Everybody stared. Nobody said anything. It was complete silence. But it wasn't peaceful silence. The air was flaming with tension and anxiety.

Eri broke the silence. "What…uhh…what is…going on?" Yakumo flung herself to the other side of the room. Harima was stuck in position like a statue. "Umm…it's not what you think…really…I-I just…uhh…"

"I'll leave you two lovebirds alone, kay? Bye." Eri said hiding her face. She ran out the door while Harima chased her, but Eri was too fast. Harima stopped next to a convenience store. 'OHHH MAN. NOW SHE THINKS WE'RE GOING OUT NOW. SHE's GONNA BLAB TO EVERYONE ABOUT WHAT SHE SAW. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW!?', Harima thought to himself.

"There you are…" Yakumo said breathily. She ran outside after him to apologize.

"Listen, I'm sorry for what I did. It's just that, I wanted to make you feel better. I hate to see people sad. Again, I'm really sorry." Yakumo said to Harima, trying to clear things up.

"Tenma's sister, that's not the problem here. Rich Girl's gonna go on blabbing to everyone that we're going out. Do you want everyone to think that you're going out with some delinquent like me?"

"Well…uhh…" Yakumo didn't reply. "Tenma's sister, thanks for trying to cheer me up though." Yakumo looked at him with a smile. 'Woah…' Yakumo read his mind. She stepped back quickly from hearing his thought.

Yakumo's face lit up a bright red. 'Why could I read his mind there?' Does he…' Harima started to look nervous as well. "WELL UH YOU SHOULD GET GOING NOW IT'S KINDA LATE SO GO ON AND GET YOUR STUFF BYE TENMA'S SISTER" Harima rambled to Yakumo.

That moment left Yakumo flustered.


Yakumo walked to school, with a lot in her mind. 'Does Harima really like me?' That was the only thought in her mind. She decided to take a seat on the park bench nearby and think. But all this thinking made her tired. And she fell asleep.

"Hey, Tenma's sister. Wake up. You're late to school. Like me. That's not good." Harima was luckily going the same path as Yakumo. "Oh…uhh…ok. Thanks, Harima." Yakumo said in return. "Come on, Tenma's sister. Let's go."

Yakumo was still thinking about yesterday. So the walk was kind of awkward.

As walked in together, they received strange looks from everyone. They seemed to giggle and laugh everytime they walked past someone. Finally, Yakumo read one of her admirer's thoughts. 'That lucky Harima. Why does he get to go out with Yakumo? It's not fair. He just a jerk and a delinquent'. She realized what was going on. Everybody thought they were going out with each other. But why?

"Harima, I know why they're lo-" Harima cut her off. "Aren't you class 1-D?"

Yakumo forgot. "Oh, yeah. Right. Sorry." She ran off.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Only one person could make such a cry of anger. You guessed it. It was Hanai. "What's wrong with you, big man? Come to pick a fight?" Hanai tore his shirt off. "BRING IT ON, YOU FIEND!"

As Harima prepared himself to fight, Hanai fell on the floor and shriveled up. "Uhhh….what is this, some kind of joke?" Harima walked away, with a confused look on his face.

"Harima, you lucky dog!" Harima recognized that childishly adorable voice. It was Tenma. "OH….UH…TENMA. WHAT'S UP…" Harima stuttered. "Oh you know what I mean, Harima."

"No, I don't."

"You're going out with Yakumo, silly! Why didn't you tell me?"


"Uhh…Eri. She told everyone!"


Yup. Eri has told everyone. Now everybody in the school thinks they are dating. What will they do now?