Summary: Bella Swan is a 17 year old girl living in Phoenix, Arizona. There is nothing special about her- she's as plain and boring as she describes herself in Twilight. However, when a group of vampires (not the Cullens) start a killing spree in Phoenix, something stirs deep inside Bella, and she phases into a giant white wolf. Inspite of her actions, she doesnt go after the vampires. She has no idea what she is-or what vampires are, but her mother soons noticing her strange behavior and sends her of to Forks, Washington to live with her father.

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Chapter 1

Bella POV:

I stared intently at the man sitting in front of me on the plane. He was overweight and balding, his noisy breath annoying me to the point that I asked the flight attendant if I could sit somewhere else, anywhere else, but she told me the flight was almost over and there were no other seats avaliable. I purposefully sighed loudly and she gave me a look- but I glared right back. There was still another hour to go.

I'm on my way to Forks, Washington right now to live with my father, Charlie, because my mom kicked me out. Let me explain. I started acting funny when the killing sprees started in Phoenix. I figured I was just really nervous and anxious but I started noticing wierd things happening to me- I was constantly very warm, like a chronic fever. When I told Renee about it, she told me not to worry about it, but she also suggested that I keep it to myself.

It was then that I decided something was up, but I kept the rest of my symptoms hidden from her. I started throwing up and having severe muscle aches. I was almost 5'9 now, which was a very, very long growth spurt from my petite 5'5, so I couldnt exactly hide that from her-but she never questioned it. Eventually I started spazzing out, but luckily I was outside. It took all of maybe 10 seconds for me to land on four legs.

I didnt know what I really was, a wolf, I guess? I called myself a werewolf, but I never really figured it out-I couldnt tell Renee or Phil, and forsure nobody else. Once I figured out how to change back, I started to be okay with the idea of it. I would sneak out at night and go for runs and I absolutely loved it. It burned alot of calories but I kept on a regular diet so I got in shape really fast, maybe even a little underweight, but it never hurt anybody.

Renee soon found out about my everynight outings-called me uncontrollable and unruly and told me I needed to go live with Charlie so that I would learn what it's like to live with strict rules-she thought the idea of being in the same house as the Chief of Police would stop me. But I visited Charlie every summer-and she didnt-so I knew that he was laid back and had no rules.

Since the change, I noticed my hearing had improved, greatly, as well as my sight and smell. Which, at the moment, was the most annoying thing in the world. The man in front of me breathed ever louder than before and his stench didnt make me feel any better.


When the plane landed and Charlie found me and my luggage, he led me to a car-it was a old red pickup-not his police cruiser. He explained to me that he bought it off his old friend Billy Black from the La Push Reservation-I vagulely remembered his daughters, Rachel and Rebecca, and even more vaguely remembered Jacob.

"What kind of car?" I was suspicious of the way he said "good car for you" as opposed to just "good car."

"Well, its a truck actually, a Chevy."

"Where did you find it?"

"Do you remember Billy Black down at La Push?" La Push is the tiny Indian reservation on the coast.


"He's in a wheelchair now," Charlie continued, "so he can't drive anymore, and he offered to sell me his truck cheap."

"What year is it?" I could see from his change of expression that this was the question he was hoping I wouldnt ask.

"Well, Billy's done a lot of work on the engine - it's only a few years old, really."

I hope he didnt think so little of me as to believe I would give up that easily. "When did he buy it?"

"He bought it in 1984, I think."

"Did he buy it new?"

"Well, no. I think it was new in the early sixties - or late fifties at the earliest," he admitted sheepishly.

"Ch - Dad, I dont really know anything about cars. I wouldnt be able to fix it if anything went wrong, and I couldnt afford a mechanic.." Listening to this thing groan as my dad picked up speed on the highway wasnt exactly unnerving.

"Really, Bella, the thing runs great. They dont build them like that anymore."

We exchanged a few more comments, then talked about the weather, which was wet, and that was pretty much it for conversation. We stared out the windows in silence.

I was another hour drive to the little town of Forks, Washington where Charlie resided. He lived in a cute two story house-which contained two bedrooms and a communal bathroom. I noticed with relief that there were virtually no neighbors around-just large patches of dense, dense woods. As I was unpacking in my room, Charlie came up the stairs and knocked on my half-open door.

"Hey kiddo. Renee told me you have a errr...habit of going out late at night. I dont mind you going for walks or hang out with friends but stay around the house if you go out to walk okay? There's alot of bears and cougars here.." his voice drifted off as I thought about what it would be like to fight with a bear or a cougar. But then I thought about possibly getting injured and how terrible that situation could turn out if Charlie found out.

"Dont worry, Char-dad, I'll stick to the trails," I confirmed and he nodded, a little unsure, but backed out of the room anyways.

One of the best things about Charlie is he doesnt hover. He left me alone after that to get settle, a feat that would have been altogether impossible for my mother. It was nice to be alone, not to have to smile and look pleased; a relief to stare dejectedly out the window at the sheeting rain and let just a few tears escape. I wasnt in the mood to go on a real crying jag.

I continued unpacking and finished by dinner time. At around 7pm I came downstairs to find a box of pizza sitting on the table and Charlie on the couch watching the game. I felt Charlie's eyes on me as I grabbed two slices and a plate and retreated to my room where I ate in peace.

Tonight I didnt go out, I actually fell asleep early, knowing I had school the next morning.


Forks High School had a frightening total of only three hundred and fifty-seven - now fifty-eight - students; there were more than seven hundred people in my junior class alone back home. All of the kids here had grown up together - their grandparents had been toddlers together. I would be the new girl from the big city, a curiosity, a freak.

Maybe, if I looked like a girl from Phoenix should, I could work this to my advantage. But physically, I'd never fit in anywhere. I should be tan, sporty, blonde - a volleyball player, or a cheerleader, perhaps - all the things that go with living in the valley of the sun.

Instead, I was ivory-skinned, without even the excuse of blue eyes or red hair, despite the constant sunshine. I had always been slender (even more so now, but somehow a little soft (I was working on that part) - obviously not an athlete. I didnt have the necessary hand-eye coordination to play sports without humiliating myself. Maybe I did now-but I wasnt risking the chance. I would never fit in.

It probably didnt help that I was a werewolf.

I parked in front of the first building, which had a small sign over the door reading FRONT OFFICE. No one else was parked there, so I was sure it was off limits, but I decided I would get directions inside instead of circling around in the rain like an idiot. I stepped unwillingly out of the toasty truck cab and walked down a little stone path lined with dark hedges. I took an un-necessary deep breathe before opening the door.

Inside, it was brightly lit, and warmer than I'd hoped, especially with my already raging temperature. The office was small; a little waiting area with padded folding chairs, orange-flecked commercial carpet, notices and awards cluttering the walls, a big clock ticking loudly. Plants grew everywhere in large plastic pots, as if there wasnt enough greenery outside. The room was cut in half by a long counter, cluttered with wire baskets full of papers and brightly colored flyers taped to its front. There were three desks behind the counter, one of which was manned by a large, red-haired woman wearing glasses. She was wearing a purple t-shirt, which immediately made me feel overdressed.

The red-haired woman looked up. "Can I help you?"

"Im Isabella Swan," I informed her, and saw the immediate awareness light her eyes. I was expected, a topic of gossip no doubt. Daughter of the Chief's flighty ex-wife who's been forcefully sent home at last.

I saw my schedule on the table and snatched it before she could strike up a conversation. I didnt want to be rude, but I also didn want to make too much of a scene. My new found abilities were really making my patience wear thin. She quickly handed me a slip that all my teachers had to sign before I walked out the door and back down the little gravel pathway to my beast of a car.

I saw a few other cars head further into the school grounds and followed them, parking next to-which I noticed with a sigh of relief-a car that seemed just about as old as mine. My clothes didnt stand out either. Even though I wasnt equipped for the cold-not that it bothered me much anyways-my plain black jacket and bue jeans seemed like the average thing to wear here in Forks.

Once I got around the cafeteria, building three was easy to spot. I tried holding my breath as I follow two unisex raincoats through the door. The classroom was awfully small, and I almost groaned out loud. I took the slip up to the teacher, a tall, balding man whose desk had a nameplate identifying him as . He gawked at me and I scowled in return.

He stood up and greeted me with a handshake and asked me to tell the class a little something about myself. My wolf side peeked out and gave him a quick "No way in hell" as a response. I could see that maybe my attitude was going to be a problem-but I had worse things to worry about. The New girl needed a little space.

Throughout the day until lunch I had met quite a few guys-luckily none of them had asked me out or anything wierd, just asked me about where I came from, what I liked to do...all the boring questions boring town folk liked to ask. No one here also didnt handle sarcasm well - I figured I would keep it up until they learn, they certainly needed a healthy dose of it in a town like this.

By the time I found myself in the Cafeteria, I wound up at a table with a few faces I recognized- I didnt remember anyones names, so I never asked them any questions in return. I didnt eat- I dont think I could stomach whatever food this hell had to offer-werewolf or not. When Jess-I think her name was-called me out on it, I told her my father abuses me and doesnt allow me to eat. She frowned and left me alone after that.

It was there, sitting in the lunchroom, that I first saw them. They were sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, as far away from where I sat as possible in the long room. There were five of them. They weren't talking, or eating, but they also weren't gawking at me which was a relief. They didnt look anything alike. Of the three boys, one was big - muscled like a serious weight lifter, with dark, curly hair. Another was taller, leaner, but still muscular and honey blonde hair. There was something wierd about the second one - all over his skin werepatches of scars - that almost looked like bite marks. I wondered in awe how he couldve come out of a situation like that. Had he been mauled by some animal? The last was lanky, less bulky, with untidy, bronze-colored hair. He was more boyish than the others, who looked like they could be in college, or even teachers here rather than students.

The girls were opposites. The tall one was statuesque. She had a beautiful figure, the kind you saw on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the kind that made every girl around her take a hit on her self-esteem just by being in the ssame room. Her hair was golden, gently waving to the middle of her back. The short girl was pixielike, thin in the extreme, with small features. Her hair was a deep black, cropped short and pointing in every direction.

Jess noticed me staring and explained that they were the Cullens. In order from I had described them, it was Emmett, Jasper, Edward, Rosalie, and Alice. Their foster parents were Carlisle and Esme Cullen- Carlisle was a doctor that worked at the local hospital.

"They are...very nice-looking." I struggled with the conspicuous understatement.

"Yes!" Jessica agreed with another giggle. "They're all together though - Emmett and Rosalie, and Jasper and Alice, I mean. And they live together." Her voice held all the shock and condemnation of the small town, I thought critically.

"Why does that one, uhh..Jasper, have all those scars?" I asked suddenly after she was done her speech.

She looked up at me sharply with a curious expression on her face. "What scars? I dont see any." I looked back towards their table and Edward was staring at me, his mouth wide-open. I turned around to face Jess again.

"Nevermind it must've been a trick of the light." I said. I would have to investigate that a little later. It meant that my sight had improved more than I had thought. Silly humans, I thought.

"Which one is the boy with the reddish brown hair?" I asked, knowing full well that his name was Edward. I peeked at him from the corner of my eye, and he was still staring at me, but now gawking like the other students had today - he had a slightly frustrated expression, maybe like he was constipated. Not that he was going to shit in his seat.

"That's Edward. He's gorgeous, of course, but don't waste your time. He doesnt date. Apparently none of the girls here are good-looking enough for him." She sniffed, a clear case of the sour grapes.

"Oh?" I asked, surprised. "When did he turn you down?"

She mumbled an uncoherent response as another boy- with blonde hair and blue eyes from our table- joined into our conversation. "She's asked him out maybe like three times," he said laughing, but then turned to Jess. "But dont worry babe, us normal boys will go out with a beautiful girl like you any day." She smiled immediately and I could tell there was something going on there.

I got up as the bell rang and looked towards the Cullen table. They were laughing and pointing at our table, mostly towards Jess, but Edward held a miserable expression on his face-maybe humiliated? I wondered if they heard me..but it wasnt possible, I thought and shook my head before leaving to go to Biology.


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