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Author's Note: So I've been dying to do a Camaya story since before we ever saw the adorable puppy face that is Cam Saunders but never knew where to begin! But after a lot of begging and pleading, the plot bunny of this story stopped hoping around my brain long enough to give you another awkward story! *bows gracefully for the adoring fans I don't have*. So this story is obviously AU, and I'm a firm believer that Cam should be staying with either the Matlins' or the Milligans', not with that family whose name I can't remember! So without further ado I give you Maya's agony, or in other words, Current Status: Hopeless.

Chapter One: Gravity

I glanced in the mirror and glared at my frizzy hair.

"Okay, curls, if that's what you have the audacity to call yourself, you are going to be straight and you are going to like it!" I held up the flatiron dramatically to the first strand of frizzy, dirty blonde hair as Katie came into my room.

"Mom says to hurry up," she said sitting down on my bed, getting her dirty sneakers on my bedspread.

I glared at her. "I'll be down in a minute." I said to her reflection, running the iron down the strand.

I think it got frizzier.

"So are you excited to meet your boyfriend?" Katie asked in s singsong voice.

She is so annoying.

"He is not my boyfriend, Katherine." I said, pulling the full name card. Yeah, I'm pretty bad ass.

Katie rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say, Maya, we all know you've been obsessed with him for weeks."

"Just because I decided to talk to him on FaceRange after he added me does not make me obsessed," I said, snapping the iron in her direction.

"Sure it doesn't," Katie said, getting up from my bed, wiping invisible specks of dust from her pants.

"It doesn't. Katie, and if you keep saying I'm obsessed with him he'll hear and actually believe that." I said dryly, turning my head back to the mirror, giving my reflection a withering stare.

Katie laughed at that. "The boy is probably so arrogant he probably thinks you're already obsessed with him." She said, going to leave my room and grabbing the door jam. "Come downstairs before Mom loses it, your hair will always be a frizzy disaster and today shouldn't be any different."

"Get out!" I snapped at her, tossing my lion beanie baby at her face, it missed of course.

I lack hand-eye coordination. Actually I lack coordination in general.

"Maya and Hockey Boy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G –" she sang as she made her way down the steps.

"Stupid jerk," I muttered, turning my attention back to my now super frizzed out hair. Perfect. "Please try and look decent!" I begged my hair, groveling to the floor. "I'll buy the super expensive shampoo and conditioner if you just stop frizzing."

Of course my hair responded by getting bigger. It's a monster I'm telling you.

"You're lucky I don't shave you and wear wigs." I snarled at my hair, getting up from my knees.

My hair, if it had eyeballs, would have been rolling them. And if it had a mouth, probably would have snapped its chewing gum too.

I should have done what Katie did when she completely lost her mind, and then my hair would think twice before being ugly on me!

But sadly, and surprisingly, I still have my sanity and besides, my parents would disown me if I came home with straight black hair, leather pants, and hot pink stilettos.

Of course if I did do that I would have done it completely different then how Katie did it.

She was in the bathroom and got dye everywhere and Mom nearly had a mental breakdown when she thought her countertop would be forever stained with the black hair dye.

Mom made Katie go to the salon to fix the haircut she'd given herself. It was pretty bad, there were random chops everywhere and Katie threw a fit about going out in to the world where she might see Drew and Bianca together.

Who ever knew my perfect sister who scoffed at me for moping about Zig taking Tori back and telling me to "get over myself" would take a break up with the likes of Drew Torres so badly.

Sure, Drew's cute, but he is not the sharpest knife in the draw. His IQ has to be in the negatives!


I sighed and grabbed a hairband from my dresser and gave another look to the mirror.

"You win this round, hair, but prepare yourself for our next encounter."

And I left my hair to roll its invisible eyes and snap its inexistent gum as I left my room.

"Should we play the march of the bride?" Katie asked from her spot on the couch as I made my way to the stairs.

I sent her a glare from the balcony that overlooked the living room.

"You're not funny at all." I told her, crossing my arms.

"Never mind this," my mother said, waving her arms at the two of us as the doorbell rang.

My father answered the door greeting the Saunders as I was about to head down the stairs.

"Come in, it's so good to meet you." My father said, shaking the Saunders' hands and opening the door wider so they could come inside, and that's when I saw him.

His photos were nice, but they were no justice to the boy standing at the bottom of the stairs.

He looked towards me and gave a small, shy wave as I was about to make my first step down the stairs.

You know how in movies when the person sees their love interest and the camera zooms up close and a cheesy song plays that describes their epic romance perfectly and fireworks explode?

Well that's what happened to me.

The moment he looked at me I swear Cupid's stupid arrow of love flew into my bum and the camera of my corneas zoomed up close to Cam Saunders. I could practically hear I want you to want me (Letters to Cleo version, not The Cheap Trick one) playing, and there were even a few fireworks - okay the fireworks are an exaggeration. But I swear in that moment our eyes met I swooned.

And in my epic swoon of love I missed the step of the stair and tumbled down the staircase and fell on top of him.

Yeah. Ha. Ha. I fell for him.

You're so original.

He groaned as he fell hard, his back to the floor as I straddled his stomach, our faces mere inches apart.

It would have been nice if we weren't in a room with our parents (and Katie), and if I hadn't flown past eleven stairs into his arms.

I could hear Katie laughing away on the sofa, making a show of slapping the leather and gasping for air.

"Oh my God, Cam, are you okay?" Mrs. Saunders asked her son frantically as my dad lifted me off of him, trying with all his might not to laugh at the current situation.

At least my Dad doesn't laugh at my pain!

"Oh, Maya," my mother said, shaking her head, trying to hide the fact that she was about to laugh.

"I am so sorry! Are you hurt?" I practically shouted at him, not sure if he wanted me near him after that whole episode.

"I'm fine," he said, slapping his mother's hands away from him. "Mom, mom, I said I was fine!"

My dad started to laugh, and then Mr. Saunders started to laugh, and then my mother. The only ones who weren't laughing about this situation was me, Cam, and Mrs. Saunders, who was glaring at me with rage. I could practically feel the hate she held from me in that glare.


"Uh, so welcome to Casa Matlin," I said to him feebly, trying to break the thick tension.

"Yeah, it certainly was a welcome." He said, rubbing his back awkwardly.

"I'll say," Mrs. Saunders mumbled angrily. "Are you sure you're okay, Cammy?"

"Mother. I. Am. Fine." Cam said through gritted teeth.

"So why don't we head to the dining room and get to know one another," my mother said, as she lead the way.

"Come on dear, Cam's fine, he took it like a man!" Mr. Saunders, who was a large, beefy man with a huge mustache, said as he slapped Cam hard on the back.

Cam winced as he lurched forward.

Probably not the best thing to do to a person who just had someone knock them to the ground.

With one last glare, Mr. and Mrs. Saunders followed my parents to the dining room, leaving us alone with Katie.

"So, Cam," Katie said, getting up from the sofa, "excited to be the big sports star?"

"Katie, keep the claws inside your paws." I said, giving her a narrow-eyed glance.

"Maya, I'm just making conversation." Katie said, giving me a to-sweet-to-be-true smile.

"An awkward conversation," I mumbled, crossing my arms.

Cam coughed, trying to get our attention. We're bad hostesses, what can I say?

"Um, where's your bathroom?"

"Here I'll take you," I said, grabbing his hand.

I led him up the stairs, trying to put as much distance between us and Katie as humanly possible.

"Your room is right there, by the way." I said nodding to the room across the hall from mine.

He looked in and put the bag he had been holding on the bed.

"Sorry that it's a bit…" I said, trying to find the right word that would kindly explain the old lady bedspread, lace curtains, and floral wall paper. "Girly."

"It's…fine." He said, looking around, trying to hide the look of horror of the lacey curtains.

"At least you can hang posters," I said with a smile.

"Yeah, posters." He said.

"Well the bathroom is down the hall, Katie's room is next door, and my room is across the hall." I said, trying desperately to make conversation.

"Okay," he said, and went to go to the bathroom. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, uh, see you downstairs."

He nodded at me and left the room.

It's not too soon to plan our wedding yet, right?

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