I can't sleep. Mommy should be coming 'cause I'm crying for her. I want my mommy. I'm tired. Also, I'm laying in squishiness. I need help.

Yay, Mommy is here! "Mama skish."

"Yep, you do need a change." She's picking me up. Woo hoo, now I'm being taken to the table! It takes away the squishiness. "Changig taybo"

"Yes, changing table. Good job, Logy!"

Wanna know what makes no sense? Iris is a baby I know who's only a little months younger than me. She can't talk none! I've been in the world for 9 months, but nobody like me talks!

"Alright, ready to go to sleep?"

I shake my head. "You bed."

She's smilie at me, and I think she agrees. We're going to her bed. It's squishy and big. It's just me and Mommy (and a babysitter called Carol and my friend's daddy). I don't know my dad so well. He lives away, but we visit sometimes. Mommy and him aren't together no more since he wouldn't move and didn't want me around until I can walk. I'm learning to stand without help, so maybe he'll like me soon. That's what Mommy says on the phone to Grandma, at least. She also says she hopes he doesn't fight for something called custody since she works and his new girlfriend doesn't. I hope I stay with Mommy 'cause I like her.

I can't sleep. I'm gonna ask Daddy for help. I like him 'cause he's cool and he likes me. My other daddy doesn't want me around no more. Daddy's gonna do something called adopt me 'cause the other one is signing a paper what says I'm not his no more. Then I get to have that name what's ended theirs.

I creep in quiet so they can't hear me coming, then jump up on Daddy. He's long, so I usually land right.

"Logan, what are you doing out of bed?"

"I can't sweep, Daddy. Dere's monstahs in my woom!"

"Is there? Why don't we go check."

I hop off the bed and Daddy follows me. He turns on the lights and checks everywhere. "I don't seen any monsters, bud."

"They're hide-n, Daddy!"

"Oh, I see. Listen up!" He's yelling now. "All of you monsters need to leave Logan alone, or I'll arrest you. Stay out of our house or we will prosecute to the full extent of the law."

Yay! Daddy saved me! No way any monsters are gonna mess with him!

"From now on, buddy, if you see any monsters just say 'I am Logan Lassiter, and you can't mess with me."

I like my name that way, so I'm smilie. "Yes! Go away monstahs!"

I'm safe now.

Mommy and Daddy are getting ready for a party, and I don't get to go. I can't even sleep anyways!

Mommy's doing her hair while Daddy shaves. I know just where to find them. They're getting ready for Uncle Shawn's 80s party, and they look kinda silly. Or at least Mommy does. She's got gigantic hair!

"Logan, we put you to bed half an hour ago," Daddy says in the I'm warning you face.

"I can't sleep, and why do I have to go to bed so early? I'm five, I'm not some little kid!"

Mommy seems like she's about to laugh, but she doesn't.

Daddy's smiling, "Well, let's have a little debate, then. Here's our argument. You need to sleep because you're a growing boy, and you need energy."

"I'm going into sixth grade next year, I think I can handle staying up late every once in a while. And every Honkytonk Man needs a Whit, even if he is doing Heartbreak Ridge."

Mommy tried to argue that this really was supposed to be a kid-free party, but I got Daddy with that last part.

"We do have the right clothes from when he dressed up for that school play."

Mommy sighs, "I'll call Carol and tell her it's just Lilly tonight."

"YES!" I cheer. I'm going to an 80s party.

Lucas won't stop screaming! He may only be two, but I have finals tomorrow. I need my sleep. I exit to the hallway, and find even Lilly's disturbed. She usually sleeps like a bear in hibernation.

"Don't worry," I tell her, "I'll take care of it."

Mom and Dad are on a stakeout, and the babysitter's stupid boyfriend is here to distract her. I wish Carol hadn't graduated college and moved to Wisconsin. She's been around my whole life! She was just working full time at first, but after I left my mom convinced her to go to college and follow her dreams. So now she's a music teacher in Wisconsin with her new husband and their new baby. I don't grudge her the happiness she currently has, I just miss her. Stupid Kara treats me like a normal eight year old, and thinks we're all lying to her about my grade. She goes to my school! We have Biology together! Anyway, that leaves this mess up to me.

"Hi, Lukie," I greet as I enter his room. He throws a toy at me. Pretty typical Lucas.

"Use your words and tel me what's wrong."

"Wanna get babysitter. Wanna twick."

"You wanna trick her?"

He nods. Usually I wouldn't let him, but this girl is driving me up the wall. I don't like her.

"He gets to?" Lilly asks me from the doorway.

I nod. "We all do."

Both smile at me. I lift Lucas from his crib and set him down on the floor. "Alright, Lukie-Pookie, what's the plan?"

He walks over to his toy bin and pulls out three water guns, a pea shooter, a marshmallow gun, a slingshot, 14 small plastic toys, and his teddy bear. "Baya hewps wiff dis."

Baya is his stuffed bear. He got him a year and a half ago. When he tried to say "bear," it sounded like "baya" instead.

We pack up the stuff and creep down the hall. This is gonna be awesome.

I graduated today. Technically, I guess it was yesterday. I now have a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I graduated pre-law. I got accepted to law school over a year ago now, so I'm pretty excited about that. I was going to be a cop, or possibly FBI before I decided I wanted to have a life, but Mom told me I could do a lot more as a lawyer. I've already could probably be lawyer since I absorb what I read and have read a lot about it, but I have to get the degree.

Anyway, all my school friends went out partying. I couldn't have gone if I wanted to, as I won't be old enough to drink for another six years. I'm barely 15, after all.

Anyway, I can't sleep. Iris is over. She's asleep next to me, though. Not like in a weird way or anything like that. I do have feelings for her, but she's not allowed to date for another year. Besides, I'm pretty sure she'll always just think of me as a friend. Anyway, she's been my best friend since I was two and a half months old, so it's not a big deal that we share my bed for sleepovers. It's not like we're under the same covers or anything. I sometimes wish we were, but that's just the hopelessly in love part of me.

I don't want to disturb her, so I have to be very careful getting up.

I pad into the kitchen to find Mom drinking tea.

"Mom? What are you doing up?"

She looks up and I can tell she's been crying.

I rush over to hug her. "What's wrong, Mom?"

"You're just getting so big! It feels like yesterday that you were my baby boy, and now you're going to law school and you're so grown up... It's just hard. Most parents get 18 years before their kids even start college, and you graduated at 15. I'm just scared of losing my baby."

I almost laugh as I hold her close. I reached her height at thirteen, and now I'm taller than her. Mom's five foot six, and I'm 5'9" and not done growing. She can't really hold me anymore. "Mom, I'll always be your baby. I may be more grown up than most kids my age, but I'll always need my mom. And you do have me until 18, Mom. I've still got three years of law school to go through."

She smiles at me. "I'll love you forever, Logy, Don't ever forget that."

I smile back and hold her close, "I won't, Mom."

I don't think I'm going to get any sleep tonight. I'm certainly tired, but also very worried. It's not the baby keeping me up. Janie's started sleeping through the night. She sometimes still wakes up, but she's been pretty good about sleeping through the night.

"Go to sleep, Loge."

"Iris? I thought you were sleeping, hon."

I can feel her head shake, as it causes some vibration though the bed. "Not really. What's got you up, babe?"

"I'm worried about Carl."

My five-year-old is at a sleepover party, and it scares me half to death. We've known Jennifer Lakewood for a long time, so it's not like he won't be safe at her house, but it still scares me.

"Devin, Maddy and Morgan are there, so I'm sure he's happy. You know Jenny's dad lives over the garage, and Rick Dobson still takes his job very seriously."

Devin Guster is my cousin Lawson's three-year-old son. Maddy and Morgan Carstairs are my sister Lilly's twin daughters. They're four. Her littlest, Jayden, is six months old. He's a cutie. My brother Lucas just got married last year, and his wife is eight months along. They don't want to know the gender, so we're all taking bets on what they're having. Janie's only eight months old, so no matter what the gender, he or she will have cousins to play with.

"I just worry about him, Iris. He's barely five."

Her cell is ringing.

"Hello?... Yes... We'll be right there, Jen." She turns to me, "Carl's not doing so well, so I guess you don't have to worry anymore. I've gotta call Lilly, 'cause the girls aren't doing so well, either nor is Dev. You can probably drop them off, but call Lawson to let him know what's going on."

"Can do." I can't help the yawn that escapes. I think once I get back home with Carl safe at home, I'll finally be able to sleep.