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Athena girl huntress said:

That is super cute! Please update soon! This story is totally epic! It's so

sweet and really exciting. Please update soon! I love the idea of a good ol'

serenade. Update soon!

Oh well, thank you :)

ILoveJamesSiriusPotter said:

I could die with Percabeth feeling right now, just yesterday I finished MoA, and... well, I needed Percabeth stuff. I won't say anything about the ending because I hate spoilers, so I'm not gonna spoil :D Great chapter, I'm waiting for the next oneeeeeeee :)

Haha, me too. I need Percabeth. I already know how it ends. It happens when you have a tumblr. So much pain. Sanity went over along with the two of them *sobs*.

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Annabeth's PoV

"Percy?" I asked. No doubt, I was surprised. Who wouldn't be? He smiled and waved sheepishly. Kylie smiled excitedly. "Percy's going to sing you a song! I'm singing back up and the parts sung by a girl."

(AN Remember that song from the chapter 365 Sparks? Oh how I love forshadowing.)

The music started and the lights dimmed slightly. The stage went completely black except for the row of spotlights at the front.

"Monday, well baby I fell for you. Tuesday, I wrote you this song. Wednesday, I wait outside your door, even though I know it's wrong…"

Then Kylie started singing, "7 days a week every hour of the month, gotta let you know where my heart is comin' from."

Then together, "I shouldn't feel this way, but I gotta say, baby, I gotta let you know."

This part Percy sang on his own with Kylie in the background only, "I will try everything, to make you come closer to me and baby do you believe that it's not just a phase. How can I get it through to tell you what I can't lose, I will try 365 days, 365 ways to get to you yeah, to get to you, you, you, you, baby."

At this point Percy had stepped off stage and out his guitar on a stand. He smiled at me and took my hand and gave me a little twirl.

"Every second every tick tick of the clock (Every second)
I want you all to myself
I just can't handle myself, feeling kinda guilty but girl I can't stop
Girl I don´t wanna nobody else, no one else, no one else…
I will try everything, to make you come closer to me

I'll try 365 days, 365 ways to get to you."

The music stopped and I tackled him with a hug. He hugged me back. He was taller than me so I had to go on tippy toes to get my head on his shoulder. I barely noticed Kylie walk over and take the microphone from Percy and draw the curtains.

When we let go of each other, I smiled, full of adrenaline, "That was amazing!"

He chuckled, "Oh, good, I didn't sound like a tortured donkey."

I swatted his arm, "Idiot."


"Kelp Face."

"Owl Head."

"Seaweed Brain."

"Wise Girl."

We looked at each other. He raised an eyebrow (which was really cute) and asked, "Where did that come from?" I smirked at him and said, "Well, you love marine things and your head is full of seaweed." Then I bumped his shoulder, "And Wise Girl? Is that the best you got?"

He shrugged, "With your IQ, it doesn't give me much leverage. You're all wise and smart and stuff and you're a girl. Wise Girl."

I smiled at him. Then slowly, but surely my smile faded, his did to. Then before we knew it, I had pulled him in for a kiss.

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