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POV: Nine

"Now you talk," John says dramatically. Man, that kid is cliché, it feels like an action movie. I'm holding her down with telekinesis, and I'm pretty sure everyone else is too, because she doesn't even nod. The only thing that can move is her eyes which are flashing from face to face.

Her eyes are moving so fast its kind of mesmerizing. All of a sudden, her pupils started slowly expanding until her eyes were completely black. Six, realizing what was happening, grabbed Walker's gun, and shot off a few blasts of red light. The light stopped a few inches form its face. Setrakus started transforming into his normal form, and then laughed at our shocked expressions.

Six, john, Eight, and me all charged Setrakus, but he just stomped his foot and a force of energy caused us all to go flying back into the wall. Hard. I remember before blacking out is looking around and seeing tons of boots pour into the room and handcuff my friends. Just before I totally lost it, I saw the real Walker and Setrakus looking at me and laughing. Then something hard hit the back of my head.

Every now any then I would somewhat wake up. I could hear whispers, voices coming from somewhere above me. They didn't sound real, it sounded like a TV that was not turned up enough. By the time I was able to form mental command to open me eyes, my brain was started to go fuzzy again. I got to get out of here I though dreamily, then was forced under again.

By the time I finally woke up, my senses slowly came back to me. I realized that I must be on some sort of stone table. I felt something touch my forehead, so I whipped my head around automatically, only to see that it was my hair. Clearly, I was jumpy from this.

I looked around the room, but I could only see so much. There were candles lining both sides of the room. The ceiling must be forty feet tall, and with my advanced senses, I can see that's its covered In pictures of armies clashing, and bloody violence.

I heard booming footsteps behind me, so I craned my neck to see. Standing in the middle of the room, covered in black and red armor, is Setrakus Ra. He walks over to me, the sound of the footsteps echoing around the room, until he was hovering over my face.

"Nice to see you're finally awake. Now to business. You have something I want, and let me assure you, I get what I want," he says slowly and dramatically. He and Four should get together for a theater class.

I could only get out a few choice swear words, mostly about what he should do to himself, until one mammoth hand covered my mouth, and most of my face. The other hand flashed out, and come back with a blade pressed to my throat. I automatically tried to reach up to punch him in the face, but my arms, and most of my body was chained down. I experimentally tugged on the chain attached to my right wrist, and pain shot through me. I stopped immediately, and saw that my tattered clothes were smoking.

"So you see what happens when you try to escape. I was just about to explain that, how rude" he sounded like some businessman. Then his tone was suddenly darker, "and you will learn what happens when you are rude" he removed his hand from my face to rub his hand along the blade.

"You know how well torturing me like that doesn't work" I said flatly. He tortured me for over a year and I didn't crack.

"I know that didn't work, so I'm adapting. That was torture of the body. This is torture of the mind." He lifted the blade off of my throat and set it down on a table out of my sight. He grabbed something, and held it above my face for me to look at. It was a syringe. "Your body is strong enough to handle torture, but we shall test your mind this time. I do hope you will still be sane when this is over" with that he jammed the needle into my neck and it all went black.

At first the was nothing, then colors and shapes danced along my field of vision, slowly becoming a picture. Then came the voices. "Nine… you know what you have to do." Sandor croaked.

"No! I won't," I cried, rushing over to the wall where he was chained. I pulled at the shackles even though I knew he wouldn't be able to walk, and I would be too slow carrying him.

"You must. I am the only leverage they have on you, without me, you will never crack. Please" I looked into his eyes and realized he was right. Even through all the pain he must be in, he still though of what was best for me. I could never do anything as noble as that.

Alarms started blaring on the wall so I knew I had to act fast. I floated one of the guards daggers over to my hand. "Just promise me one thing" Sander whispered, " Always keep fighting. Goodbye." I could hear the soldiers running down the hallway towards, so I whispered "Goodbye" and shoved the dagger into his chest. Sandor looked proud of me for a moment, then the light faded from his eyes. I hugged his body where it hung limp and rocked back and forth.

Just then, the guards busted through the door, I'm going down fighting. I pulled the dagger out of Sandor's chest and threw it into the group of guards. For the next few minutes I fought like a madman, surrounded by a sea of mogs. I thought I was doing pretty good until Setrakus came out of nowhere and lifted me up by my neck. He ignored me punching him in the face and threw me into a cell. As soon as I landed I bounced off back out. Straight into a force field that appeared out of nowhere.

Then the image when fuzzy and became blobs on a black background again. Then they formed another image. I was walking around holding moms hand at a ceremony. "Mommy, when are we celebrating?"

She chuckled and said, "The moons are on opposite sides of the horizon. This only happens once a year, so it is a time of celebration." My dad came over with a sparkler, and handed it to me. "Be carful with that" he said fondly, smiling at me.

Just then my parents turn and so do I. I hear a faint whistling sound then my dad rushes over to me and pushes me into his chest. Then the ground shakes and dust goes everywhere. Dad released me when the shaking stopped. He turned to the dust cloud a raised his hands, all of the dust was soon blown away. I saw a few people lying there, why didn't they get up?

"Lauren!" dad shouted, and rushed over to one of the bodies. I followed him slowly; he was crouching next to one of the bodies, sobbing. "No… no! please, Lauren get up, please!" she said. I finally reached him and aw the person lying there. It was mom. "Mom? Mom Mom!" I said nudging her like I usually did to wake her up. Dad stopped shaking and just held me close, sobbing into my shoulder.

I looked around, there were other explosions everywhere, and the ground was shaking. What was happening? I looked at Dad who was also looking around, only I could tell he knew what was happening. With one last look at mom, dad picked me up, and ran away at superspeed.

It went on forever, replaying all of the worst memories of my life, even the ones I didn't remember. Every moment where I temporally regained the ability form conscious though it the brief period between memories, a memory that already was played for me came back. And it hit me just as hard as the first time.

I could barely tell when they untied me and dragged me to a cell. When they tossed me in I didn't try to fight. I just curled up into a ball, and rocked back and forth. Tortured by myself.