Rachel ran into the house yelling.

"I'm home Amma!" She headed to her room. In the hallway she ran into Constance.

"Hey where's Renyie?"

"He's on a not-date with Kate." Both of them rolled their eyes.

"Does he really think that we'll believe that?"

"I doubt it. He didn't try to hide how excited he was."

Laughing Rachel pasted Constance and walked into her room. It had been 3 years since the Rodney-Kidnap scare. Rachel walked over to her desk and pulled a simple brand new note-book out of her bag. She opened the notebook and stared at the blank page. She tried to think of what to write. Nothing came. Finally she wrote.

My name is Rachel Muldoon, and this is my story...

And done that's Similar. No in fact Identical. I thought that the ending is good but that's just me.