Logan's real voice, so it may be a bit choppy.

"Hi. I am Wogan Wassita, and dis is my daddy Detetive Cawotin Wassita. He works for the powice."

It's job day, and Daddy came to talk to my whole entire class about his job! I'm trying to do my best talking 'cause Daddy is important.

"Don't you mean the police," Bobby Coleman says at me in his stupid voice.

Bobby and George Green tease me 'cause I'm the only four-years-old in first grade. I'm smart and I can read and write my name and count and all the kindergarten stuff, so Daddy and the school said I could skip. I was a three-years-old in first grade, but then I had a birthday three weeks ago. Daddy says I'm gonna graduate high school early like Mommy. She was only 16, and I'm gonna be only 15. Daddy says maybe they might let me skip more grades, though. I had to take this weird test where they said I have something called a IQ that says I'm smart. It's 183, which Daddy says is as smart as Einstein. He sounds cool.

Dad says I'm a genius and a prodigy. I can speak three languages plus sign language, and can read them, too. I'm also good at other stuff. I helped my cousin Isaac who's nine on his homework. He's in fourth grade. Mommy says maybe she will let me skip to fourth grade next year, but maybe not, too. She's scared of the bigger kids being mean.

My cousin Iris who's my same age is in Kindergarten. She's only a little more little. My mommy gave her some stuff I had but in pink, and a few clothes that stopped fitting me and stuff. Auntie Karen always knew about me 'cause Mommy had to tell her. I think Daddy always did too... I don't remember but he was there as long as I could remember.

Daddy is my favorite person ever in the whole wide world. He knows everything! Also he catches bad guys.

"This is a .45 calliber semi-automatic pistol," Daddy tells them. They wouldn't let him bring in the real ones, so he got pictures instead.

"Daddy can shoot a moving tawget fwom a hundwed yawds away," I tell them. I'm proud of my Daddy. He's awesome.

Mommy is gonna be here after to get us. Daddy is the last speaker of the day, and then we get to go home. I'm excited.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Three Years later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My daddy is coming for career day again. He comes every year. Bobby and George can't tease me anymore, though, because I tutor their older brothers. I love when my daddy comes to career day. He treats me like me, and everyone stays nice to me. I didn't choose to be this smart, but I don't need to be looked down on either. I know I'm the youngest kid in the whole school. I get that it's weird to have a classmate half your age. I start ninth grade next year, and I'm barely seven.

My little sister is almost three and in Kindergarten, though. My little brother Lucas is already talking in sentences at 11 months old. This is the norm in our house. My mom and dad happen to be so smart that they bred geniuses. My siblings aren't quite as smart as I am, but they are still brilliant. I skipped grades 2,3,5, and 6. My sister already skipped straight to kindergarten. It happens to us.

They still don't let my dad bring his actual guns in. He's also no longer allowed to teach students how to arrest each other anymore. People were getting hurt.

I want to be a cop when I grow up. My dad says they can't hire me until I'm 16, so I'm gonna get a few Bachelors degrees before I go to the academy. Dad says if I take them online, they will cost less. I'm going to do both. I'm also going to test out of as many classes as I can. I'm excited to see what the future holds, and excited to be just like my Daddy when I grow up.