark."Jessie said.

"I met a guy named Alex!"Sarah said.

"You mean Alex Kalaba?"Henry said.

"Yeah!He's hot!"Sarah said.

"Sarah,he sets fire to everything!"Tori said.

"Including my heart!"Sarah said,as she put a hand over her chest.

The group shared a laugh.

"What about you Tori?Did you meet a cute guy?"Lizzie said.

"Well,I met this guy named James..."Tori started,but was interrupted.

"You mean,James Stone?"Henry asked.


"James is Daniella's ex-boyfriend."


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