Note about the setting/time: This story is set directly after season 2. It ignores the existence of the alpha pack but follows all other elements of canon. This means Boyd and Erica ran away safely and are no longer with the pack.

Warnings: This fic deals with a succubus and presents issues of non/dubious consent.

Stiles couldn't say he was surprised when people started turning up dead again. They'd had about a month of blissful peace after settling things with the kanima. School had gotten out and Scott and Stiles had just started to settle into their summer bachelor bros routine when the first body had been found. A young man, 19, found naked in his dorm room, cause of death unknown. Scott made his nervous puppy face but Stiles brushed the incident off; people died, it happened.

The second body came a few days later. This one was a woman, 25, naked in her apartment, cause of death unknown. The police suspected the deaths were linked. Stiles began to think they had a problem. Scott seemed to agree if his less than subtle glances in Stiles' direction were any indication.

The third body was different. Male, 20, found in a bathroom stall in a bar with his pants down, cause of death unknown. The police didn't automatically link it with the first two, but Stiles did. So did Scott.

"We need to talk to Derek," he announced with a huff.

"Why?" Stiles asked incredulously.

"Because he might know something."

"Great, then he can handle it! Or my dad can, since it's his job."

"Your dad can't handle it if it's…" Scott started to protest.

"Dude! Not everything is werewolves and magic. It's like, drugs or something; no big deal," Stiles interjected.

"Okay, if you say so," Scott conceded.

Stiles wasn't sure he believed what he was saying. There was a thought nagging at the back of his mind telling him this was beyond his father's purview. The fact was he was half avoiding Derek because his hopes for Lydia were basically destroyed and it left a lot of room to pine for sexy alpha werewolves. On top of that he still felt more than a little useless and he wasn't eager to prove it in yet another supernatural showdown. When the fourth body showed up – male, 22, half naked in the alley of a strip club, cause of death unknown – Stiles knew it was time to man up.

They pulled up in front of the Hale house and Stiles killed the engine. Scott jumped out immediately but Stiles hesitated. Derek and Peter had gone back to their ruin of a home after Chris had settled into an uneasy truce. There were subtle changes now, signs that the wolves were bringing life back into the place, but it was still a mess. Stiles slid out of the jeep. They trudged up to the door in silence and Scott reached out for the handle. Stiles grabbed his arm and wrenched it back.

"Dude, it's their house!" Stiles chastised.

"So?" Scott replied, looking genuinely confused. Stiles shot him a dirty look and knocked. He fidgeted anxiously as they waited and Scott stared at him as if knocking was a foreign concept. It was Peter that answered.

"Scott, Stiles, come in," he said personably. Scott stepped past him quickly but Stiles was more hesitant, keeping an eye on Peter as he moved inside. Even if Peter had been helpful saving Jackson he still made Stiles uneasy.

"What are you doing?" Scott asked Derek incrdulously once they were all inside. From what Stiles could see he was tearing up the floorboards and looking really good in a dirty tank top.

"I convinced him to renovate," Peter said with a smile. That didn't really surprise Stiles but it seemed to baffle Scott.

"What do you want?" Derek said roughly.

"Something's killing people," Scott said, it sounded almost like an accusation.

"How is that my problem?" Derek asked, prying up a piece of floor.

"Because," Scott sputtered, there really wasn't a reason. "You're the alpha!"

"I'm an alpha," Derek said bitterly, ripping up a floorboard like it had personally tried to kill him. "Which means I protect my pack, not the entire town. There's a sheriff for that."

"This is really becoming a dangerous place to live, maybe we should just move," Peter said, a hint of teasing in his voice.

"We're not moving," Derek growled.

"Look, my dad can't handle this one, okay? So can you just…" Stiles said in an attempt to keep the conversation on course. Derek stood up, to look more intimidating, Stiles assumed.

"No, I can't. This isn't my problem or my pack's. You're on your own." Stiles and Peter rolled their eyes in unison; they both knew Derek was being stubborn because Scott wasn't pack.

"Fine, but can you at least help us figure out what it is? Since you know more about this stuff?" Scott asked angrily.

"It's a succubus," Stiles said flatly. "Or an incubus. Apparently they're the same monster." Scott looked at him, obviously confused. "It's not that hard to work out, man. Four victims, in varying states of undress, all having recently done the deed before mysteriously dying? Definitely a succubus." Peter smiled approvingly.

"Then why are you here?" Derek asked, agitated.

"Because I need more than just Scott to help me find and kill it. I could ask the Argents but it seems to go for younger game and I'm not sure they can handle it. I also need some help with weakening it," Stiles answered.

"Weakening it?" Derek asked mockingly, as if weakening a foe wasn't an issue.

"Yeah, weakening it. I've done my homework and it turns out succubi are stronger than werewolves. Orgasms are powerful, who knew?" Scott snorted. Derek didn't look amused. Stiles sighed. "Please just help us?"


"We need you!" Scott yelled, suddenly becoming all business and heroism. "You can't just ignore what's happening!"

"Yes, I can," Derek said calmly. "You don't want me as your alpha, that's fine. But don't come running to me every time you and your friends have a problem. You're an omega Scott, get used to it."

"Fine!" Scott barked before storming from the house. Stiles sighed and slumped his shoulders.

"Well, good luck with the renovations," he said dryly and headed after Scott.

"Can you believe that?" Scott said incredulously as they pulled away from the house.

"He's got a point Scott," Stiles replied, exasperated.

"You agree with him?" Scott demanded.

"You chose to not be part of his pack. Why should he put their lives on the line for you? And if you're going to ask him for help anyway, why not join him?"

"It isn't for me; it's for everyone in Beacon Hills. It could kill his pack too you know," Scott explained.

"Actually it probably won't bother with them if they don't attack first. Succubi sort of compel victims into some kind of super-arousal but it doesn't work as well on werewolves. I guess it has something to do with them belonging to their alpha; they're already pseudo-compelled so the succubus's compulsion doesn't work. It's stronger than any one of them but it isn't worth taking on a whole pack."

"So what do we do now?"

"I don't know," Stiles sighed, running a hand across his head in frustration.

Body number five was a young man, 16, in his car. Stiles and Scott had both shared classes with him. Stiles started to see a pattern in the locations; he had a pretty good guess where the next victim would meet their doom. He was more than a little relieved when Derek showed up in his bedroom the next evening.

"How do you weaken it?" Derek asked, getting right to business.

"I thought you weren't helping?" Stiles asked. He didn't want to push the issue but he needed to know he could count on Derek when the time came.

"Scott joined my pack, I'm helping now. Besides, I don't like having that thing on my territory." Stiles was surprised to hear about Scott but grateful. Not only was Derek going to help, but if Scott was pack Stiles figured he was too.

"Right, so… You weaken a succubus by forcing it to wear a symbol of true love. Er… romantic love, not family or friends," Stiles explained.

"We have to make it wear something?" Derek asked as if it was absurd.

"Yeah. I figured things we could put on strings, that way we can slip it over the succubus's head." He moved to snatch something out of his desk drawer and dangled it before Derek. "Like this." Derek surveyed the item. It was a small diamond engagement ring and wedding band soldered together with a long loop of string tied through it.

"A ring?" Derek asked quietly as if sensing its importance.

"My mom's," Stiles answered, pushing it into his pocket. "Trouble is I only have one. I can't get my dad's without him asking a lot of questions; he still wears it. I thought maybe the pack might have something. We'll have to spread out in the club so it's better to have as many as we can." Derek nodded.

"Come to the house tomorrow," he said firmly before slipping out the window.

Stiles was a little surprised to see Jackson's truck parked between the Camaro and Scott's car. He'd pegged Jackson as another stubborn omega. Then again, Jackson had been through a lot and a pack was the kind of belonging he seemed to crave. This time Isaac answered when Stiles knocked. Everyone eyed Stiles as he came in, either because he was the last to arrive or because he was wearing the sexiest clothes he owned. For Stiles sexy meant jeans that were a little too tight and a Batman tee that was a little too small. He'd foregone the extra layer figuring he didn't have the power to make either flannel or a hoodie look hot.

"What are you wearing?" Peter asked as if personally offended.

"What? This is what I always wear when I go gay clubbing," Stiles replied nonchalantly as if everyone there couldn't smell his embarrassment. Jackson chuckled like the asshole he was. "So where are we with the love tokens situation?" Stiles asked Derek, attempting to bring the focus elsewhere.

"I got my mom's wedding rings," Scott offered. Stiles fought the urge to face-palm.

"Dude, your parents got divorced because your dad's a jerk. I don't think it was true love. Anyone else?" Isaac shrugged. Jackson's jaw twitched and he thrust something from his pocket at Stiles. It was his house key, once more dangling from the long chain Lydia usually wore around her neck. Stiles nodded. "Good," he said. He wanted to tease Jackson but he knew he couldn't, not about that. He looked at Derek. There was a soft exposed air to Derek's expression as he held out his hand. Rings, discolored and slightly misshapen from the fire that had killed their owners. Derek's mother had soldered her rings together just like Stiles'. The engagement ring was moonstone but Stiles barely recognized it due to the vicious crack and cloudy ashen coloring. He swallowed hard and resisted the urge to touch them. He nodded and pulled two lengths of string from his pocket. Derek looped the through the rings and hesitated before handing his father's to Isaac.

"Looks like we'll be short one then," Stiles said after a moment.

"You mean two," Isaac corrected, nodding toward Peter. Stiles looked him over.

"Actually, Sassy Wolf is sitting this one out," Stiles replied. Peter gave him a mildly curious look and Derek glared at him as if to say, 'I'm the alpha, I give the orders'. "Look, he's older than the victims and I need him to run interference with Danny."

"Danny?" Jackson asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure the succubus will be prowling Jungle next. This isn't going to work if you're too busy worrying about your best friend or he accidently lets the thing know a bunch of straight guys are patrolling the gay club."

"Makes sense," Derek said calmly.

"I don't think your uncle is Danny's type," Jackson said tightly.

"He's not mine either but I can work around it," Peter said with a wry smile.

"That's the spirit," Stiles said, gesturing at Peter as if to make an example. "So we blend in, keep an eye out for the succubus, keep an eye on each other, and hope for the best. Shall we?" Nobody seemed thrilled about the plan but they all filed out to the cars.

It didn't go well at the club. Isaac, Jackson, and Stiles blended into the crowd seamlessly, Isaac and Jackson grinding against men as if they did it all the time and Stiles discovering that despite his best efforts he was not attractive to gay guys. But Derek and Scott were obviously uncomfortable. Scott covered by saying he had been dragged along by a friend and wasn't a big clubber. Derek mostly just growled when people got close but Peter, having not spotted Danny, smoothed things over pretty well on that end (perhaps with a bit too much glee). They didn't find the succubus (or in this case incubus), but nobody died either so they agreed to try again the next night.

The second night felt more right to Stiles. The incubus was killing every three-ish days and they were right on schedule. He decided to take a small risk which would either lure the monster in or scare it away. He carefully secured the string to a counterbalance and positioned it so that his mother's ring dangled out of his pocket but wouldn't fall out. He didn't tell anyone he was playing bait; he knew they'd try to stop him.

Stiles actually had a bit more luck on the dance floor the second night. He'd had two separate guys grinding against him at various points before they were lured away by persons more desirable. He was back to flying solo and losing himself in the hard bass when guy number three's hands found the exposed skin between his tight jeans and tiny shirt and began grinding roughly against Stiles' ass. The feeling was electric and a heat started building beneath Stiles' skin. He felt his partner's lips press against his neck and fingers slide under his shirt a little.

"Why don't we go somewhere more private, Hero," the man whispered in Stiles' ear, and Stiles knew his plan had worked.

"You're the incubus," he whimpered as a steady hand slid around to the small of his back and led him toward the rear exit. Stiles struggled to slow his pace even as he realized he was already under the incubus's compulsion.

"I don't know how you know about me but you're awful foolish to try to fight me on your own," the incubus purred into his ear. It sent a shiver down Stiles' spine and he had to fight hard to stop himself from jumping him right there.

"You'd be surprised what I can do," he replied with false bravado.

"Oh, I'm already surprised," the incubus said, pushing open the door to the alley. "Normally my prey is much less verbal by now. You're not even touching me; for someone like you, who's so woefully inexperienced, that takes a great strength of will."

"Glad to impress," Stiles moaned as the incubus pressed him against the wall.

"I'm so impressed I'm going to take my time with you," the incubus whispered against his lips. Stiles poured all of his focus into keeping himself pressed against the wall and not engaging; his whole body screamed for him to do the opposite. It became much more difficult when the incubus began kissing him and simultaneously unfastening his jeans. He managed to mostly keep a semblance of control, but he couldn't stop himself from opening his mouth and giving access to the incubus's probing tongue. He moaned when he felt a hand slide down the grip his straining erection. When the incubus pulled back and fell to his knees he bit his tongue to keep from repeating the sound.

The incubus started licking and sucking him in the most frustratingly teasing way Stiles imagined was possible. He brought him right to the edge and kept him there. Stiles' mind was screaming 'Derek' but he knew if he opened his mouth something more lurid would come out. It seemed to go on forever, although it may have just been that Stiles needed it to finish more quickly, and he wondered where the pack was. Eventually the incubus pulled his head back to look up at Stiles.

"Are you ready for me to finish?" the incubus asked, teasing and seductive. Stiles tried to say 'no' but what came out was a desperate, guttural moan.

That's when Derek appeared, seeming to materialize from thin air, and slipped the string necklace over the incubus's head. He let out a primal roar that echoed in Stiles' spine as the incubus turned to meet him. The incubus seemed to be holding his own against Derek and Stiles had a sickening moment where he thought the rings may not have worked. Somehow he managed to wrangle his extremely tight pants back over his hips and zip up without maiming himself and when he looked up Derek and Isaac were standing over the bloody corpse of the incubus.

Stiles took a few awkward steps forward. He assumed that with the incubus dead he would be freed from its influence, he'd just need to handle his raging erection later on. When his arm brushed Derek's he realized just how wrong he was. The sudden force of his desire was like a punch to the gut and his knees buckled, sending him crashing down on all four beside the incubus. He saw the rings almost hanging in the blood pooling beneath the body and he snatched them away to protect them and make sure Derek got them back.

Derek grabbed Stiles' arm to pull him up and then his brain was gone. He was all over Derek, one arm around his neck, the other hand sliding under his shirt, hips thrusting desperately against his thigh. He kissed Derek before the werewolf could react, taking him by surprise, and then Derek pushed him roughly away. Stiles slammed against the wall painfully but he was back on Derek almost immediately. The whole pack was stumbling into the alley, Peter with an amused smirk and the rest looking scandalized. Stiles would have hated them all right then if he'd had the capacity to notice them.

Derek tossed his car keys to Isaac before spinning Stiles around and pinning his arms tightly to his sides. He was essentially hugging Stiles from behind and Stiles leaned into it and rocked his hips back.

"Get out of here," Derek growled at the rest of the pack.

"But…" Scott began to protest.

"Do you want to deal with him like this?" Derek asked roughly. Scott shook his head, in utter horror at the thought of his best friend dry humping him. "Then go! I'll get him home." Scott whimpered but he and the others began to head off. Peter hesitated at the end of the alley.

"I wouldn't leave him alone like that, who knows who else he might find," he said with a taunting smile before disappearing around the corner. Derek attempted to take a step, realized it wouldn't work, and scooped Stiles up. Carrying Stiles made it much more difficult to restrain him and he took the opportunity to wrap his arms around Derek and start lavishing attention on his neck.

When they reached the jeep Derek dropped Stiles on his feet and awkwardly reached into his pocket for the keys. He shoved Stiles in on the passenger side, pinned his arms above his head, and pulled the seatbelt all the way out to engage the safety lock. When he felt Stiles was as pinned in place as he could get he closed the door and moved to the other side to drive. Stiles struggled against the seatbelt once Derek was seated behind the wheel, but was held firmly in place. He whimpered, threw his head back, and began rubbing his crotch without shame and seemingly to no effect. Derek focused on driving and tried not to look at the boy masturbating beside him.

When they pulled into the driveway Derek was relieved to find the Sheriff wasn't home. He'd have to carry Stiles to his bedroom which meant the front door and stairs and Stiles moaning loudly. Even when he got Stiles into the room Derek knew he had to stay; Peter was right, Stiles couldn't be left alone in his condition. He seriously considered tying Stiles up and leaving him anyway but he didn't have anything to use as rope and the thought of tying up the horny teenager made him uncomfortable. Besides, Stiles might escape. He settled for spooning on the small bed, pinning Stiles' arms to his chest, and attempting to limit his ability to thrust backward by slinging a leg tightly over both of Stiles'.

"Derek," Stiles moaned when he found he could barely move. "Derek please. I need you Derek."

"No you don't. You need sleep," Derek replied with irritation.

"Need you. Need you to touch me. God, Derek please. It hurts, I need it so bad. Please, please, Derek." Stiles managed to rock his hips back once. Derek made a sound halfway between an angry sigh and a growl, took both of Stiles' wrists in one hand, and reached down to his crotch with the other. Stiles whimpered and bucked into Derek's hand. "Take them off," he begged. "Derek please, too tight."

"You have got to be kidding." He started unfastening the jeans anyway. He had trouble getting them off with one hand but he wasn't going to let Stiles up now.

"Need your skin against mine," Stiles moaned once his pants had been removed and Derek was settled behind him once more. Derek closed his eyes, buried his face against Stiles' shoulder, and pulled out Stiles cock.

Derek had barely gripped him when Stiles came the first time but either because he was a teenager or because he was under the influence of the incubus, Stiles was hard again right away. Derek's hand didn't stop moving. He jerked Stiles off several more times, panting into his shoulder, and occasionally thrusting against him. Each time Stiles came his refractory period was a little longer. When Stiles was finally spent he fell asleep.