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A Walk to Remember

~Epilogue chapter, first half~

I could't get any sleep this past week. That's to be expected after what had happened near the river bank, which I could still remember clearly in my head.

"Ah, morning, Houtarou." My sister greeted me as I entered the dining room. "You're surprisingly early today. How's your sleep?"

I took a seat on the nearest chair from me and slumped down on it. "I could hardly closed my eyes." I responded as I took a bite of the bread in front of me.

"Really? You've been like this for the past week, ever since you took the night walk. Did something happened back then?"

Don't blush, cheek. I said that repeatedly to myself to prevent the blush from coming to my face.

Sadly, I miserably failed. And my brain teased me by flashing back what happened last night.

"N-No, it doesn't has anything to do with it."

"You stuttered. And blushed."


"That means you're lying."

"Really, it's none of your business, Aneki."

"Aw, c'mon Houtarou~ You shouldn't keep a secret from your sibling."

"Some things are better left unknown, Aneki." I said as I finished my bread, drank down my milk, and stood up for the front door. And that's when I could feel a gripping hand on my arms.

"Please, Houtarou! Tell me!"

"It's a long story, Aneki!"

I succesfully broke out from her grip and quickly got out from my house. I need to get away as quick as possible, before she comes out to drag me back inside the house and forces me to tell the whole story.

See, I told you I don't know how I would explain this to Aneki.

I yawned a lot on my way to school. Like I said before, I couldn't sleep for the past few days. It has been a week since I started going out with Chi-, I mean, Eru-chan, and miraculously unnoticed by Mayaka nor Satoshi.

But recently, I was thinking wheter I should keep my relationship with Eru-chan a secret anymore. It's not easy to keep a relationship hidden from both of them, and I also felt a little guily inside for hiding a secret from my friends. I bet Eru-chan also fells the same way.

But on the second tought, Satoshi is the type of person who would notice small details. And since we already called each other on the first name basis, he should've noticed our relationship right away. I wonder why he didn't noticed it yet.

'It's Eru-chan.'

I facepalmed myself in order to cover the sudden emerging blush on my face upon suddenly recalling what she had said that night. Really, everytime I recalled that night's event, I can't help but flushed my face red.

Oh well, putting that matter aside, at least since I'm awfully early today, I could have a rather peaceful walk to sch-

"Morning, Houtarou-kun." Suddenly, a cheerful looking girl with a long dark hair greeted me as she biked past me out of nowhere, not giving me a chance to greet her back.

Great, I'm pretty sure this blush would stay on my face for quite some time. So much for a having a peaceful walk.

The rest of the day went just like any other days, except I spent more time to sleep than usual to pay my lack of sleep the night before. Thank god the teachers didn't notice me sleeping. If not, I would be in charge of cleaning duty now.

I walked to the clubroom, which since I don't know when, has become some kind of a habit.

When I slided open the door to the club room, I couldn't find Mayaka or Satoshi anywhere.

All I could find was the very same girl who greeted me this morning. Looks like she didn't notice, as she was rearranging the books on the upper shelf, which explained why she was standing on her toe on a chair.

I poked her on the shoulder.

"Eeeeeek!" She let out a quite loud shriek. And the next thing I know was she had lost balance and started to fall, back first, right at my direction, along with the books in her hand.

All of that happened very fast that I couldn't do anything about it, so I just closed my eyes, preparing myself for the inevitable.

I could hear a loud thud as we both fell down to the floor along with the sound of falling books. My head banged on the floor, not hard enough to cause a bleeding, but hard enough to accumulate intense pain on my head.


"Ah, Houtarou-kun! Are you al..." I don't know why but she stopped her sentence as her face started to grow red.

I'm trying to find out why she acted like that, and that's when I
realized our position.

I was laying on the floor, and her back was on top of me, with my hands wrapped around her waist as if I were hugging a pillow. Looks like my hand had unconsciously, and maybe protectively, hug her to prevent her from falling hard on the floor, like what had occured to me just now.

I could tell that by now both of our faces had gone deep red. If she was tomato red, then I'm boiling red.

Both of us were too embarassed with the situation we were in that we cannot tell our body to move away from each other. Or, maybe we rather enjoy this position and chose not to move so soon.

And that's exactly when we got interupted.

"Yo, everyone!"

"Sorry we're bit late."


The both of them stared at us.

The both of us stared at them.







That, was an utterly chaotic scene I'm witnessing. It almost feels like a scene out of a gag manga, where all the casts shouts at each other when they're shocked, if you know what I mean.

I will have to spend quite some energy to explain all of these.

"...so that's why we ended up in that position."

After five full minutes of shouting, mostly coming from the three of them, things finally settled down, and I could explain what had really

"Ah, so that's what happened." Satoshi said as he leaned his back to his chair.

"Yeah, but you two could've asked more calmy, rather than shouting."

Mayaka folded her arms."Who wouldn't be shocked to see two person, one being a guy and the other being a girl, who are not even dating, hugging on the floor of the clubroom in the middle of the day?" She shot me an angry glare.

"Ahahaha. She does have a point." Satoshi said as he stretched his hand backwards. "But who would've thought that Houtarou is caring enough to 'unconciously' hugged the falling Chitanda-san." He added with a smirk, which was clearly directed to me.

"Well, it's not my fault that Eru-chan fell right on to me."

"But you're the one who surprised me, Houtarou-kun."

"Wait, Houtarou. Did you just said...Eru-chan?"

Finally, he noticed that nickname.

"And Chitanda-san. Did you just call him...Houtarou-kun?"

And that nickname too.

But I don't think I'm ready to tell them the truth.

"...No, you're hearing things."

"I'm pretty sure I heard that one ri-"

"Satoshi, don't you have a student council meeting to attend?"

"That thing could wait. I want to confirm what I heard first."

Wow, how responsible of him to put this kind of thing before his student council duties.

Anyway, we're cornered now. Two pair of eyes, which respectively belongs to Mayaka and Satoshi, glared at us, mostly at me though, waiting for an explanation.

"Houtarou-kun, maybe it's better to tell them the truth."

I gave my mind a couple of seconds to think about Eru-chan's suggestion. Maybe she's right. If I keep on denying my relationship with her, I'm also denying my own feelings about her.

I let out a deep sigh, which means I agreed to her idea. I can't and must not deny my own feelings.

"Well, the truth is, Mayaka, Satoshi..."

I took a pause to look at Eru-chan, giving a look to question her if she's really sure about this, which she answered with a simple nod. And thus, I continued my sentence.

"...We're dating now."





Oh god, not this kind of reaction again. I already had enough shoutings to hear today.

And I will also need some extra energy for some extra explanation to do.

I know having a relationship would be tiring, but I didn't expect it to be this tiring.

If you noticed the title, then yeah, this is the first half of the epilogue. So please stay tuned for the last half of the epilogue chapter!