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Third Person PoV

Annabeth ended up with one hand tangled in his hair and her other arm was around his neck. His arms had wrapped around her waist pulling her closer.

Layla squealed backstage and was about to run around screaming like an idiot but Kylie yanked her back.

They must have heard Layla because they snapped apart so quickly it was funny. Layla clamped a hand on her own mouth.

Percy chuckled awkwardly and slowly pulled away. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper, which he slipped into Annabeth's hand. It was crumpled and warm, it must have been really old paper because it was a dark-like beige color. None of this mattered to Annabeth though; her heart almost skipped a beat, and then climbed out via her throat.

I hope the song was okay. It's Valentine's Day and I thought it would be great to tell you that I like you. A lot. I know it's really stupid. Just tell me your response later.

– Percy

Of course she already knew her response. She grabbed her bag and walked out of school. She took the subway, her subconscious mind taking her home as she was lost in thought. When she got home she went to her room and dumped her bag on the ground and sat on her bed. She crossed her legs and whipped out her phone.

Hey, Seaweed Brain, can i come over 2 ur place l8er?

There was a ding.

Sure, Wise Girl, cya l8er then.

She smiled. He was so sweet, there was hardly a time when he said "No" to anyone who asked him for a favor. Except Rachel, of course.


She leaned over her bed and pulled her laptop out of bag and put in on her nightstand then she pulled out her math and science homework. When she was done she went downstairs and ate dinner. It was spaghetti night in the Chase household. She, for the first time, wanted to look nice. She went upstairs and brushed her teeth and then her hair. She made a thin braid and pinned it to the rest of her hair, which looked fine. After that she went to her closet and chose a white long sleeve t-shirt, skinny jeans, converse and a black scarf because it was cold out.

She pulled on a small side bag from LeSportSac (AN: By far the best bags in the world) and put her phone and wallet. She lived about a 5 minute walk from Percy. Just across the street and around the corner. When she got there she had to get him to buzz her up. The moon was out already and the air was cold and crisp but she had ignored it the whole way there so when she walked into the building the warmth that spread over her was comforting and cozy.

When she reached the 8th floor and walked to room 818 (AN see what I did there? August 18th? OK sorry) she rang the doorbell, Sally Jackson answered.

"Oh, hi, Annabeth." She said happily, "Percy said you were coming over."

She smiled at her, "Where is he?"

She laughed, "Being lazy. Watching TV on the couch." Annabeth laughed, "Of course he is." She walked into the apartment and Percy was lounging on the sofa completely asleep and oblivious to the fact that he was actually drooling onto the pillow. She bent over and whispered, "Percy, get up."

He groaned and rolled over mumbling sleepily, "I don't wanna. I'm having a good dream." Annabeth arched an eyebrow curiously.


He smiled in his sleep. "A pretty girl."

This intrigued Annabeth to continue for further inspection. "Well, what does she look like?"

"Well, she's got blonde curly hair like a princess and the most intimidating, pretty grey –" He opened one green eye groggily and snapped awake instantly. "Annabeth?"

She straightened up and smirked folding her arms, "So, you dream about me?"

His face strongly resembled a strawberry. "W-well, you don't know, it c-could be a different girl. This is so awkward."

"You know, Seaweed Brain, there are a lot of things I know and don't know." She paused, "But I obviously know what I look like. And that you drool in your sleep."

He shrugged, he was wearing a green v neck and a black jacket with jeans and black and grey Vans. "So, you wanted to come over because…"

"Well," she pulled out the crumpled note, "You told me to tell you my response later."


"So here I am."

"Oh." Was it just her or was his voice shaking slightly? "Well, my mom is here and if she hears she will tease me to no end all night. Balcony, milady?" He offered his arm like in the movies.

She laughed and took it. When they got to the balcony she smiled a bit. "It's a nice view."

He was staring at her and she got really subconscious but she tried to ignore it. "Yeah." He whispered, then he returned to a normal voice, "So…"

They both turned to face each other. She put a hand on his chest, "Percy," she began, he looked a little nervous which Annabeth found totally ridiculous, "I like you, too. A lot."

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