Hi Kidlets! so this is my second ever fanfic so if you dont like please dont track me down and kill me. Also please tell me if I spelled anything wrong or grammer or anything that will help my writing.

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Reynie grinned to himself at the scene in front of him, at this very moment, Constance was bickering with Sticky and Kate was practicing a one handed handstand. He couldn't help but smile, it was a month after Mr. Curtains capture and they were outside enjoying not having to worry about world domination or something like that. Kate finally got to her feet when Constance said suddenly.

"Number 2 is coming!" She screamed before diving behind a tree (for they were in the backyard)

"What are you freaking out about Connie girl?" Kate asked the peitie girl. Constance stuck her head from around the tree opening her mouth to answer when Number 2 appeared. "Renyie I need you to go to Mr. Benedict's office." She said before heading away in search of an apple. Renyie stood up and stretched and wondered out loud.

"Wonder why he needs me" All three of them shrugged at him and waved him goodbye.

Renyie always thought Mr. Benedict and himself where similar and never felt nervous visiting his office, but for some reason he felt as if he was visiting the principal's office instead. Shaking off a sudden feeling of dread he opened the door and walked in. The sight that greeted him was rather odd, Mr. Benedict was sitting in his chair like normal, but sitting across from him was an average looking girl with average looking brown eyes, average brown hair, cut at an average length. Mr. Benedict looked up and smiled.

"Ah Renyie, good of you to come by, please sit down." Renyie shook his head and stayed standing.

"Ok Renyie I would like you to meet Rachel." Rachel smiled shyly at him before looking away.
"Nice to meet you."He said politely as Mr. Benedict continued.

"Milligan found Rachel in an orphanage outside of Stone town and I thought you might want to meet her." Renyie looked curiously at him. Mr. Benedict feeling his confusion said."Rachel how about you tell Renyie your full name."

Rachel nodded just as confused at Renyie."My name is Muldoon, Rachel Muldoon"

Behind Mr. Benedict there was a sound like someone dropping a glass then they heard a muffled Kate say."Holy gravy!"

Man that took forever to write even though its so short and I'll tell you why.

One day I was wandering through my house when I was struck down with this idea. I of course kinda hated this story so I didn't write it for entire month. The story kept buging me like this

"Write me!" and i was like."No your stupid." It would say."Your stupid write me!" I finally gave in and wrote it so yeah. (I kinda like it now)