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Chapter 3

Bella POV:

I was running through the woods in wolf form- the most freedom I'd had during my short two-day-stay here. A deer flew out in front of me and a sudden thought occurred to me-I could hunt in this form. Granted, I wasnt sure if I'd actually have the endurance but I could try.

I flew after the deer, which headed towards the outskirts of town [A/N: we all know who lives there *wink*]. Adrenaline poured through me-it was truly exhilerating-the feeling of being the hunter. I was gaining on the tiring deer-I was tiring too, but I was too close to give up now-when something slammed smack into the deer from the side, bringing us both down. I tumbled around and around a few times before flying back onto my feet and turning around.

Holding the deer down, though, was not what I had expected.

Somehow that asshole Edwin from Biology had caught it first. Profanities strung in my mind as I watched him curiously. I vaguely remember Charlie saying they liked to go hunting when it was sunny, but this was some sort of extreme hunting..until he bit right into the deer's neck.

Shit just hit the fan.

I froze and he looked sharply up at me. My mind and body didnt coordinate as I turned tail and ran as fast as I could away from the couple-you know, give them some space. A clearing up-ahead and big white house shot some relief through me-maybe if I pretended to be like a dog these people could help me. Whatever the hell Edward Cullen was, was some seriosuly jacked-up shit. As I got closer I realized there were two people outside-an older man and a huge guy..it couldnt...

It was Emmett Cullen and an older gentleman. Not much older..maybe their father? What the hell, I thought. I could mess with these guys too.

At the edge of the clearing I phased back human and flew out of the trees stumbling around before falling onto all fours, panting hard. The older guy ran antagonizingly slow to me and helped me up.

"Are you alright? What's wrong?" He asked.

"Oh god," was all I could manage to get out.

"Wait-Bella? Bella Swan?" Emmett interupted.

"Yes," I panted. "He was chasing me, he was CHASING ME!" I screamed at the blonde one.

A worried expression appeared on his face. He knew the answer though. What a dick.

"Edward. I cant believe it. I was just going for a hike and suddenly I walk in on him-and-and this deer!" I gasped. "As-as soon as he saw me he told me he would kill me if I told anybody. I-I wasnt going to, I swear, I mean sure if he's into that kind of stuff-"

"What kind of stuff?" The blonde one said again. I could only assume this was the alusive "Carlisle".

"Beastiality." A booming laugh made me realize that Emmett was rolling on the floor laughing and Carlisle's palm was on his face.

"oh god," Emmett said. "I knew it-I just knew it."

These people were so easy going.

They still didnt get jokes.


"Do you have somewhere you need to be Ms. Swan? Im Carlisle Cullen by the way...I'm very uh..sorry you had to experience that," Carlisle said.

"Nah, I'll just be sure not to go back the way I came." I said, laughing nervously.

"I could drive you home if you'd like," Carlisle offered.

"Ehh," I said.


"Ehh. Sure."

"Great." He smiled friendly. I bet he just wanted to rape me.

We got in the Black Mercedes sitting in the driveway and quickly shot down the driveway.

"So what would happened," I said, getting an idea and taking my switchblade out of my pocket, "if I cut myself with this right now?"

"Are you saying you like to cut yourself, Bella?" Oh god. This whole family was mentally incompetent.

"Yes-love it in fact-and sometimes I go to those clubs with wierdos and let them Drink. My. Blood." I whispered the last part.

A worried glance crossed over his face but then it became serious.

"That's very dangerous, Bella."

Bella this, Bella that. Bella, bella, bellaaaa...

I flipped the blade open and he gulped.

"Don't do that, Bella. I'll be forced to take you to the hospital if you do."

"I'm not going anywhere but home." I said.

"You'll be the one making that decision." No shit.

The blade slid across my wrist but his facial expression didnt change. He pulled car to the side of the road-somehow we were already at my house-and reached into the back of his car, for a first aid kit? Maybe. I opened the door and got out.

"Bella that needs to have proper medical attention,"Carlisle said, getting out of the car.

"The hell it does," I said and walked up to my house.

I got the key from under the eve and opened the-was that fucker following me? I turned around and Carlisle was behind me.

"Go away." I said.

"As a doctor, I'm obligated to treat that wound." He replied.

"Piss of." I spat and slammed the door in his face.

I sat in my room thinking about the Cullens a great deal and came up with 3 thoughts that I was 100% sure on.

1st - They were vampires.

2nd - Edward was into beastality.

3rd - I was such a badass.

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