Hey all...at school. Hasn't started to suck yet, but I anticipate it. Anyway, here's another project I probably won't finish anytime soon. I'm thinking about working on some of the song series next weekend, after the first round of classes. Or I'll work on this. Ok: read now. :D

I remembered my first day at the house. It was so much emptier back then. I showed up with my three sisters and we were immediately given a mentor, one of the older singers. I hated that period of my life. Kaito had ice cream on the brain 24/7 and only stopped to sing and sleep, probably dreaming about ice cream. I always told my (actual) sister Rin I hated him. She said things would get better. Only good piece of advice she ever really gave me. Of course, it didn't happen until after probation period and Kaito had moved on to his new protégé, Gakupo-san. I tended to like people better when I wasn't forced to spend every moment with them. But that was when I was the younger.

The "parent's" name was Yamaha; at least that's what everyone called it. Anyway, as you're probably aware, there are three different engines. The V3, the newest, has already spit out a – shall I say, colorful? – cast of characters. Unfortunately, that means more probies. And we'd have to be mentors.

Our master told us that he wanted to utilize the V2 Vocaloids as much as possible. Apparently I was the only one who wasn't excited about it.

They all arrived in one big clump, save 2 that were still getting worked out. Front of the pack were Gumi, Lily, Mizki and Yuuma, all back from being the first old voices to get their makeovers.

"Hellooo!" Gumi trilled from the lead.

"Still don't have 'official' designs, I see," Leon-sama said to Yuuma, ruffling his hair, much to Yuuma's annoyance.

"What's your opinion of the new ones?" Miku-nee asked Lily.

"Well, like all of us at first: they're good, but they need a lot of help." Lily turned to face the little crowd come out of the bus after her.

They filed out fairly single-file. Each one had on (mostly) her face anywhere between excitement and terror. They stood in a little clump behind the four we knew. Gumi, being the way she is, stepped forward cheerfully.

"Look, I told you, they don't bite! Well, maybe Meiko, but only during that one exception I mentioned – " she said rapidly before Meiko herself kicked her over and planted her foot in her back.

"What have you been telling them about me, Megumi?" she asked threateningly.

"So," Miku-nee said, stepping forward, "You all excited to be here?"

About half of them just ogled her stupidly, looking amazed that she was speaking to them like that. All except one with black hair and a carrier, one with a long red ponytail, and one with rainbow bangs who was looking at something else entirely. I went back to Meiko stomping on Gumi.

"Alright," said the androgynous voice of Master. Today he appeared to us tall and faceless, like this one western mythical monster I read about (though Ann told me not to). Not the first time he's done it, but it managed to scare me every time.

"Newbies," he needlessly gestured to the group. "So: all the V2 get a V3 until we run out. You four," he said, addressing the revamped V2s, "collect yours."

Yuuma went to stand under a tree. Gumi gestured and the one with the orangy hair and blue striped dress went to her as the red-haired one crossed to Lily. Mizki collected the tall one with the carrier.

"How come he doesn't have one?" I said, pointing to the normally-faceless Yuuma.

"Because you were all assigned them. And I ran out before reaching VY2. Now: Al, you're first."

"Big" Al, as we called him, went to Master. Then he started talking in English and I couldn't get much after that until he came back followed by a kid dressed like a sailor. The boy smiled at us nervously. My sister waved a bit.

Miku was next and thrilled. She was assigned one who looked out of place, scared out of her wits, and a lot like Miku-nee. My sister got paired with the overly-excited purple one in the front. A shy-but-excited looking blue girl got stuck with Yuki of all people. Then I stopped paying attention to everyone else's because I had problems of my own now.

"Len-kun," Master called. Great. As I approached he brought from the ever-dwindling group a small ginger kid, couldn't have been older than ten.

"Okay, but why can't Yuuma have him?"

"I figured you were more experienced, having been around longer. Plus, you're closer to his age."

How old was Yuuma, anyway? But I digress. Then he called up Luka, who I believe was assigned 2 because they were running out of mentors. I didn't learn until later he was trying to keep them in their gender and language. Which is why a majority of Engloids and Kaito had no urchin V3 stuck to them.

I stood there and pretended to watch the rest of the assignments, while in reality I was watching the kid out of the corner of my eye. He was looking in the same direction as me. I think he just didn't know where else to look.

All I came away from that meeting with was the knowledge I was stuck with the kid for two months. I didn't even come away with the kid. I had already forgotten about him and walked off back to my plans for the rest of the day. I only realized I'd left him when I heard his quick, light feet behind me.

I turned to him standing behind me, looking a bit scared that I'd left him behind. I looked him over, thinking about his feet, and this popped out:

"You sure you're a boy?"

He looked completely offended by it and I didn't care. "I'm sure! I know what I am."

"Trust me: you know nothing yet." And I was stuck with this project. Lovely.