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Chapter 1: Who are you?

Mai leaned back in her chair, staring up at the ceiling of the SPR office. It's been quiet all day, and she was due for some noise. Neither Lin nor Naru had left their office the entire day, and they'd had no clients or calls.

She sighed heavily, sliding deeper into her seat. "Someone hurry up. I'm bored," she whined to herself. Closing her eyes, she did as Gene had taught her in their last case. She cleared her mind, thinking only of a sort of black void then she let her mind take a tour of her memories. Right before she was enveloped by the warmth and coolness that came with her own world, she conjured up an image of only Hikaru, her animal representative.

The next sigh that came from her mouth was a content one. She embraced the warmth and coolness, keeping her eyes shut for a prolonged moment.

Something small and furry brushed against her exposed calf. The unmistakable chitter-grunt of an otter reached her ears. A smiled bloomed across her face as she opened her eyes to look at Hikaru. The small brown otter grinned back.

"Hey Hikaru," Mai murmured, pulling the creature onto her lap, "It's been awhile hasn't it? Sorry about that." Hikaru nuzzled Mai's cheek, her purr machine kicking on. That always made Mai think of kittens.

Hikaru chitter-grunted and dropped her nose to sniff Mai's bulging belly. She pawed gently at it, keeping her claws safely tucked away so they wouldn't get caught in Mai's shirt or scratch her. "I know, I'm huge aren't I?" Mai asked the otter with a laugh, scratching at the base of her tail.

Almost immediately after the appearance of Hikaru, a huge completely black wolf walked out of Naru's office, an admonishing look in his deep blue eyes. He trotted over to her, still giving her that look even as he sniffed Hikaru and licked the side of her face. Hikaru chitter-grunted and crawled onto the wolf's back.

"Sorry Daisuke, but I haven't seen her in a couple months," Mai told the wolf apologetically, and then shouted to Naru, "And it's not like you're out here entertaining me so lay off." She was laughing even as she finished the statement, marring the stern tone she'd been going for.

"That's true, but you're also nine months pregnant. You should be at home resting," Naru countered as he opened his office door. He sighed, looking over at her. He held a tea cup that had been empty for hours in one hand and a book was tucked under the other arm.

"There's nothing to do at my house. I thought for sure work would be more interesting, but today it doesn't seem to be," Mai said with a sigh even as the door opened with a jingle to reveal an over-confident man and a very timid woman standing just behind him. The man had familiar brown hair and arrogant steel grey eyes. The woman was petite with thin blonde hair and cautious green eyes. Her hair was shot through with silver at her temples.

"Is this Shibuya Psychic Research?" the man asked, his eyes narrowing as they landed on Naru. He didn't even take the time to glance at Mai which gave her a sense of de javu. He seemed oblivious to Hikaru and Daisuke, but the woman was another situation all together. She was well aware of the snarling wolf and hissing otter. She squeaked in surprise. "Shut up," the man snapped at her. She shrunk away from the open doorway.

Naru muttered something unintelligible, but almost certainly insulting, under his breath. "I thought that would be obvious from the sign on our door," he quipped before turning to Mai, "Do we have any appointments scheduled for today?" Something in his eyes told her to make up something that wouldn't keep the couple there long.

"None at this time," she said. At least she hadn't lied.

"Well then, you will interview us and take our case," the man said haughtily, his pride bruised by the comment Naru had made. He sauntered into the office like he owned the place. Finally, he seemed to notice Mai. He failed though to notice Lin stepping from his office. He assessed the situation quickly, moving to stand behind Mai.

The man gave her a lecherous grin. "Well, aren't you a pretty one. I'd peg you about 20 at most. What is a pretty girl like you doing working in a place like this? And pregnant no less?" he asked leisurely, eyeing her.

A shiver of disgust and fear skittered up her spine. "I don't believe that is any of your business sir," she answered politely, turning back to her paperwork and pretending to file it away.

The man hummed in appreciation making Mai wish she could move faster than her nine months of pregnancy would allow. "Well, if you're ever looking for another job-" he began, but Naru cut him off curtly, earning a sharp glare.

"Sir, I believe it is time for you and your wife to be leaving," he said politely, though the glare he was giving the man was anything but polite.

The man snorted without humor. "Of course we're not leaving, you haven't interviewed us and taken out case yet," he said, standing with his hands on his hips. The woman behind him gave Mai a fearful look and made a shooing motion, pointing towards the kitchenette.

Mai nodded discretely and carefully got to her feet with Lin's help. She hurried as fast as she could towards the kitchenette, taking care not to make any noise. She didn't want to draw the man's attention again. She had no need to worry. Naru was keeping the man well occupied.

"No, it's not that I will interview you, it's that I can. And it's not that I will take your case, it's that I might," he explained, his patients for the man waning quickly.

The woman finally spoke up. She edged cautiously around the man making a noise that brought attention to her. "Please, sir, please take our case. We really need your help. The situation is dyer. My daughter's life is in danger," she pleaded even as she eyed her husband fearfully.

"Did I tell you that you could talk?" the man snarled, glaring hatefully at the small blonde. She retracted, dropping her eyes to the floor and seemingly growing stronger.

Ignoring the man, Naru stared the woman down. "What do you mean?" he said, his glare burning a hole into the middle of her forehead.

She shrank back even more, glancing up at her husband and then back at Naru. She decided that her husband's wrath was with it if they got help. "There's a… a ghost who is haunting our home. It," she swallowed loudly, fear leaking into her eyes that had nothing to do with the man, "It has already killed three of our maids. It's targeting our daughter and son now. Please sir, please assist us." The woman dropped into a low bow, her hands nearly brushing the floor.

Naru sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. "Have a seat and tell me about your problem," he said, turning his back on the pair and going to take his usual place. Lin was already there, his laptop out and ready to go.

"Oh, thank you. Thank you so much!" the woman said, her face brightening as she bobbed up from her bow. She was oblivious to her husband who was still glaring at her.

They moved, the woman one step behind the man, to sit on the sofa across from Naru. You'd never believe they were married if you saw a picture of them they way they sat. They sat on opposite ends of the couch, their bodies angled away from each other.

Mai bustled out of the small kitchenette balancing five cups of tea, sugar, and milk on a shiny tea tray. She edged around the sofa holding the man and the woman, and set the tray on the coffee table. "Tea?" she asked even as she handed Naru and Lin their cups.

"Oh, yes plead, that would be great," the woman said, taking the cup. Her hand was steady even though her leg was shaking at a mile a minute. Anxiety rippled across her shoulders and down her back.

Mai wanted to shudder in revulsion at the look the man was giving her. He looked her up and down, his eyes roaming over every inch of her body. He hummed once again, leaning back and crossing his arms over his chest.

Smiling without it reaching her eyes, Mai handed the man his cup and then picked up her cup. Naru stood and helped her ease into her seat before sitting back down beside her. He sat close to her leaving space on the couch for Hikaru and space on the floor for Daisuke.

"What are your names?" Naru asked.

"Haru Tsukiyomi and Kyoko Tsukiyomi," the woman answered immediately before her husband had a chance to open his mouth.

Mai's eyebrows scrunched together. Was it just coincidence that they had the same name as her ex or… No, it must have been a coincidence. There was no way they'd actually come to get help with a ghost.

Naru pursed his lips for a moment, before glancing towards Mai and asking his next question. "When did your problems begin?" he asked.

"About five months ago after our son came home from visiting a friend. He was very broken up about something. He wouldn't tell us. He would barely ever talk and he was so angry all of the time," she explained and then placed a cautionary hand over her lips, "Sorry, you don't want to hear about our family issues."

"No, it's fine. The more I know about the haunting, if it is that, and what happened leading up to when it first started, the faster I can finish the case if I take it," Naru explained, leaning back which left his lap unprotected from one sneaky Hikaru. She promptly darted into his lap and curled up, glaring at Haru. Naru narrowed his eyes down at the little otter before continuing. "Tell me about the haunting. Do you know anything about the spirit at all in any way, shape, or form? What exactly does the spirit do or attempt?"

Kyoko's eyes dropped, a sheen of tears shining in her eyes. Her shoulders hitched, and a quiet sob slipped between her lips. Mai jumped to her feet as fast as she could and got a box of tissues. She strung a comforting arm around the woman's shoulder, placing the box on the coffee table in front of them.

Haru glared scathingly at the woman like crying was a crime. He made a noise of disgusting in the back of his throat. "The 'ghost' or whatever has been trying to kill any female who comes into our house through various methods. It seems to favor strangling its victims though seeing as it has killed two of our maids and a family friend in that manner. It has tried to off various others in various ways," he explained with and unconcerned shrug, "It's gone after our daughter several times, but she hasn't been badly hurt."

Somehow to Mai, the man sounded stupider and stupider the more his talked.

"Please help us, we don't know what else to do. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my daughter. Please," Kyoko pleaded, looking up at him imploringly. Tears filled her eyes and slid down her cheeks.

He stared at the woman for a long, silent moment. His eyes slid to Haru who was trying his damnedest to see down her shirt before looking at Mai herself who was also watching him curiously, waiting for his response. "Damn," he thought. She just reminded him too much of Mai.

He sighed inwardly and stood. "Mai, take down their information and call the others," he said before turning his back on the group, Hikaru in his arms. He shot Lin a furtive glance. Lin nodded in understanding. Daisuke stayed behind, watching Haru like a hawk.

Kyoko gasped. "Thank you. Thank you so much!" she exclaimed, her tears increasing as Naru shut his office door.

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