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Thunder and rain pounded the burnt smoldering wreckage of a house. A lone figure, small and skinny, poked about the wreckage. He, for the figure was male, suddenly dropped to one knee, and pulled a small bundle out from under twisted remains of a bed. He stood up, and turned to face a new figure, much larger and rounder, a few night silent words were exchanged, promises made, and maybe a few broken.

The larger figure took the bundle and made his way over to a large motorbike standing near the fence. A click and it came to life, and lifted off into the night, with a barely audible whisper, "good luck, Harry Potter." And the figure disappeared, the wreckage once again, black.


"What do you mean, raise him?!" demanded Vernon Dursley, "and they only left a letter for Pete's sake, they could have told us in person or over the telephone."

"What should we do? I'm not having it near my Duddles!" replied his wife, Petunia Dursley, "Who knows what he might do to him!"

"We're not raising him, I shouldn't be surprised though, leave it to them to expect us to do it. We don't owe them anything," stated Vernon firmly, the disfigurement of his face making a corpse seem more attractive.

"Then what do we do with him?" said Petunia, her hand on her heart, voice trembling slightly.

"We get rid of him," was Vernon's firm reply.

"Vernon! I hate him just as much, but that seems extreme, and what if it comes back to bite us?"

Vernon grabbed his chin, rubbing firmly, "We could give him to an orphanage…no! What if they forced us to take him back?"

"What about a location… outside of Europe?" wondered Petunia, "Somewhere they couldn't find him?"

"…Petunia, my dear, you are a genius!" said Vernon excitedly, "I can take him to Japan with me next week, drop him off in Uminari-something-or-other, we'd be home free!"

"But what until then?"

"Lock him in the cupboard, under the stairs."


And so Vernon flew out to his business meeting, extending his stay two days for personal reasons, as he wasn't needed back for at least a week, no one at his office really minded. After the business meeting he came out to attend, he put on the suit he'd worn the day before, and brought the thing down to a orphanage.

"We can't keep him," he told to a translator, practically dripping with fake sadness, "even if we did have enough for another, our neighborhood isn't safe, keeping him would hurt him in the long run,"

The translator spoke in rapid Japanese to a woman, who replied equally fast, her eyes containing true sadness.

"Mrs. Kora says that she completely understands, and is sorry, she will take him."

"Thank you," whispered Vernon, inwardly crowing.

Another Japanese exchange, and the translator said: "We will need you to answer some questions about the babies health and such so far, this will only take a minute."

Name: Harry (Unknown) Potter

Sex: Male

Health: Good

Reason for giving: Monetary Issues and an Unsafe Environment

Name of Orphanage: Uminari City Local Orphanage [City Funded] (UCLO)

Singed: Vernon Dursley

Said Vernon Dursley left Uminari city, one infant baby lighter, and in a office, far away, several items, stopped working.

Chapter 1 –

Six Years Later…

Uminari City Local Orphanage

"Hayate?" asked a young boy, with black hair and glasses.

"Yes Harry?" responded the girl named Hayate, with brown hair.

"What did you think of that friend of your dads? The one with the Gray hair?"

"Oh, him? I don't know what Ollister wanted," lied Hayate, even as six year olds, the pair weren't stupid, they both had a pretty good idea of what he wanted.

"Okay then…"



"Mr. Ollister,"

A man sat back in a chair, older, gray haired with a kind smile. He sighed, smoothing back his hair some, "Hayate, I know your not stupid, so what do you know about me?"

The six-year-old took a breath, "I know you were an associate of my father, not much after that."

"That's good, I would expect you would know what I told you. Now, I'm pretty sure you know why I'm even talking to you right now."

"…Adoption?" tentatively answered Hayaye

"Exactly," confirmed Ollister.

"No," said Hayate.

"No?" Said Ollister, looking surprised, "I owe your father my life, the least I could do was give you a home, I'm not trying to be your father, but-"

"It's not that,"

"Then what is it?"

"I couldn't leave Harry behind."


"We've been together since we were little, I couldn't leave him behind," was the solemn reply.

"I see…" Ollister rubbed his chin, "Well, let me give you my situation, I have the money, I have the house, I wouldn't be there very much, just providing for you, food, water, electricity, and so on. I just have one question."

"…What would that be?"

"Do you trust him?"

"To the end of the Earth and beyond."

Ollister smiled and said, "That's all I needed to hear."


Three years later…

Yagami-Potter Household

"Harry! Hayate! You're gonna be late at this rate!" Shouted Aria.

"Coming!" Shouted Harry as he pulled on a shirt, stuffing a piece of toast in his mouth.

"Got it," Hayate managed around cereal.

"Harry, backwards," commented Lotte as she handed them their lunches, "Got everything?"

"Yeah," replied Harry.

"Later!" came Hayates shout as she left the house. Harry on her heels. A few seconds later, a door slammed.

Lotte sighed as she sat down at the table, "Those two…"

"And I thought we were tough to deal with," said Aria as she sat opposite her, "Do you remember whe-" A communications screen appeared between the two.

{Aria? Lotte?} came a mans voice.

"Yes Gil?" was Aria's lazy reply.

{It's Time.} simply stated Gil, and the screen closed.

Lotte let out a long sigh, as if it had been pented up for a while, "You ready for this?"

"Much as I'll ever be," Aria stretched, Cat-like, "Lets do this."


Same Day

Seishou Elementary School

Lunch hour

"So much cram school…" moaned a girl with red hair, done up in pigtails.

"That's odd," commented Harry, "You never complain about cram school."

"Yeah, something happen, Nanoha-san?" asked Hayate, "New shift?"

"Nothing, really." Was Nanohas answer, too quick.

"Seriously," said Harry, "You can tell us, I wont laugh."

"I just have something that's cutting into studying time, it doesn't really help in the long run."

"Hmph," grunted Hayate, muttering something.

"Anyway," cutted in Harry, "What about that ferret you found the other day?"

"He's good, still at the vets though," shrugged Nanoha, a faraway look in her eyes.

"What do yo-" Hayates question was cut off by the end bell.

"Later! Harry-chan, Hayate-chan!" Nanoha shouted, getting up and walking away quickly.

"…Odd," commented Hayate.

"You tell me," grumbeled Harry.


Same Day

Potter-Yagami Household

After School

"Harry, Hayate…" We need you two down here," called Aria.

A few footsteps down the stairs later, and the two nine year olds appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

"Whats up?" asked Hayate.

"We have news…" was Lotte's reluctant reply, guesturing to the two suitcases near the door, "You guys know how we serve under Ollister as secretaries?"

"Yes…" was Harrys wary reply.

"Ollister was transferred to Europe, and we have to go as well…" said Aria.

"But, does Ollister thinks we can take care of ourselves?" asked Hayate, "we're only nine."

Lotte laughed, ruffling her hair, "Ollister believes so, and you have each other. Same as always, don't burn the place to the floor, and feed yourselfs some real food once in a while."

"When do you leave?" asked Harry.

"Tommorow," was Aria's soft answer.



They left for the airport early the next morning, exchanging solemn goodbyes at the door.

"Take care of yourselfs," said Lotte.

"Okay," said Harry.

"We love you," said Aria.

"We love you too," came Hayates voice.



Lotte got in the Taxi, and Aria, about to follow her, had an afterthought. "Hayate," she said, "I left a box of things Ollister said were from your father on the table, look through them maybe?"

Hayaye brightened a little bit, "Okay."

"Goodbye." Said Lotte.

"Later," answered Harry.


Hayate looked at the box on the table, "Wow."

"I never knew your father was in the Navy," said Harry.

"Neither did I."

Hayate pulled several items out from the small wooden chest, nothing fancy, just a rectangle. Several medals and awards, several golden rifle casings, hollow inside, And… another box. Hayate picked up the box. It was a picture.

"Lieutenant Jun Yagami," she read aloud, "It's my father…"

"Really?" asked Harry, leaning to see.

It was a photo of a man with short black hair, standing next to another man, unnamed on the plaque, both were in military uniform. Hayate stared at the picture for a few more seconds, and putting the picture gently aside, and looked at was in the second box.

It was a book.

"Funny book," stated Harry.

It was blue, with a yellow cross on the front.

"Bloody chained though," said Hayate, "Maybe you just have to…" she grabbed were the chain linked together at the front, and did something with her hands that made certain eyes water.

The chain undid at the latch and came off the front.

"There," stated Hayate.

Her fingers moved to the cover, Harry watching in silence. And she opened the book.

It was blank.

Hayate frowned, "Guess it was a sketchbook he never used."

"Something along those lines."

She closed the book, and, on a though, chained it again as well.

"What else…"

Hayate pulled out two hair ties, one blue, and one orange.

"Funny," said Harry, "Why would he have that?"

"Maybe my mother…" wondered Hayate, "these may have been hers."

Hayate put them on top of the photo of her father, and looked at the last item. A black gem, completely so, in the shape of a rounded rectangle, it hung from a silver chain.

"Wow," said Harry, "That… I like that, its nice."

"Yeah," said Hayate, still staring at it, then, on impulse, she slipped it over her head.

"Is that it?" asked Harry, looking in the box.

"Yes, I think so," answered Hayate, looking as well, "I think im going to look these over some more in my room," she announced. She stood up, gathering all the things together, and putting them back into the box. "I'll be back later."

"Okay," answered Harry.

In her room, the picture went on her nightstand, the medals, ribbions, and book on her desk, the rifle casing still in the box. Hayate sitting down at her desk. She looked at the mdedals and ribbions, rubbing some of the dust off the shiny metal with her sleeve. Eventually, she put this aside, holding the book in her hand.

"Tell me your secrets," she muttered, undoing the chain again, the book seems to wink at her.