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Chapter Four: Revamping

I looked up at Cam, who was dripping in cold, icy coffee, caramel and whipped cream all over his letterman jacket.

Damn. That jacket would not be cheap to dry clean at all.

If he didn't kill me – which I'm sure he wouldn't considering he was staring at me with a look of horror, my mother certainly would.

I could see it now: Me hanging from the ceiling and Katie in a blindfold, beating me like a piñata.

"Oh my god, Maya!" Lonnie said her voice whiny as usual. I could hear her hoping up from her chair, and I could hear Jayne and Georgie giggling.

I hate them so much. They're a bunch of stupid life ruiners.

I wanted to jump up from where I lay on the floor, but couldn't. It was like my shame and humiliation had superglued me to the spot, making me suffer through the misery of the bimbos laughing at me, and Cam staring at me like I had sprouted an extra head.

"A-are you okay, Maya?" Cam asked timidly. The poor boy probably thought talking to me would make the ceiling collapse on him by talking to me. And I guess considering that within a day of knowing me I fell down a flight of stairs on to him, gave him a black eye and now dropped coffee onto his head, he wouldn't be wrong to be paranoid about that.

Lonnie, who had a handful of tissues, came up to Cam, stepping on my hand in the process and making me cry out in pain.

"God, Maya, you're such a klutz." She said, about to attempt to clean off Cam's jacket when he moved passed her and bent own and gave me his hand.

I looked at it for a split second, feeling the butterflies flutter in my stomach so hard I thought I was going to be sick. The whole situation was mortifying and somewhat romantic.

"Thanks," I said sheepishly, not looking him in the eye.

The bimbos' were looking at me with wide eyes of disbelief and Georgie Karson's mouth was parted into a big "o" giving her a stupid fish look.

I couldn't take it, standing there holding Cam's warm, sticky hand with the bimbos' and the rest of the Dot looking at me. So I did what most girls in embarrassing situations: cry and ran away.

Except in my case my eyes began to fill with hot tears, I jerked my hand away from his and screamed "sorry" like a rabid banshee, and threw open the door to almost slip and hit my head on the doorknob.

With people laughing behind me, I stood up and ran out the door.

My life is seriously such a tragic dried out cliché.

I had to decide where I was going to hideout until dinner, and my list was rather short.

My room was a big no, considering he lived across the hall and could come in, or worse, hear me sob about how tragic the whole situation was.

Basically my whole house in general was an overall no-no, considering there would be an encounter with Katie, who would take pleasure in my pain like the awful big sister she is, or having to face Cam.

Tristan's was a no, seeing that I had only left his house fifteen minutes before and would feel like an even bigger awkward idiot going back.

I didn't know where Zig lived and he never gave me a number to reach him for times like this and to be honest, Zig Novak wasn't exactly the teddy bear to turn to when you're sad. He'd be more sympathetic and Katie, but that's not exactly saying much on his part.

So that left Tori. I'd never been to Tori's, but I knew she was wealthy. I sighed, and sat down on a bench outside of a flower shop and pulled my phone out from my pocket, trying to think of how to start my message.

hey, I know we just hung out, but can we hangout again for a few hours? i don't want to go home just yet.

Pressing send, I waited anxiously for her response. I felt so weird and awkward asking to hang out again. I felt exactly like a needy, pain in the ass friend.

sure! do you want to come over? we're having Chinese tonight, and we order so much i'm sure my parents wouldn't care. btw i want to hear all the details about your incredibly short coffee date with your hockey star! ;)

trust me, you don't, and i'll be there in twenty, as long as you're sure your parents won't care.

they said it was fine, and tell me what happened when you get here!

Tori sent me her address and I got up to make my way to the bus stop, calling my mom to tell her I'd be eating with Tori and her family. My mom was hesitant, but with some begging, she cracked and told me to be back by nine. That gave me a few hours before having to possibly face Cam and his possible questions about my taking off.

Tori's house was big. It wasn't a mansion, but I could probably fit my house into hers and still have some wiggle room.

Walking up to the door and ringing the doorbell I waited, looking around at the winter flowers and the porch swing. The door opened to reveal a thin woman with a warm smile and dark hair.

"You must be Maya." She said happily as she threw an arm over my shoulder and gave me a hug. Caught off guard I gave her an awkward one arm hug back.

"Hello, Mrs. Santamaria." I said politely.

"Please call me Veronica," she said, waving a hand at the very thought of being called "Mrs. Santamaria".

Why do adults insist on telling their children's friends to call them by their first names? It just sounds so disrespectful!

I smiled, at a complete loss for words, when Tori bounded down the stairs.

"Maya," Tori squealed, hugging me. "So how did your date go? And why aren't you with him?"

Tori went on a string of questions leading me up the stairs to her room, and once we were inside she kicked the door shut, placing her hands on her hips.

"What happened?"

I rocked back and forth on my heels, staring at her pink carpet. "The stupid bimbos' happened!" I snapped angrily, feeling frustrated tears well up in my eyes as I thought of the foot that came out from under the table, ruining possibly any chance I ever had with Cam.

"Who?" Tori asked, annoyed that I was using a code to answer her question.

"Uh, that's kind of, um," I said, feeling my face redden. Damn. I didn't want to look like a petty middle school student and tell Tori that it was the nickname I gave to her friends.

"Spit it out, Matlin!" Tori said, throwing her hands up in the air.

"It's what I kind of call Lonnie, Jayne, and Georgie. In my head of course, not out loud." I explained, my words rushing together.

Tori blinked at me for a moment and then she snorted. "So what did they do?"

I told her everything: Cam and I getting coffee, the foot tripping me, my coffee flying onto Cam, my running away from him after a semi-romantic moment. Each point I got to Tori had the right expression and used the right sounds to go with the mood. She was very good with sympathy; maybe she could give Katie a crash course.

"I can't believe they'd do that to you!" Tori fumed, her face red with anger when I finished.

Tori had been friends with Lonnie for a long time since they did pageants together, and Jayne and Georgie were her friends by association.

"Yeah, well I can. Lonnie hates me and I can't exactly say I'm a fan of hers either." I said darkly.

"I guess they must be Cam's puck bunnies." Tori said, a small, amused smile spreading on her face.

I didn't really get what she found so funny, but I really didn't care. I was still dwelling on my embarrassment and the fact I would possibly have to face Cam before tomorrow morning.

I wonder how long I could hide in my room before my dad busted the door down. I could climb up the side of the house somehow and schedule bathroom breaks and food missions late at night and early in the morning to never have to face my family or Cam.

Or maybe I could convince my parents to let me live in the old tree house.

"I think we need to give you a new look." Tori said suddenly.

I blinked at her, confused to what she meant. "A new look? What's wrong with my current look?" I asked, fingering my paint splattered t-shirt and denim jacket.

"Well," Tori said uneasily. "No offense, Maya, but you're look is so…childish."

I felt a blush blossom on my cheeks and my eyes well. It was like another dose of embarrassment, and I knew Tori was trying to be nice, or as nice as one could be telling someone that what they wear is a no.

Tori grabbed my hand and moved me to her full length. "Imagine it, Maya, a whole new look. Accessories, hair, makeup, clothes, the whole works."

"Tori –" I began to protest as she ran to her closet and threw it open.

"I think spring colors suit you." Tori said, shoving hangers out of the way to find what she wanted.

"Tori a new look costs money, which I don't have." I protested.

"That's why you have me!" Tori said, coming out of her closet with an armful of clothes that she dropped on her white canopy bed.

Tori's room was quite large. Maybe Mine, Cam, and Katie's room combined could fit in it. Her walls were a pale pink and her furniture was a bright white. Her walls had a poster of One Direction and small magazine cut-outs of Harry Styles, and various other celebrities and models, and she had stuffed animals and pictures on display on free spots throughout. It was exactly what I had expected Tori's room to be.

Tori grabbed a shirt and placed it in front of me. "Yellow is definitely a good color for you. Just not that ugly polo, that didn't look good on anyone." Tori said, shuddering at the memory of the yellow uniform polo.

I looked at the pale yellow v-neck. It did look good on me.

"Here," Tori said, handing me some clothes. "Try these on; if they fit they're yours."

I gaped at her. This is had to be some kind of joke. Some of these clothes had price tags on, and regardless of the price tags they looked expensive.

"Tori I can't –" I started.

"Maybe I have some jewelry I never wear." She said, ignoring me and going over to her dresser, grabbing a box and bringing it over to her bed.

"Tori, won't your parents be mad if you give me your clothes?" I asked, reading a price tag. 24.95, I could practically see my father having a mini heart attack if I ever showed him the tag.

"As if, those are clothes from two years ago," Tori said waving a hand.

I tried to protest again, but Tori gave me a pointed look. "Try them on."

I sighed, looking at my armful and relented. If my wardrobe was "childish" and Tori was offering me these to take off her hands, and she had no intention of wearing them, what was the harm of trying them on?

"If you don't try them on yourself I'll force them on you." She warned, and she wasn't kidding either, judging by her expression.

I sighed and went into her closet and began to try on the yellow shirt and jeans.

"Are you done?" Tori asked after a few moments, knocking on the door.

I opened it hesitantly. The pants were a bit loose, but the top fit nicely.

"I knew it! That top looks perfect on you!" Tori squealed, clapping her hands excitedly.

I made my way over to the mirror and saw the same, boring, frizzy-haired Maya, except she was in a pretty top.

"Yeah," I smiled, "it looks nice. Thank you, Tori."

Tori grabbed some jewelry and began placing it on me. I wasn't one for necklaces or rings, and unless it was one of my ratty friendship bracelets from Camp, jewelry wasn't my thing, but Tori's stuff looked nice on me. A bit gaudy and misplaced on me, but it was alright.

Tori stood next to me at the mirror, looking at me with sad eyes. "I remember when I was that thin." She sighed, taking the fabric of the pale yellow top in her fingers.

"Tori," I said looking at her as if she'd lost her mind. "You are thin. Look at you, you're gorgeous. I'm just some flat-chested, frizzy haired freak."

"As if, Maya. You're gorgeous, and with this new look the boys won't be able to keep their paws off you."

I nearly laughed, but Tori wanted to do this for me and I wasn't going to go ruin her fun.

Mr. Santamaria insisted on taking me home, which I was grateful for because a bus at night sounds dangerous, and my dad was working a late shift.

It was after nine when I walked into the door only to find my mom, Katie, and Cam sitting in the living room watching tv.

"Hey, Maya," Katie said, eyeing my hair which Tori had straightened and used some product, which she shoved into my hand to take with me, that helped my frizzy greatly, and makeup Tori had smeared on me.

I had a bag full of clothes, accessories, makeup and hair supplies to help out my new look, which made me feel self-conscious about since my mom would probably be mad if she found out.

"Uh, hi, guys." I said, about to head up the stairs.

"How was your day, Maya?" My mom asked, also observing my hair and makeup, but didn't say anything about it, even though I knew she desperately wanted too.

"Good, I'm just going to go to bed. Night," I said, about to go up.

"Yeah, I think I'm going to go to bed too. Practice wore me out."


"Alright, good night," my mom said, eyeing us suspiciously, but not sure if she should pry.

"Sweet dreams, May-May." Katie said a knowing look in her eyes. My problem was I didn't know if she knew about the clothes or the whole incident with Cam.

Either way, both were equally embarrassing and I didn't want my family to know about either one of them, and I didn't want Cam to know I had Tori's clothes to make myself over.

I went at top speed up the stairs, but Cam caught up.

"Hey," he said, keeping his voice low.

"H-hey," I said, trying very hard not to look at him.

"About what happened," Cam said uneasily.

I felt my face burn. Why don't I just dye my face red? It's not like anyone would know the difference since I basically walk around like a tomato.

"Are you okay from the fall?" He asked.

"I'm fine," I said, staring down the hall.

Please go to bed. Please go to bed. I begged silently to myself. Universe be merciful, I'm literally going to melt into a puddle because of my embarrassment.

"Are you sure? You fell pretty hard." He asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Are you fine?" I asked, still not looking at him.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" He asked confusedly.

"Well in the past twenty-four hours of barely knowing me I pretty much figured out how to do every bad thing to you." I said, face burning and tears in my eyes. Saying it out loud felt like someone was punching me repeatedly in the gut and that my heart was going to explode from nerves.

He gave an uneasy laugh. "I guess. But it's not that big of a deal."

"I totally get it if you're mad." I said.

"But I'm not." He said.

I looked at him finally, searching his face for a lie, narrowing my eyes suspiciously. "You're not."

"No. And if I was mad at you because of things like that, I'd be kind of a jerk." He said with a shrug.

"I guess." I said, a smile spreading over my face despite my shame and humiliation.

He was perfect! So completely perfect!

"Well good night, Maya." He said, going into his room, leaving me standing there dumbfounded.

"Yeah, good night," I whispered softly, smiling like a moron.

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