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Chapter 8: Calm

Mai stepped quietly into Naru and Lin's shared bedroom. She tiptoed over to Naru's bed and looked down on him. He looked peaceful in his sleep, not perpetually worried like he's been as of late. Sighing in his sleep, he turned to face the ceiling. He mumbled something and sighed again.

Mai leaned forward, pressing her lips to his. "I love you even if you're mad at me. Just know that," she whispered against his lips, her eyes as she pressed her forehead to his. She sighed. She didn't want to wake him up when he was sleeping so peacefully. "Wake up sleepy head. Something happened to me and Emma. We need to talk to you."

Within the next second, she began pulling away, but a cold familiar hand caught her by the back of the neck, pulling her back down. "I'm awake," he murmured in a sleep soaked voice, "What happened?" He stared at her with those impenetrable blue eyes.

She sighed, a slow smile curling her lips. "You know, I'm feeling much better about the situation suddenly. You can go back to sleep," she said, only being half-serious. The hand clamped on the back of her neck kept her from moving even an inch away.

"No, I don't think so. What happened?" he asked more sternly, his voice clear of sleep. Behind Mai, Lin shifted in his sleep. She glanced over her shoulder at him, hoping he hadn't woken up. He hadn't, but Emma stood in the doorway.

"Hey lovebirds, hurry up so we can get the new rooms settled," Emma whispered loudly in a teasing voice, beckoning them. She rolled her eyes, and turned back to press her back against the wall beside the door, fidgeting with a lock of her newly dyed hair.

"We'll explain once we get into the base," Mai told Naru, looking back down at him, "We've already made tea. If you don't get up soon it'll be cold." She shrugged and this time when she pulled away, he let her go.

Naru sat up, throwing his legs over the side of the bed, and standing. "Let's go then." He started towards the door, but Mai stopped him with an embarrassed squeak.

"Wait. Don't you want to put a shirt on or something?" she asked, taking in his naked and toned torso, tracing his willowy muscles with her eyes. Her fingers burned with remembered heat when it had been her hands tracing his body and not her eyes.

Naru glanced down at himself. "Not if I'm coming to bed afterwards," he said with an unconcerned shrug, stringing his fingers with his, and pulling her along behind him. He ghosted out into the hall, closing the door with an almost inaudible click.

Emma whistled, looking him up and down. "Well then, I wasn't expecting you to look like this. I like," she said with a grin, staring unashamedly at his torso. Her eyes traveled down, only glancing at his black pajama pants. "Wow, you even wear black to bed." She giggled, and turned towards base.

Mai trailed behind the pair, her face heating with embarrassment for her friend.


"Why were you walking around alone?" Naru immediately asked once Mai and Emma had finished their story. He sat on the arm of the couch, somehow still looking extremely stern while having a pink teacup suspended halfway between his mouth and the saucer.

Mai threw her hands up in exasperation. "Through that whole thing the one thing you get out of it is that I was walking around by myself?" she said, holding her hand out to the side in confusion.

"No, I got the rest of it, but I want to know why you were walking around by yourself," he elaborated calmly, pressing the cup to his lips and taking a sip.

"I already told you why I was out by myself," she retorted, sitting up straighter in an attempt to preserve the dignity that he was slowly chipping away at.

Naru opened his mouth to retort, but a giggle from Emma cut him off. "You guys are so cute," she said, a hand placed over her mouth muffling the continuous stream of giggles, "You guys are such a perfect couple that it's not even funny."

"Then why are you laughing?" Mai asked stonily, glaring at her friend.

"Because it's hilarious!" Emma cried, bending over in laughter as she caught a glimpse of the way her friends were staring at her. They were giving her almost identical expressions, and their defensive postures were too closely related.

A soft blush began creeping up Mai's cheeks. She turned from Emma with a huff. "Can we just get back to what we were talking about?"

Emma gasped, her laughter suddenly cutting off. "Le gasp! Mai actually wanting to get to work? What had this world come to?" she asked dramatically, pretending a faint and falling on the couch beside her friend.

Mai shot her a glare, sticking her tongue out at her. "I like to get to work sometimes. Like now when I'm starting to fall asleep."

"Okay, okay, I get it. Pregnant woman need sleep," she said in a butchered accent, rolling her eyes, "So, how are we going to split up the rooms? Keep them the way they are or pair off everyone? I'm planning on taking over a bed in a room no matter what we choose." She picked up a cookie from the tray on the coffee table, chomping down on the poor defenseless snack with a loud crunch.

Naru set his empty cup on the coffee table, resting his hands on his knees as he thought. "Probably pair off. That always seems to work the best for us and is the most comfortable in these types of situations, but we'll probably all stay in two to three rooms, about two pairs per room," he responded, his eyes trained on a spot on the coffee table.

Both Mai and Emma frowned. They didn't like that plan. "Why do we have to share rooms with other pairs?" Mai asked, glancing at Emma and catching her eye.

"Yeah, I don't like conducting my business with an audience," Emma replied with an all too serious expression. Mai snorted, turning her head away and pressing a hand to her mouth.

Naru sighed, rubbing his forehead. "There will be nothing going on in the bedrooms. The extra roommates is for extra protection, especially for the two of you," he explained, his voice making the point that he felt like he was talking to a pair of idiots, "If you refuse to share then I'll send the two of you and Masako and Ayako back home."

"Aw, you're no fun," Emma pouted, pursing her lips and crossing her arms over her chest.

"You're choice. Either cooperate or leave. I don't need either of you getting hurt," he said, shrugging, "For now, you two will just go back to the girl's room. We'll figure the rest out tomorrow."

"Yes sir!" Emma and Mai shouted enthusiastically, saluting him.

Naru stared at them before rolling his eyes. He sighed in again. This was going to be one interesting case. "I just can't wait to see what kind of trouble these two get themselves into," he thought sarcastically to himself.

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