Soap woke up to the sensation of someone grabbing him from behind and shaking him violently. He woke with a start, immediately turning around and planting a fist into whoever had touched him. Once the sleepy fuzziness cleared itself from his eyes though, Soap looked onto the hunched over form of Ghost, who was trying to regain the air Soap had knocked out of him. While Soap took a minute to wake up a little more, and rub the sleep from his eyes, Ghost managed to choke out a few words as he got to his feet.

"Nice hit. Right to the solar plexus." Soap nodded, and looked at Ghost with slight frustration sparking in his glance as he looked at the slowly ticking clock on the wall. It was about an hour later than Soap usually woke, which might put his day a bit behind. Grumbling, he got to his feet, swiping away a dot of his drool that had made its way onto his desk.

Leonard came to the front of his mind in a split second, and with still waking sight, Soap swiveled his vision over to include Ghost once more.

"Ghost, did you wake up Leonard yet?" Though he would have denied it, Soap's voice was slightly tinged with genuine worry. With no emotion on Ghost's part, and any facial expressions that would have shown hidden by a balaclava, but his voice was also free of them when he spoke.

"No, I didn't think you wanted him woken. I wouldn't have you either, but I thought that it would be best if you got up and started the day. You missed breakfast, but I had some saved for you and the boy." With a sigh of gratitude, Soap pushed past his lieutenant and out of the door to his office, lightly shuffling down the hall.

It was almost as if the captain wasn't aware of where his feet were taking him, but only a few seconds later Soap found himself outside the door to the three new boy's room, the place where they slept, and Leonard now lay. With as much effort as he could to make the movement silent, Soap grasped the handle on the wooden door and pushed it open as slow as he could manage. Despite the valiant attempts, it squeaked like the entire building was about to collapse, and each time it did so Soap winced as if he was physically inflicted with pain.

Somehow though, Soap got into the room, and the deep breathing of sleep remained. Leonard lay on the lower bunk, snoring softly into his pillow, and Soap looked on with a smile. He sat there for a few seconds, dwelling over the thoughts of last night. Would he let Leonard relax, or would he let him work off any remnants of last night? In the end, Soap realized that he couldn't choose for the boy. Whatever felt right to Leonard is what they would do on the long road to his recovery.

Using a calloused hand, Soap reached under the bunk and put his hand on Leonard's shoulder, shaking slightly, just as Ghost had done to him a few minutes earlier. Thankfully though, Leonard's reaction was nowhere near as violent as his own had been. The boy merely grumbled and slapped gently at Soap's hand with a mumbled word that he couldn't quite catch. Then, with another round of shaking Leonard's eyes groggily opened, revealing thin slits through rapid blinking. Eventually though, Leonard must have seen something. To Soap's surprise, Leonard's eyes shot open right away, and his entire body sat up abruptly.

Of course, since he was on a lower bunk, this resulted in him smashing his head with a loud crack. Wincing, Leonard tried to scramble out of bed hastily, only succeeding on getting himself wrapped in the thin blankets and rolling off the bed with a thunk to the ground.

It took almost a minute for Leonard to get himself together, and Soap tried to hold back laughter the entire time. Even though he was not usually a man who laughed, something brewed in his stomach at the sight of the small, slightly awkward boy scrambling around to get himself together. Somehow though, it happened, and Leonard stood dazed at what might be called attention. In small panting breaths, Leonard bade Soap good morning.

"Good morning sir. I'm sorry sir, I mean, for, uh, all this." A small frown traced itself down Soap's face now, as he surveyed the boy. He seemed to be squirming on the spot, anxious for something. With only the slightest moment of hesitation, Soap patted Leonard on the back. Instantly the boy eased up a little, and with a bit of prodding, Soap got him to follow to his office, where he sat the boy down in the chair across from him. Taking a seat himself, Soap looked Leonard in the eyes. Since he didn't have any idea what he was going to do, Soap did something that is usually quite a bad idea- said whatever came to his mind without a second thought.

"Listen, Leonard, last night, it made me think. I haven't treated you right. Any of you. I haven't ever had to deal with kids before… well, not that you're a kid. But an untrained person, that's what I mean. And, I don't really have a way with words or people either. So, whatever I say, if it sounds funny, just, ignore it. Okay?" Leonard nodded, and Soap went on.

"I don't know how you feel, so I don't know how to go about this whole thing. I just want you to feel welcome here, and to feel trusted. When we're out on the front lines, you're going to need that trust, and you're going to need the guys to trust you. We're shooting to kill, and you have to know someone has your back, and they need to know you have theirs. Of course, it would be best to have you back and training in the next day, or as soon as possible. But if you need your time to recover, I can understand that. Is there anything, and I mean anything within my power, that I can do for you?" As Soap spoke these words, Leonard shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He had obviously been through a lot lately, and once more, this was a bit much to digest. But if anything, Leonard pulled himself together nicely enough to answer with a cool voice and crisp tone.

"Sir, I will be able to get back to training tomorrow. Today, I would like to help out with anything else that you might need me for. As for anything, I was thinking about my name. I lost a lot of things when I came here, and I lost all my friends when they thought I killed my dad. But they could make me smile… they called me Leo sir." Soap smiled.

"Well, then , let's get up and meet the day Leo."