So I got a PM from someone (you know who you are) who suggested that I slow down and describe the characters. Which I planned on doing, but never did. Therefore this chapter will have character descriptions. Except for the ones from the books because you know what they look like.


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Annabeth's PoV

Layla was sitting at the table. She had pulled her choppy black hair back and tied it into a ponytail so she could continue inhaling mango cake (AN: My favourite kind of cake. If you never tried it, you should). Her cheeks for puffed up and she had started cutting off another slice. Thalia had bought two cakes, she never explained why she did, and she just said I'll see. I guess I understand now. Percy was talking to Nico and Grover.

"Percy!" yelped Layla, "I forgot! We have to prepare for tomorrow! It's you-know-what day!" Then she started putting on her gray knee-high converse. Percy sighed, "I guess I got to go. Last time I refused, I had to sleep on the couch. She covered my bed with whipping cream." Then he slipped on his vans, waved good-bye and left after a bouncing Layla (whose dark green eyes were having that extra-maniac, I-have-an-idea-that-will-work-but-everyone-will-hate glint).

Nico and Grover shrugged. Both of them turned towards Thalia who blinked and sighed before saying, "Alright, you two can crash here." They grinned and simultaneously said, "Yes!"

Then, I huffed, "Well, I should go. I wonder what Layla is up to."

Thalia laughed, "Probably nothing good. See you tomorrow, Annie."

"Don't call me that!" I yelled back.

Next day at school…

"Have you guys seen Percy?" I asked Thalia, Nico, Grover, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel and Leo.

"Nope." Said Hazel and Frank.

"Not last night." Said Thalia. The rest just shook their head. I shrugged and headed for my locker. I frowned, today was Valentine's Day. It would have been perfect to tell Percy I actually liked him. A lot. When I opened my locker a note fell out of it.

Meet me at the Auditorium after school.


So I put my stuff in my locker, put my homework into my side bag and headed for the Auditorium.

When I got there no one was there. Except there was a little box sitting on the stage. I walked over and took it. There was a chocolate rose with a note taped onto a red box that was obviously full of chocolate. The note said:


I thought I might give this to you. Well, you'll find out in about 2 minutes. Hope you like it.

- Percy

I stopped and looked at it. Then I noticed that there were footsteps. I backed up to get a better look at who just walked on stage.

First there was Kylie. She had her caramel hair down with two small braids that wrapped around her head. She wore a white shirt with a black grey jacket, skinny jeans and a pair of converse. She was carrying a microphone, walking to the right side of the stage where she stood, her blue eyes shining. She smiled and said into the microphone, "Listen closely, Annabeth." She slipped behind the curtains and they opened.

There stood, with a guitar, Percy Jackson.

See, this is why I needed him to sing. He's gotta serenade Annabeth. Because that's the cute fluff we all love about Percabeth Fanfiction.