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Renyie did not kill his sister. Mostly because she couldn't find her. Rachel as it turns out was hiding in a kitchen cupboard with Constance. They had to leave the cupboard when Moocho found them.

"Were going. yeesh." Constance told him. Rachel grabbed her hand and dragged her away. As they headed into a different room they ran into Sticky.

"Renyie looking for you Rachel."

"I know."

"Do you want me to get him?"

"Nope." She and Constance exchanged looks and burst out laughing. Sticky gave them questioning looks and waited untill they stopped laughing before asking.

"Why are you laughing?"

Before Rachel could stop her Constance told him the story.

"I see why you're avoiding Renyie." Rachel nodded grinning. Untill she heard Renyie yelling her name.

"Rachel! Not funny come out now!" Rachel saluted the twosome before running into a different room.

Later once Renyie had calmed down. They all sat down in Constance's room. Well almost all of them, Kate of course was tidying and Rachel was handing upside down on Constance's bed.

"Kate stop cleaning!" Constance said for about the 5th time. Kate ignored her and looked out of the window.

"Look! Someone's coming through the gate!" They all jumped up and crowded to the window. They couldn't get a good look at him untill Kate grabbed her spy glass and looked at him.

"He has sunglasses on and I think he has a scar running along his jaw line. Other than that you can't describe him." Rachel froze at Kate's words.

"Do the sunglasses have the letter's ?" She asked. Kate tilted her head.

"Let me see." After a couple of seconds she nodded.

"How did you know that?" Renyie asked.

"Journal." Was all she said. She held out her hand. Renyie grabbed it from the ground where he left it and handed to her. She flipped through it while the others looked over her shoulder. She stopped at a page near the middle and handed it to Renyie.

"I'm going to meet up with my best friend Rodney McKay." He read from the book." I guess I should write about him,(I keep forgetting to.) He has a scar along his jaw from a fight with a small poodle. and he has sunglasses he carry's with him always. Other than that nothing can describe him." Renyie trailed off.

"What more do you know about him Rachel?" Sticky asked the pale looking girl.

"He gambles. A lot. He was going to get married but then he got cold feet." She racked her brain for something else to say."After not marrying he broke off his friendship with my dad."

Kate grabbed Rachel's arm and made her sit on the bed.

"Rachel what's wrong?" This was Constance.

"There's something about him that makes me feel sick." She said faintly. Sticky who was quiet this whole time asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

"But why is he here?"

Turns out Rodney McKay was there for Renyie. Number 2 took him to Mr. Benedict's office a minute later. The rest of them waited and waited. Finally Number 2 came into the room and announced it was time for dinner.

"But what about Renyie?" Rachel asked.

"What do you mean? I sent Renyie back half an hour ago." They ran to the window to see Rodney pulling Renyie into a car and driving away.

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