Ai twisted the knob on the door. This is it. NG Records. The exact same record label Ryuichi Sakuma stepped foot on. She gulped and took a deep breath…

"How long are you standing there?"

Ai jumped aback to a boy about the same height as her. He had shiny pink hair and purple eyes.

"Ah! Sorry!"Ai apologized bowing down.

"It's alright! Are you new here? What band are you in? Or are you just visiting?"He asked enthusiasticly. He gave off the same aura Ryuichi gave off.

"Don't mind Shuichi, he's just unusually excited today. I'm Hiroshi Nakano by the way."Said The Hiroshi Nakano. He had long red flowing hair.

"Hiro-kun?!"She covered her lips to contain her fangirl scream. "You're so cool! I love your website! I always tune in to your guitar lessons. Oh! Look!" Ai pulled up her sweater to reveal a pink t-shirt with red letters saying, SWAG. It was Hiro's line of T-shirts.

"Wow! I didn't think anyone went on there."He said scratching the back of his head.

"Are you kidding me?!"Ai said with starry eyes. "You're the reason I learned to play guitar!"

"Ai-chan~!" Ai whips around to see Ryuichi waving happily towards her.

"Ah! Ryuichi-sama!"She said happily. Behind him came Tohma Seguchi.


"Ohayo."Tohma said. He looked at Hiro and Shuichi. "It seems you met Bad Luck."


" , , I would like you to meet our very first idol, please take care of her."

"Eh?! Idol?"Shuichi tilted his head confused. "You don't look like one."

"Yeah..I get that a lot…"Ai said slumping over.

"Ai-chan! Let's go meet your producer~!"Ryuichi linked his arm with Ai's and dashed off .

"Aiharu Kaitou.." A man with a folded bandana on his forehead looked over his folder. He glanced at Ai and Ryuichi who were sitting across from him.

"I like you. You're different."He said in a good-natured way. He gave off an easygoing vibe.

Ai felt reassured.

"Anyways, have you come up with a look?"He asked.

Ai fiddled with her thumb. She didn't necessarily want a look. Ai wanted to stay true to herself, she didn't want to be like her past idol.

Ai had idolized an idol for years who was amazing, someone who was the reason for Ai wanting to become someone's idol. It disappointed her to realize that her idol wasn't who everyone thought she was.

"I don't really want a look…cant I just look like this?"

The man petted his chin and examined eye. He has to do something about her outfits.

"I got! The Cool look! You have the tomboyish look that qualifies for every girl's guilty fantasy!"He chanted as he envisioned Ai breaking hearts.

"That's weird.."Ai said with a sweatdrop. Ai asnt necessarily into the other gender…

"Come on! It's what's popular these days!"

"No way! Ai-chan is too cute for that~!"Ryuichi bursted in suddenly.

"What the-"

"Ai-chan will stay herself!"

Ai stared admiringly at Ryuichi. "Ryuichi-sama…."


"Ai Utau. How does that sound?" Hana asked.

"Hmmmm… Ai Utau? "Ai sings"? That sounds interesting!"Ai said with a monkey smile. She was sitting on the table while they discussed matters.

"No more like 'Love Song' because your name means love."Added Hiro.

"Really? Love song? It's cheesy…"Ai pouts.

"Either deal with it or the label chooses it for you."Hana scolds.

Hana whines and hides behind Hiro.

"Why are we here?"Asks Fujisaki, the othr member of the band.

"Because Ai-chan invited us! Be more courteous!"Shuichi scolded with his tongue out.

"Wow, very mature."Fujisaki side-commented."Idiot."

"I invited Hiro-kun not you guys."Ai hissed as she held Hiro from the neck.

"Hey! Don't get so friendly with Hiro!"Shuichi growled jumping to his feet.

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"Alright you guys be quiet,"Hana groaned pinching her nose. "We're not getting anywhere!"

"Manaja-san! Shuichi bit me!"

"No I didn't! I only nibbled!"Shuichi and Ai were now wrestling to the death.

"Alright you guys stop!"

The door opened and Tohma walked in along with the strange foreigner.



Shuichi leaped for Yuki and only for him to dodge.

"Well it seems very lively here."Tohma mentions as he sits down.

"Tell me about it…"They all groaned.

"Eeri, this is Aiharu Kaitou, the idol I spoked to you of."Tohma says.

Ai on the other side of the table sits there amazed. Why is Stranja-san here?! "Have you come to see me to confess your undying love for me!" Ai joked.

"Not likely."Yuki mumbled. Shuichi was holding onto Yuki's arm like a sad puppy.

"Ai Utau. That's her stage name Mr. Seguchi."Hana says. Tohma nods in agreement and looks over to Ai.

"Ai, I'm counting on you."

Ai nods enthusiasticly. "I cant wait to sing!"

"That's good."He smiles. He seems nice. Ai made sure to implant that in her memory. That Tohma can actually smile.


"Here. Your first paycheck."Hana throws it onto Ai's lap as she ate cheerios on the floor randomly.

"No way?!"She looks down at it. She counts the last paychecks he's got this month. The paycheck from the ticket booth at the festivals, the bakery, and from singing in the park.

"This is enough for an apartment! But I don't want to leave Manaja-san all alone…."

"Yes. Oh lord I'm dying of loneliness."Hana mumbled stoically as she drank her coffee.


"Thank you for helping me Ryuichi-sama!"

Ryuichi panted as he sat the crate on the floor. Ai-chan was the type to pac everything she owned into one crate.

"No problem Ai-chan~!"He cheers as he begins to unpack. Ai heads for the portable fridge she bought and grabs two bottles of iced tea.

"Ah! Ai-chan is this your brother?"He asks about a picture frame of a boy with the similar hair and eye characteristics as Ai.

"Yeah. Onii-chan was nice. He was the only one I could count one." Ai said staring down at the picture in Ryuichi's hands. Ryuichi looked up at Ai who was dazing off.

"Is Ai-chan sad?"He asks with a worried face.

Ai shakes herhead. "Not at all. Onii-chan calls me very once in awhile, and he came once to visit."

Ai put her things down and opened a window. "Ryuichi-sama it's so pretty outside, maybe we should work on the balcony."


Tohma sat drinking tea with one of the representatives of IDA productions, which was the music channel.

"It seems as though Ms. Utau is a very interesting idol, she's not necessarily the image girl idols are supposed to give off."

Tohma smiled business-like. "It seems so, Ai is one of our best."

The representative looked out the window to see Ai and Ryuichi. "It seems Mr. Sakuma has become quite fond of her. Now if I'm mistaken…"

"It seems you might be, because I can assure you that something like that will never happen."

Tohma takes a look outside the window in which Ai is scolding Ryuichi. They do get along well. But it was something that could transform over time; and there's no way Tohma would allow that.


"Ai-chaaaan~!"Ryuichi jumps onto Ai's back.

"Bahhh!"Ai jolts in fear. Ryuichi had surprised Ai, and Ai growled.

"Ryuichi-sama! What did I say about surprising people?! Because of that we're not getting icecream anymore!"

"Eh?!"Ryuichi sulks into his . "Ai-chan is a meanie…."


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