A/N: tinyest bit of spoilers for those who haven't seen Criminal Minds season 7 finale (which was amazing and teary DX) and Star Wars Clone War reference.

The beeping followed by a groan from down the hall made the Doctor stop tinkering with the TARDIS console. When the strange noises were continued with a child saying in a bright voice "mommy" as well as kissing, the Doctor stopped entirely what he was doing and started searching for the source of the noise. Light flickered in a dimly lit room accompanied by more strange noises; the Doctor poked his head into the room to investigate. The sight that welcomed him in the dark room was Bree Taylor slouching on a worn sofa watching TV intently. Eyes darting away from the TV to the Doctor's confused face, she waved hello.

Clearing his throat, he moved into the room fully as a little boy on TV screen screamed with joy. "Hey Bree."

Bree nodded in acknowledgment. "Hey."

Waiting in awkward silence, the Doctor spoke again. "Whatcha watchin?"

Fixated on the screen again, Bree still replied. "Criminal Minds."

Eyes wide the Doctor started scrambling around the room looking for the remote Bree obviously held in her hand which rested on her thigh. "No! You can't watch that, there's too much… violence! Yeah that's it!"

Bree snorted. "Please, too much violence, like your life? Besides…" she drew out in a long sigh, "I'm fighting a war right now." The Doctor continued to stare at her. Sighing again, Bree patted the worn cushion next to her. "Cummon, why don't you watch it with me?"

She thought it would have been impossible, but somehow the Doctor's eyes got even wider at the very thought of accepting the invitation. "No, I will abso-LUTELY not watch that show!" But spying a man on the screen with a curly mop of brown hair underneath his hat wearing an impossibly long colourful scarf, while next to him was a woman wearing a purple tweed jacket, a green bowtie necklace, and a fez on her head, the Doctor quickly slid on to the seat Bree had offered next to her.

"Well… maybe 2 or 3 minutes won't hurt." The Doctor said, his eyes glued to the figures on the screen. Bree smirked in victory as she leaned back.