They would be fine without her, they would be fine without her, or at least that's what she kept telling herself. Naruto had the Kyuubi, Bee-sama had hachibi, and Gai and Kakashi despite extreme chakra exhaustion were stable. Tsunade was not. No Tsunade was hurt and she needed a medic, and from what Sakura had been told, desperately. So here she was traveling full spend, against orders to her Hokage's location. Then again she was so far past orders in that moment that she couldn't bring herself to give a damn.

Up ahead the trees were thinning and with one last push off a tree branch she landed on brown grass. Without stopping she continued running, the grass giving way to sand and rock. With the rock sculptures in view Sakura pushed more chakra into her legs ignoring the burning sensation she flared her chakra letting them know she was coming. Genma and Raido met her at the edge of the crowd.

"You're too late Haruno; the Raikage's right hand says she only has moments."

Sakura's eyes narrowed as she pushed through the crowd to the center. Her Shishou lay in the middle a man with blonde hair supporting her head, his hands glowing green: he was numbing the pain. Walking to the center to the woman she tied her hair back and knelt down next to the woman. Ignoring the eyes on her she got to work. Breathing was short and shallow, her lips and fingernails had a turned a light shade of blue, her skin was clammy and her pulse was weak but rapid. Sakura cursed, she was in shock and on top of that had internal bleeding and most likely a concussion. The Yin Seal had failed, her chakra was almost completely gone even her abundant reserves. This was not good; Sakura didn't have any time to waste and then there was the fact that her own chakra was less than fifty percent.

She didn't have a choice though, this woman was the greatest medic of all time, a Sannin, the Godaime Hokage, the woman that had made Sakura into a Kunoichi, helped her find her place and the one person who truly understood her. Sending chakra to her index finger Sakura cut Tsunade's top down the middle before focusing on Tsunade's heart. She had to get her circulation going again and get oxygen back in the blood. Focusing on Tsunade's heart Sakura began barking out orders. "Genma, I need you to start breathing for her." When he didn't step forward Sakura looked up, he was standing next to Raido looking down on her, his eyes filled with pity. Taking a brief second to look around she saw the same look in everyone's eyes; Kotstsu, Izumo, all four of the other Kage. She turned to pleading "Genma, please if not for me or Tsunade than for Shizune, please." He didn't hesitate this time as he took the short walk towards her he knelt down, tilted Tsunade's head back and breathed. . "Good make sure you do that every five seconds until I say stop."

"There's nothing you can do kid. It's her time." The voice was right next to her ear; flicking her eyes to the man she ignored him in favor of Gaarra.

"Garra, I'm calling in a favor for the lecture I gave for free to your hospital staff, right after the Akastuki incident." The Kazekage littered with cuts, scrapes and bruises stepped forward. "I need you to make sure the perimeter is secure." The Kazekage nodded before summoning a few of his men. Her next order went to Temari, "Temari can you get me a blanket or something I need to regulate her body temperature." Temari disappeared without a word.

The man spoke again, "You need to let go, I'll stop managing her pain so you can say goodbye."

Sakura didn't hesitate in her answer "I'm going to say this once. I might be young but I'm a damn good medic trained by the best, this woman is my Shishou and my Hokage and I'll give up when she's dead and gone but not a second before. So don't even think about stopping what you're doing cause if you do and she dies or feels any pain I will break every bone in your body that's a promise."

"What did you just . . .?"

"Shut up and focus, God knows you'd do it for someone you cared about."

From that point out Sakura's orders were followed and the man next to her kept his mouth shut and a steady flow of chakra throughout her Shishou's nervous system. Sakura wasn't sure how long she worked all she knew was that it had been light out when she had started and it was dark when Shizune and full medic team accompanied by her boys burst through the crowd.

Sakura was only slightly aware as medical seals were transferred from scrolls to the ground as the medics took their positions and work began on the internal bleeding Sakura had managed to do a patch up job on until more help or better facilities were available.

Sakura numbly felt someone wrap a hand around her wrist and pull gently. Sakura's hands stayed firmly in place "If I let up now we'll lose ground I can finish."

"Sakura . . ."

"I can finish Shizune focus on the bleeding."

There was no further arguing, Shizune knew the expression on Sakura's face, and after all she had worn it herself. With no doubts in her mind Shizune turned her attention to the patch up job Sakura had performed. A simple clotting plug, something to keep the bleeding at bay until someone else showed up to help, a small act that had no doubt kept Tsunade alive and had taken a good deal of chakra and concentration.

Shizune and Sakura were the ones to work on the internal damage, while the man who's name Sakura had still not asked continued to keep Tsunade unconscious and out of pain. Two other medics that Sakura recognized from the Konoha hospital kept Tsunade's body temperature consistent and managed the IV they had put in for fluids.

It took two more hours to stop the bleeding permanently and repair all the damage. As Shizune let the chakra flood from her hands she put a hand on Sakura's shoulder "She's stable you can stop." Sure enough Tsunade's heart was beating at a regular pace. Sakura let her chakra flicker out and leaned back against her heels and winced. Her legs were stiff and asleep, and she honestly couldn't bring herself to care as she scooted to her butt and stretched her arms. Taking relief at the sound of joints popping as she watched Tsunade be moved on to a stretcher as Shizune approached the man that had been, a huge help despite his . . . doubts. Sakura watched as Shizune gave a bow before straightening and giving her thanks to the man "I can't thank you enough Shi-san."

The blonde met Shizune's eyes and nodded his head. He was just as exhausted as she was if not more. "Sakura-chan." Sakura's head slowly swiveled towards the voice, as she watched Sai come towards her. Finding no strength to go to him Sakura waited. Kneeling down beside her Sai wrapped an arm around Sakura's shoulders and she leaned into him finding just enough strength to hold her head up. "Naruto, Kakashi, Gai and . . ."
Sai gave her one of his typical smiles "They have all been accounted for, and are doing fine. Then again that's to be expected, you got to them first." With that information Sakura very gratefully fell into unconsciousness.


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